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Found the van zant album for $5 in my local used vinyl shop. Using my intuition, I found it tucked away in the skynyrd section. For me, musically, it really doesn't belong there. Van zant has more in common with Van Halen, vandenberg or van Stephenson!

That is to say, to me this sounds primarily like straight up AOR. Regardless of how we classify it, it's a nice album and I can see why it made the list!
#2 | gdazegod |  ? 
at February 22 2018 03:42:33
Yes, both albums now coming on Rock Candy, some 6 years after trillion1999 commented on it (above).

Also, check out the website: http://kcmornings..., and listen to some extra material under their discography section.
#3 | gdazegod |  ? 
at February 22 2018 03:39:42
Looking forward to the Rock Candy reissue circa @ 2018.
What's the matter with him? I love the Cougar ;-) He, Tom Petty and John Hiatt are up there, another Holy Trinity like you, Derek Oliver and God himself ;-)
John Mellancamp? Oh dear.. Shock
Agree with everything but Billy Satellite, that sounds to me like an aorish John Mellencamp but not AOR, even i like that record, Henry Lee Summer is another good example of that sound. And i like to see Asia´s "Astra" in the list, very often people forget how great that album is.
Really enjoyed reading this, what an excellent article. i discovered Virginia Wolf last year and i was speechless, what a great band! They sounded different from any other band, and besides the greatness of Ousey´s vocals and Bold´s amazing guitar work i´m also always fascinated by the classy use of the keyboards on some songs. Hats off.
#8 | gdazegod |  ? 
at February 20 2018 02:59:28
Yes, we have mentioned Billy Thermal in their own review on GDM. Looking at this review, it was written by one of my Kiwi friends Damon Mudgway, nearly twenty years ago. The actual review date (2005) is not entirely accurate as Mudgey was living and working in Auckland around 1999, when I was living there around the same time.
#9 | dangerzone |  ? 
at February 19 2018 17:46:11
How I forgot to add Wrabit's 'Tracks' in my potential top ten I'll never know.
It's a minefield I tell'll never come to the same agreement but thankfully we can still appreciate why they are seen as great albums...just not necessarily the ones you might choose yourself.
#11 | gdazegod |  ? 
at February 19 2018 01:43:09
Quote: "Saw zebra open for loverboy on their keep it up tour. I remember my friends commenting that zebra was a "guys band" and loverboy was for "chicks"!

yuss salute
#12 | bpdp3 |  ? 
at February 19 2018 00:28:04
I bought this and the fastway debut on the same day. Both were being accused by critics of being zep clones--probably due to the vocals on both. These 2 releases will always be linked in my mind. I loved both (and both more than zep at the time!).

The mentioned songs are all good but I'd add "as I said before" among my favorite tracks.

Saw zebra open for loverboy on their keep it up tour. I remember my friends commenting that zebra was a "guys band" and loverboy was for "chicks"!
#13 | Explorer |  ? 
at February 18 2018 20:55:39
Same here, I don't get Mojo anymore, but I have read the article in question. Without a doubt the 'Mott' album is their best and the 4 Island releases are well worth investigating if you only know the band via their singles, and some of Hunter' s solo albums apart from his brilliant debut are worth getting too.'All American Alien Boy' being the pick of the bunch.
No ava#14 | dude24 |  ? 
at February 18 2018 19:15:02
Saw UFO live in 2017 and they were excellent. All the albums released from You Are Here on, well that's another story. These albums all sound lifeless and dull. Take a listen to Walk on Water and then listen to COS; no comparison song or sound-wise. Does Michael S. / Ron Nevison make that much of a difference? UFO is one of my all-time favorite bands; I love all the Schenker/Chapman albums. Just wish they could get it right just one more time.
No ava#15 | dude24 |  ? 
at February 18 2018 18:47:36
I agree with the review to a point. The albums are starting to sound stale. Just can't decide if it is Andy Sneap's production or the songs themselves.
#16 | englandashes |  ? 
at February 18 2018 12:07:26
Not at regular reader of MOJO magazine, but my friend let’s me have the magazine after he has finished it, and following Malcom’s review, noticed MOJO provides its own what to buy guide, it does concentrate on Ian Hunter and ignores the MOTT era...

