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The Essential Series - 2018 Purist AOR (Volume 2) by Gdazegod
So soon! We return with Volume 2. As Point Blank once sang, 'I'm on a roll'. Unfortunately, our Texan friends didn't make the cut for this selection of 10, and so did a few others.
The Essential Series - 2018 Purist AOR (Volume 1) by Gdazegod
I could sit here and discuss the merits of our favourite sub-genre of music AOR until I'm blue in the face. So I won't. Read on.
Electric Light Orchestra - 1977 Out Of The Blue
Who can forget the big spaceship design on the album cover? It really was a stand-out back in 1977 upon release, and was sure-fire way to sell a record.

Electric Light Orchestra - 1976 A New World Record
Unlike their previous release 'Eldorado', 'A New World Record' changed course markedly, as radio appeal and their requirement for shorter songs meant that ELO had to adapt, which they did successfully.

Electric Light Orchestra - 1974 Eldorado (A Symphony)
Let's wind back the clock to 1974, and dig into ELO's 'Eldorado', which was apparently, a concept album.

The Essential Series - 2018 Golden Oldies (Volume 1), by Gdazegod
Well, this is a little bit different. I was inspired to create this category based on a whole bunch of videos I had been watching on YouTube. Some of them go way back into time.
Thin Lizzy - 1976 Johnny The Fox
After the success of 'Jailbreak' earlier in 1976, the next album 'Johnny The Fox' came out in a surprising short turnaround, issued in October 1976, some seven months later.

Thin Lizzy - 1976 Jailbreak
If you peruse the Thin Lizzy history books, you will find agreement overall that the early 1976 album 'Jailbreak' was their breakout LP.

Best Of - 2017 Jeffrey343
The Best of 2017, according to Jeffrey343
Best Of - 2017 Dtabachn
The Best of 2017, according to Dave (Dtabachn).
Uncle - 1979 Up Against The Wall
'Up Against The Wall' is a worthy addition to the overall tome of Southern Rock, and a compulsory addition to the annals of Texan Rock overall.
Jacks, The - 1985 In Danger
I take my hat off to a label like Retrospect Records who did a lot of work in promoting rare AOR and heavy metal from the 80's. One of those rarities was Nebraska based quartet The Jacks, who released this one-off LP back in 1985.
Best Of - 2017 Dangerzone
The Best, and not so Best, according to Dangerzone (Alun).
Best Of - 2017 Gdazegod
The Best, and not so Best, according to Gdazegod (George).
Best Of - 2017 Eric
The best and not so best from 2017, according to Eric.
Best Of - 2017 Explorer
The best and not so best from 2017, according to Explorer (Malcolm).
Eisley Goldy - 2017 Blood, Guts And Games
Something doesn't seem right if this pair can return to the current day on the back of Frontiers support. Is the melodic rock industry this bad that labels have to scrape the history books of the 80's to find new inspiration? I'm afraid it is, however, since Eisley Goldy have landed, there's no point in bemoaning this fact.

Beverly, Brian - 1981 Eleven It Ends
The songs here are punchy power-pop rockers nicely pigeon-holed for the early 80's era. In saying that, it does have a harder edge and a fast-paced tempo generally.
Queensrÿche - 1988 Operation: Mindcrime
Queensrÿche really did capture something special with this album. If you are new to the band start with this one.. satisfaction guaranteed.

Hardland - 2017 Hardland
This is a Dutch band making their way into the limelight with their debut album. From 2017, this came to notice on Facebook and YouTube, for non Dutch audiences mostly, and received very little promotion elsewhere.
Downes And Price - 1986 Downes And Price
Without doubt, the pairing of Downes And Price were the epitome of 'soundtrack AOR'. The sort of music you can see and hear on YouTube when you bring up 'Best AOR' in your search engine.
Quill, The - 2017 Born From Fire
Not exactly a new band on the block, these Swedes have been around for twenty or more years. On this 2017 release 'Born From Fire', it's all tough guitar riffs and equally tough vocals.

Racing Cars - 1978 Bring On The Night
The album title just smacks off AOR doesn't it? Apart from their huge melodramatic hit 'They Shoot Horses, Don't They?', I didn't know a lot else about this mostly 70's Welsh outfit. But AOR unfortunately, it definitely isn't.
Loudshine - 1994 Loudshine
Canadian band from Toronto, female fronted too, with the impressive Nina Zzo up front. Loudshine have been compared to Saraya and Sahara (the Liz Vandall version), and were formed the same year as this album was released.
Steeler (Germany) - 1986 Strike Back
Not to be confused with the Ron Keel fronted Steeler also from the early 80's, this version was a uniquely German heavy metal outfit who are best remembered for producing noted guitarist Axel Rudi Pell.
Green, Glen Allen - 1987 Down The Avenue
Glen Allen Green followed up his 1985 debut 'A Living Fire' with this one. I quite enjoyed the bombastic nature of that debut, but second time around, Glen decides to become Nashville's very own Aldo Nova, with mixed results.

