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Henley, Don - 1984 Building The Perfect Beast
'Building The Perfect Beast' became Henley's second solo LP, and featured another 80's staple tune in 'Boys Of Summer'. The material here is very commercial and radio friendly.

Renegade (Canada) - 2017 The Story Of My Life
The style on display here isn't what we've heard previously from Renegade. No comparisons can be made to 80's heroes Loverboy or other Canadian legends of that style. Instead, this is a plesant blend of classic rock fused with a country crossover sound.

Walsh, Steve - 2017 Black Butterfly
Well, I feel ambivalent about 'Black Butterfly' after dissecting it. Mostly it's a good listen, but also mostly uneven.

Arroyo - 1981 Arroyo
Arroyo were a Milwaukee based six-piece, who operated between 1978 and 1982. They were representatives of their era, with a musical mixture of FM radio rock and some swampy southern rock.

John, Elton - 1971 Madman Across The Water
Up to and including 'Captain Fantastic', Elton's catalogue is essential listening and a lesson in consummate songwriting/storytelling.

John, Elton - 1978 A Single Man
In the mid 70's, Elton formed Rocket Records with collaborator Bernie Taupin and noted producer Gus Dudgeon. One of the first albums for the new label was 1978's 'A Single Man'.

Geishas In Vitro - 2017 Geishas In Vitro
I may have only lived with this for a few weeks but my Album of the Year? You bet.

Gallagher, Rory - 1979 Top Priority
During my high school years, I owned a few Rory Gallagher LP's. These have long since disappeared from the collection, though 'Top Priority' is one that has lingered in my memory banks for decades.

Java - 2017 Change Of Heart
A great shame for its time that Java didn't get over the line, but kudos to Escape Music for getting behind this album release.

Takit - 1982 Takit (EP)
This would be Takit's only release. It doesn't set the house on fire for mine, but is an interesting tidbit on the 1982 timeline just the same.

Valentine, Robby - 1996 Robby Valentine
This is my favourite Robby Valentine album, and that says quite a lot about this record as his releases throughout his career have all been nigh on perfect.

Sambora, Richie - 1991 Stranger In This Town
The direction of 'Stranger In This Town' takes a bluesy turn, with the big production there to ensure radio compatibility. I quite like his voice, and overall this album is pretty good.

Satin - 2017 It's About Time
If you enjoyed an album like Bryan Cole's CD from last year, then Satin is templated from the same design. Grab this with GDM's total recommendation.

Freewheelin' - 1979 Freewheelin'
Certainly a nugget from 1979, but it's not in the same class as New England or other bonafide gems from that same year.

Boulevard - 2017 Luminesence
As much as I loved BLVD, it was in the past where they did their best work. I am glad to see them back, but 'Luminesence' was far too inoffensive to be making a dent in my aural consciousness.

New England - 2017 Live at The Spire, Bull Run
A keen fan, GDM's Malcolm Smith took a quick trip over the transatlantic pond to see his favourite band perform two gigs on the weekend. The things we do..

Scherer Batten - 2017 Battlezone
This duo make for a slightly unusual pairing. One is a classic rock singer, the other is a guitar slinger of the highest calibre, but their combination is inspiring.

Keldian - 2017 Darkness And Light
This Norwegian band are confirmed favourites of mine. Their past efforts have seen them take up the challenge of super-imposing their love of Sci-Fi and symphonic power metal into a captivating canvas of sound, word and imagery, to great effect.

Code Red - 2017 Incendiary
To my ears, this sounds like a Swedish version of Brother Firetribe. Or maybe it's the voice of Ulrick Lönnqvist which sounds so much like BFT's Pekka Ansio Heino? Certainly when you hear many of the songs on this platter you may hear it probably as I heard it.

Midnite City - 2017 Midnite City
If you're looking for a fun feel-good album full of catchy commercial tunes, it'll be hard to find one that's any better than this. They absolutely nail the sound and spirit of the mid-80's onward..

Target - 2017 In Range
Well, this came as a surprise during 2017. The third and 'missing' album from Memphis rockers Target. It was never released at the time (1979), but the songs indicate that Target were well and truly progressing.

Cher - 1982 I Paralyze
The early 80's era of singer/actress Cher is one that deserves rediscovery. She also was a member of Black Rose alongside Les Dudek, and it's no surprise that this album is very close in style to that 1980 effort.

Rock And Hyde - 1987 Under The Volcano
This release although credited to 'Rock and Hyde' is essentially a Payola$ album in disguise.

Golde, Franne - 1980 Restless
Without doubt, this is much better than her first two albums; it's a pity it didn't take off.

H.E.A.T (Sweden) - 2017 Into The Great Unknown
Well, with the chances they took and changes they made with this album, it could have gone very wrong. But thankfully it went very right.

Revolution Saints - 2017 Light In The Dark
Revolution Saints return with album two, and manage to combine to good effect a sound that pays homage to Journey and Whitesnake. An overall cohesive improvement on the debut.