10. All The Young Dudes
9. Wildlife
8. Mad Shadows
7. Greatest Hits...(.?, although this was my first Mott album)
6. The Hoople
5. Mott The Hoople
4. Live 30th Anniversary Edition
3. Ian Hunter S/T
2. Brain Capers
1. Mott
#17 | melodiapositiva |  ? 
at February 18 2018 09:49:50
I understand you Nick,and i´m sure George could have added 100 albums more on that list ,because it´s really difficult to choose only ten from thousands cds .I like all of them but i should have changed Astra for Alpha ,and Orion for the first Boston album,and of course Survivor and Toto must be on my list,but that depends on everyone choices.Anyway i¨ll wait the second list
i've been holding back a little not trying to upset folks but although I like this list... I'm not sure any of these would be in my top ten AOR albums, much as I like many of them. For starters the Journey album, when it came out was just okay, I'd say still is ok, but to compare it to Frontiers, Escape or even Departure then it hasn't stood the test of time...sure Be Good to Yourself is a classic, as is the title track but the rest is getting swamped in MOR territory. Much as I love M Bolton - Everybody's felt more forced than the "first" Micheal Bolton album (not counting the two Bolotin albums)...which just rocked. The Billy Satellite - a good album, but to me seems very workman like a bit ploddy in parts. Am I being a miserable old git? But this is just as I remember it. Dare....good album, Abandon is a classic but to me I'd be looking towards Spys (both albums), Toy Matinee, Toto - Isolation, Breathless and Balance to a few. Some albums statures grow over time...some are given the crown when they came out ...but it rusts.
#19 | Explorer |  ? 
at February 16 2018 23:53:04
Ouch, I've listened to this and `Queen II` back to back tonight and I can't believe it`s the same band. I`m all for progression....but this was really a band struggling with itself and the wider market forces.
#20 | Eric |  ? 
at February 16 2018 17:54:07
I played this album to death back then but I find it a difficult listen these days when compared ELO albums of an earlier vintage. The production on the album was top notch though...
#21 | Eric |  ? 
at February 16 2018 17:51:19
Nice review, pretty much covers it!
#22 | gdazegod |  ? 
at February 16 2018 00:12:52
Aah OK, I'll check that one out. I have two versions of the Thomson album, with varying bonus tracks. The second one, which has 'Europe' on it, needs a listen.. hmm!
#23 | englandashes |  ? 
at February 15 2018 21:51:34
Hi George, many thanks, yep good track, after couple of searches the song seems to be called Europe (I Need You); last used to zero effect by those voting to stay In Europe.......probably a video with Boris Johnson singing along, while a bit worst for wear, after a couple of sherbets.......sorry beers
#24 | gdazegod |  ? 
at February 15 2018 21:05:40
Chris, I have put a video of 'Forever Your Man' up on our Daily Motion playlist. Check the GDM Videos in the top menu (above).
#25 | swingkingandy |  ? 
at February 15 2018 18:06:58
Agreed. Great sound fantastic album and imo their best set of songs. (Revolution ain't bad either)
#26 | dangerzone |  ? 
at February 15 2018 16:30:19
I feel this album went too far in the opposite direction. I like it, but it's never been one I've listened to with any regularity at all.
#27 | englandashes |  ? 
at February 15 2018 14:56:50
Seems that hit single came from a previous album called everyone loves a winner, which includes a cover of hot cherie
#28 | englandashes |  ? 
at February 15 2018 14:48:02
I have the cd version, and guess what, no mention of the song forever your man, although it does have an additional track at the end called All Through The Night, which per the sticker on the front cover as included as his Hit Single!, no mention who wrote the track. Totally forget about Everybody’s Crazy though....
#29 | englandashes |  ? 
at February 15 2018 11:20:55
Brought Mr Blue Sky single as a eight year old, wonder what an 8 year old listens today......hate to think......just realised how old I am and obviously how I think....back to the Von Hertzen Bros, tea and rich tea biscuits
#30 | jeffrey343 |  ? 
at February 14 2018 15:42:26
I just happened to play that Van Zant album twice last week, before this article came out. I have a hard time mentally putting it anywhere other than "Southern Rock", although it fits in perfectly with the albums mentioned here. There was a very brief period, with not many albums, of "Southern AOR", where .38 Special settled for a couple of albums, and a few others dabbled. That's a sound I really started to miss later in the '80s.
#31 | bpdp3 |  ? 
at February 14 2018 01:15:37
Like jefflynnefan, this was an album i listened to ALOT in my early teens. One of the first ten albums I bought (up to 9,000 now yipe). On listening to it today, it reminded me that for any kid $$ was tight and any album you bought you played until exhaustion.