Green, Glen Allen - 1985 A Living Fire
As you can tell by the personnel credits, there's loads of keys and synths in the studio battery, and it shows all the way through. CCM/AOR all the way.
Stallion (Germany) - 2014 Rise And Ride
The band take their reference pointers from Accept, Helloween, Noisehunter, Paradox, Running Wild and Skull Fist among others. Throw in Swedish merchants Bullet, and you have a fair idea what these blokes are about. Full on rampant melodic speed metal.

Queensrÿche - 1984 The Warning
Here's another backfilling exercise, this time for the Seattle 80's legends Queensrÿche. None of Queensrÿche's metal noir was apparent at this stage of their career, the band still blasting out typical American heavy metal for the time.
Gallagher, Rory - 1978 Photo Finish
The other week, we wrote our very first article on the late Irish guitarist Rory Gallagher. Here's our second sortie.

Keleven - 2017 Nothing Is Forever
One of a handful of new and 'away-from-the-mainstream' bands I took a look at during 2017 were Austrian rockers Keleven.

Rafferty, Gerry - 1978 City To City
This would be the album which kickstarted Gerry Rafferty's solo career, and songs such as 'Baker Street' and 'Right Down The Line' are staples of classic rock radio, even to this day. It was probably one of the sleeper albums of 1978.

Fiction Syxx - 2017 Tall Dark Secrets
For me, there's a lot to like here, and the upside is apparent to those who love their prog rock on the slightly technical and melodic side. So yes, I'm hooked on the number Syxx!

Babylon A.D. - 2017 Revelation Highway
It's been nearly thirty years since their origin point, but some good things never truly go away. We're talking about San Francisco hard rockers Babylon A.D. in this case.

Babylon A.D. - 1989 Babylon A.D.
Babylon A.D. delivered a handy set of songs on their debut which combined a glam metal meets melodic hard rock meets blues hybrid. Many bands were also doing this three-trick card back in 1989. Some were better at it than others, including these guys.

The Essential Series - 2018 CCM (Volume 1) by Gdazegod
It's a popular category of music among followers of 80's melodic rock. It came with a message, and sometimes with a bible as in the case of Stryper. Check out my first volume of CCM essentials.
Blackeyed Susan - 1991 Electric Rattlebone
Lumped into the glam metal scene by default and by association, this album has more in common with Aerosmith, Bon Jovi (the 90's era) and the Black Crowes, with its overtly bluesy nature.
Noisy Mama - 1991 Everybody Has One
Technically you could label these guys as sleaze/glam rock with a heavy blues tinge.
Hill, Kim - 1988 Kim Hill
I'm a late starter to the career of CCM goddess Kim Hill. This lady was a prolific musician from the late 80's and well into the 90's, and was a regular feature throughout the Memphis and Nashville scene. I've started back-tracking through Kim's discography, and for obvious reasons, this is the place to start.
Faith Band - 1979 Vital Signs
By this stage of their career, the Faith Band had shifted from their funk and R&B tinged rock, to something harder and rock based. They didn't quite get the recipe right, but they gave it a crack nonetheless.
Faith Band - 1977 Excuse Me, I Just Cut A Record..
'Excuse Me, I Just Cut A Record..' was the Faith Band's second album, following their 1973 debut 'Faith'. The funk, R&B sound is accentuated here, and does continue on from where their debut left off.
Big Street - 1983 Big Street (5 track Mini LP)
Big Street came and went before you knew it. From Philadelphia, this obscure 5-track Mini LP was a closet classic for 1983.
Buccaneer - 1980 Buccaneer
The concept of pirates, brigands, Port Royal, scabbards, blunderbusses and sailing the high seas must have been the inspiration for this lyrical and musical free-for-all.
Ronin - 1980 Ronin
This band was a get together of session guitarist Waddy (Robert) Wachtel and members of Linda Ronstadt's backing band, going under the name Ronin.
Rocken Horse - 1981 Rocken Roll
The other week we made mention of a inner suburban Chicago band from the late 70's called Freewheelin'. Well here's another Chicago obscurity called Rocken Horse.
The Essential Series - 2017 Glam Metal (Volume 1) by Dtabachn
Commonly, public at large as well as critics and writers fail to identify the importance of Glam Metal as a crucial Metal sub-genre. In the sense that it was the driving force behind the fact that Metal was arguably the dominant genre in popular music around the mid to late 80's.
Houston - 2017 Houston III
Simply brilliant summertime music. What more can I say? Could it make it to my year end top-10?

Sterling, Hope - 1988 The Way Things Are
Canadian singer Hope Sterling released this one-off CCM affair back in 1988 on the Image7 label. For fans of Connie Scott and Amy Grant.
Madam X - 2017 Monstrocity
This is a fun record, and I enjoyed it a lot. The band are in fine form, and judging by the quality of the material here, the V2.0 version of Madam X is here to stay.

Engle, Priscilla - 1989 Ageless Love
Let's not beat around the bush here. 'Ageless Love' is totally and utterly devoted to the Lord. One look at the song-titles is enough to scare any non-believer away. However, it's not all that.. Engle has a great voice, the musicianship is easy on the ear, and if you can get past the message and lyrics, then there is hope for you after all.
Dante Fox - 2017 Six String Revolver
It's a new album from this long-standing English melodic rock outfit. But then again, it isn't. Read on..

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