Murray, Anne - 1984 Heart Over Mind
The 'Canadian Snowbird' Anne Murray is not the usual sort of fare to be found on GDM. Murray did change lanes during the 80's with a run of radio oriented albums which culminated in the is little 1984 beauty 'Heart Over Mind'.

Marizane - 2003 Stage One EP
This sort of retro sounding stuff is really my type of thing, influenced directly from the early 70's, this is a playful yet faithful attempt at creating music from that era.

The Nights - 2017 The Nights
The Finnish pairing of Sami Hyde and Ilkka Wirtanen combine to form one of the more interesting acts in 2017. Their credits include Reckless Love, The Magnificent and Shy. Read on.

Metallica - 1996 Load
'Load' abandoned everything the band stood for, right down to their image, with the band preening in avant-garde fashions, complete with Goth makeup and horrendous clothing.

Travolta, Joey - 1984 Hold On
Very much in the same vein as Frank Stallone comes Joey Travolta, who rode the coattails of his more famous brother John's success, but with his own brand of unique talent.

Riff (Argentina) - 1985 Riff VII
A cult album not widely available even in their native Argentina, and a personal favorite as well, 'Riff VII' is a strong metallic-flavoured hard rock release.

Accept - 1983 Balls To The Wall
Looking back to 1983, a year of outstanding hard rock/metal releases, 'Balls To The Wall' was a serious contender for the 'Album of the Year' award. And it has aged remarkably well.

Warrior (#2) - 2017 Warrior
This is the one-off project featuring three members of New England and Vinnie Cusano (a.k.a Vinnie Vincent, just prior to his stint with KISS, back in 1982.

Streamline - 2017 Streamline
Streamline might appear to be a modern band, but these guys are all about real old school classic rock. Like from the 70's. Think Uriah Heep, Lucifer's Friend and other organ-driven bands from that era.

DiBello, Lou - 2017 Heatwave
Illinois native Lou DiBello has welded together an album with more than a whiff of 80's stadium rock and featuring both gutsy metal-plated vocal tracks and blowtorched instrumentals.

Savvy - 1982 Made In Texas
It sure might read Texas on the can, but Savvy sound geographically challenged when it comes to their music. You see, these boys sound like they come out of the Midwest.

Autograph - 2017 Get Off Your Ass!
At the end of the day you'll either love it or hate it, apart from Lynch and Randy Rand (who really should know better), the two new blokes put on a good show but in my books this is not really Autograph as we remember them by.

Icon - 1995 An Even More Perfect Union
Graced with two near perfect examples of American hair metal/rock, Icon came out with a hidden gem in 1987, that didn't reach the masses until 8 years later.

Atlas (UK) - 2017 World In Motion [ep]
A good announcement for this young English band, we look forward to their progress over the coming months. Check them out on their Bandcamp page.
Lionheart (UK) - 2017 Second Nature
It's good hearing the band again, and with Lee Small now in the fold, it looks likely that Lionheart are in for the long haul. The material on 'Second Nature' should appeal to all the GDM regulars. What's not to like?

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Tangier - 1985 Tangier
Besides its unpolished production, Tangier's 1985 independent debut will please mid 80's melodic rock fans with quality songs and a very unique singer and overall sound. I would call it a real diamond in the rough..

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Vincent, Phil - 2017 XX
On this latest 2017 release which celebrates Phil's twentieth official year in the game, some regular personnel return to chip in with contributions. The overall result is a tasty hard rockin' set of tunes that is the culmination of two decades of work.

Edoff, Martina - 2017 We Will Align
I wasn't taken upon first listen, mind you I was in a rush. But sitting down with a good block of time available, my tune has definitely changed for the better. 'We Will Align' is another strong release for Martina.

Krayz - 1986 Dreamer
From upstate New York, Krayz deliver an interesting hard rock indie platter, which combines tight/tough hard rock with some keyboard touches.

Kiss - 1992 Revenge
'Revenge' is frequently hailed as Kiss' best unmasked-era album. To me, that award goes to 'Lick It Up'. Although a vast improvement over the lame 'Hot In The Shade', this is on par with Kiss' 80's output, no more.

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Cooper, Alice - 1982 Zipper Catches Skin
Of all the obscure albums in his catalogue, 'Zipper Catches Skin' might be Alice Cooper's most forgotten effort of all.

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Accept - 2017 The Rise Of Chaos
If Accept started the Mark Tornillo era with a bang in 2010, then it's been all downhill ever since. Accept have somehow turned into one of the most boring bands in the world, competing with Saxon for the crown.

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Suntower - 1994 Suntower
Suntower were a Massachusetts based band that released a one-off album in 1994. The dominant force on the album is lead guitarist (and producer) Emit Sweet, who provides the guitar overrule at nearly every maneuverable turn on this album.

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Walker, Brett - 1994 Nevertheless
He's no longer with us, but the late Brett Walker left a legacy of music that appeals greatly to GDM'ers, including his 1994 debut 'Nevertheless'.
Used Records - 1994 Used Records
Used Records has the makings of a New Jersey super group. Their one-off record came via the European reissue label Long Island Records