Luckily, this one was SO good. You think the Boston debut plays like a greatest hits? This one does as well. So many good songs one after the other. And so many interesting unexpected touches.

I love the out-of-nowhere African sounding part in "so fine"... and how at the end the song changes immediately to the lone violin opening of "living thing", as if someone changed the radio station. The opera singer's false start at the start of "rockaria"... this is just a fun album to dig into!
Glad this one got reviewed; it made me seek it out today and play the whole thing. It was over much too quickly.Smile
For any AOR lover the Van Zant - s/t definitely is a Must-Have. Such a gem!!
#33 | jeffrey343 |  ? 
at February 13 2018 15:43:56
Is it me, or could this be a long-lost REO Speedwagon album? I think Satin has sort of a Kevin Cronin vibe about his vocal delivery, and several of these songs are in the vein of REO. I feel like the style of the album has an abrupt change during 'Use It Or Lose It' that threw me off the first few times I played it. It took me a few listens to really adjust after that. I'm not sure whether I should count this as a 2017 or 2018 album, as it is a February 2018 release in the U.S., although I got it in early January as an import. I'll count it as a 2018 for my purposes and see if it can make it to my top ten.
#34 | jeffrey343 |  ? 
at February 13 2018 15:38:24
Definitely a nice album. Sounds a lot like a cross between Rob Moratti / Final Frontier and The Storm. Like George, it took a little while to really gel for me, but it'll be a part of my rotation.
#35 | swingkingandy |  ? 
at February 13 2018 14:13:00
yeah my mate (barsteward!)had it in blue vinyl and accompanying cut out spaceship which he liked to point out every time I visited. for me the album is a classic with Mr blue sky being one of my favourite songs of all time and always reminds me of summers days as a boy.
Great list, and I have no problem admitting that this site introduced me to most. Nothing to argue with these choices!
The van zant is the odd-man-out for me... didn't see that one coming and it's totally unfamiliar. Something new to investigate...
#37 | dangerzone |  ? 
at February 12 2018 14:13:36
I guess the way I view the term AOR may be more broad than others here. It’s hard for me to pigeonhole albums into categories within the genre.
Nielsen and Pearson and Maxus would probably be a better fit in the West Coast category. My first volume of West Coast faves includes N&P within there.
#39 | dangerzone |  ? 
at February 12 2018 05:16:39
I could include about 100 albums in a list like this, but expanding on my earlier comment, a top ten of mine would look something like this:

‘Michael Bolton’ - ST
Nielsen Pearson -Blind Luck
Giuffria - ST
Journey - Frontiers
Night Ranger - Midnight Madness
Maxus - ST
Balance - In for the Count
Uriah Heep - Abominog
Michael Bolton - Everybodys Crazy
Survivor - Caught in the Game
Chris, those would be all be AOR for mine, Fortune maybe corralled into the Pomp camp.
#41 | jefflynnefan |  ? 
at February 11 2018 20:54:18
The terms AOR, Melodic Rock and Pomp have always been a bit confusing to me as well. I'm surprised nobody has mention 1985's Fortune, 1986's Silent Scream by Shooting Star. I guess FM's Indiscreet and JLT's Rescue You would fall more into the Melodic Rock category.
No ava#42 | super80boy |  ? 
at February 11 2018 19:09:45
Brian seemed to have been a pretty good SSW, having penned the all but one song. Fiery power pop rock is the order of the day. ‘Wine Bottle, Candle and Cork’ & ‘We Want You’ drive away with urgency as do most songs on this fast-paced platter. There’s solid sax & drum action as well as some killer guitar riffing on ‘Till I Changed’. Employing the talents of Steve Berlin made a difference as well.
#43 | reyno-roxx |  ? 
at February 11 2018 17:47:32
My difficulty has always been in determining what constitutes pure AOR and what is actually just good, solid, melodic hard rock. I would place the likes of Night Ranger, Giant, Speedway Blvd, Touch, Autograph, Streets, Icon and Hughes/Thrall in the latter category. Which would leave my Top 10 looking something like this:

Giuffria - S/T
Franke & The Knockouts - 'Below The Belt'
Le Roux - 'So Fired Up'
Spys - S/T
Orphan - Lonely At Night
Michael Bolton - 'Everybody's Crazy'
Balance - S/T (is the 2nd album verging on hard rock?)
The Babys - 'On The Edge'
Honeymoon Suite - 'The Big Prize'
Airrace - 'Shaft Of Light'

With special mentions to Virginia Wolf 'Push', Mr Mister 'Welcome To The Real World', Kansas 'Drastic Measures' and Jeff Paris 'Race To Paradise'
#44 | Nick C |  ? 
at February 11 2018 17:24:43
I borrowed this album off my mate years ago..well around when it came out - it was on blue vinyl, I was a bit non plussed at the time, it was okay but I preferred A New World Record and although I grabbed the Light Years compilation I never had any real motive to get anything else until a few years ago when I picked up the big CD box of the studio albums. It was then I appreciated it more. But I hadn't heard No Answer until I grabbed that box .... it absolutely blew me away it could be my fave ELO album, I love it's quirkiness.
#45 | Nick C |  ? 
at February 11 2018 17:08:59
I picked up the Harvest Years box a few years back....hugely enjoyable. There's a couple of cheapo boxes like that if you feel like dipping your toes in.
No ava#46 | super80boy |  ? 
at February 11 2018 17:08:46
After another spin, you're right - these guys knew what they were doing and credit has to be given for what I’d call a slick slice of period yacht pop rock. I like the up-tempo funky ‘Strange Fascination’ & ‘Sweet Music’. ‘Run To The Night’ works in some cool guitar riffing on its latter half.
Thanks for an interesting article. That Strangeways album is every bit as good as you describe it.
#48 | dangerzone |  ? 
at February 11 2018 00:16:49
It’s funny you made this list mate because I’ve often pondered doing something similar, with just pure AOR album I love. I always consider it too challenging. I know for a fact I’d have Bolton’s 1983 album in there. For me it shades ‘Everybody’s Crazy.’ Giuffrias debut would also be up at the top. Le Roux and Van Zant are both right on.
#49 | englandashes |  ? 
at February 11 2018 00:13:24
Excellent article, interesting George mentioned the location of purchases, here are my

1 - Billy Satellite, Van Zant - Milton Keynes Record Fair, probable dealer, Roger Careless.

2 - Michael Bolton, vinyl copy from Bedford Record Fair at the Corn Exchange, CD version Torre Records In Torquay

3 - Orion The Hunter, £2.99 from Andys Records, Cambridge

4 - Dare and Strangeways both from Our Price, Bedford, formally Sounds FX....

5 - Bon Jovi - Andys Records, Bedford

6 - Journey - Bobs Records, Milton Keynes Market.....only on a Thursday .....or maybe Cob records at Porthmadog.....but tape version from WHSmith, Bedford

7 - Asia - Woolworths, Bedford

8 - Le Roux - mail order from a seller, that always charge me a fortune......still haven’t forgotten, obviously still not bitter...bugs
#50 | gdazegod |  ? 
at February 10 2018 23:17:50
Maybe I should find an image of that gatefold? OK, added to my task-list for today. computer work
#51 | bpdp3 |  ? 
at February 10 2018 23:12:35
Ok... allow my inner vinyl-geek to come out. This album was an aesthetic beauty. The inner gatefold of this double lp was a detail of the spaceship, and inside was a punch-out paper model of the ship. For a sci-fi obsessed kid in '77, this was a dream!
A sub-genre I've enjoyed since I was a teenager and not easy to define as stated in the article. Thanks to the old Heart Of The Rock site for helping me discover so many great albums, George. Agree with all the selections, I would just mention Streets for a future volume. Orion The Hunter, Bolton, Van Zant and Strangeways are my most beloved ones.
#53 | melodiapositiva |  ? 
at February 10 2018 19:43:27
Wow! this could be almost my top ten too Smile Could 'Toto IV' be on this list? Maybe that one is more westcoast, isn't it? I would add 'Vital Signs' from Survivor as one of the more perfect AOR albums of all time.
#54 | gdazegod |  ? 
at February 10 2018 17:27:11
It's a pity it's so short in time.
No ava#55 | super80boy |  ? 
at February 10 2018 17:10:09
I recently re-visited this album and what a favorable debut offering it was back in the mid-80’s. Side One is bookended with two passionately brisk standouts - ‘Breakaway’ & ‘Feeling The Heat’. Really like the pompous ‘Overdrive’ and the ballad ‘From The Heart’ follows a tried and true formula to great success. 'Come Alive' with it's up the ante guitar action and harder arrangements - is a great closing statement.
#56 | jefflynnefan |  ? 
at February 10 2018 09:02:37
Jeff Lynne's favorite ELO record. This is when ELO became a American band and not a British band anymore to me. Very commercial and appealing to the 30-ish & over crowd at the time of it's release. ELO was all the sudden popular with the posh Playboy cocktail type crowd. I like OOTB a lot but it wasn't the same anymore. I like the United Artists years with "No Answer", "ELO 2", "On The Third Day", "Eldorado", "Face The Music' and lastly "A New World Record".
#57 | jefflynnefan |  ? 
at February 10 2018 08:48:17
I probably listened to this album more than any other album when I was a kid. It has a lot of great memories. Kelly Groucutt actually joined ELO for the USA tour of "Eldorado" in 1975. He didn't play on "Eldorado". Michael D' Albuquerque left during the middle of the Eldorado tour when he learned that his wife was pregnant. Jeff and Bev were sad to see him go. I wonder if he regrets that now... Kelly was in the famous British band "Sight and Sound" and "Barefoot" when he was recruited for ELO. His first record with ELO was 1975's classic "Face The Music" which featured the ELO hits "Evil Woman" and "Strange Magic".
#58 | mickey |  ? 
at February 08 2018 20:16:32
Never heard a word on this guy before thiis great review but what a special album. Chapeau.
#59 | mickey |  ? 
at February 08 2018 19:20:41
i´ve listened to it today (thanks George, always learning from you!) and it´s a very decent record. my fave moments are Magical Moments and High To Low,
#60 | Explorer |  ? 
at February 08 2018 16:22:55
Haven't heard the music yet, but I like the album cover.
#61 | gdazegod |  ? 
at February 08 2018 10:59:20
Probably a bit of backfilling of their discography is in order. Better get to it. computer work
#62 | mickey |  ? 
at February 08 2018 01:39:30
Vinnie does a great guitar work on this album, and i still love the songs Love Kills, Ecstasy and That Time Of The Year, but i agree that Mark Slaugher´s voice is very annoying too often.
#63 | Explorer |  ? 
at February 06 2018 19:57:26
The 40th Anniversary box set for NOTW is excellent if a little pricey.
#64 | jefflynnefan |  ? 
at February 04 2018 19:10:24
It's not as bad as what you read online at certain places. I just don't understand why songs like "Stone Cold Bad" and "Tonight" weren't included unless they were from a different session. I thought I read somewhere that this was originally intended for a fan club only release?
#65 | Nick C |  ? 
at February 04 2018 18:02:12
I'm not over keen on it, I haven't played it for years, I might have to give it a spin as time changes things and I might appreciate it more...I've still got the free tattoo with it tempting to stick it on my arm Grin
#66 | jefflynnefan |  ? 
at February 04 2018 17:47:57
I've been listening to this cd all weekend. And I really like it. I bought this years ago and kept it because I thought it was good. I think Frank's vocals on this album are pretty darn good. I have a bootleg with some demos from this album that are really good as well. They should have been included on this album. This cd is quite expensive nowadays and seems to be climbing higher with each passing year. This label put out one other cd by a band called "Garlic".
Shocking Blue were fantastic.
#68 | Eric |  ? 
at February 04 2018 14:11:11
Fudge excelled at cover tunes, their 1967 debut was nothing but other songwriters work and was excellent. I have the early albums which are all psych classics but this one did very little for me unlike similar 80's reunions from The Buckinghams ('A Matter of Time'Wink, The Grass Roots and others.
#69 | reyno-roxx |  ? 
at February 04 2018 11:40:11
Crazy money being asked for this on CD. Still have the vinyl. I used to have the Buster Brown album too, but sold it in my purge.
#70 | reyno-roxx |  ? 
at February 04 2018 11:04:29
Indeed, the record company wanted them to record a rock album, but then released the least rock song on the album as a single. Talk about sabotaging your own acts!
#71 | rostoned |  ? 
at February 03 2018 22:41:08
Hotel leader Marc Phillips released his autobiography in 2012, titled "Pouring It Out On Me". The summary reads like this

Marc Phillips' autobiography takes you on a fantastic journey from his childhood in Jasper, Alabama, through his stardom with Hotel and Split the Dark, to his life-changing battle with cancer. His story is a testament to God's grace, never-failing love, hope, and redemption. It is a must-read for everyone.

Oddly it looks like the VERY ONLY single MCA released for potential airplay off the "Half Moon Silver" opus was the very CSN&Y (and Kansas and S&G....) influenced all acoustic title track! Very classy but hardly representative of the band and its sound IMHO.
#72 | Explorer |  ? 
at February 03 2018 22:04:31
This is the very reason why GDM is the best around, we are willing to look outside our usual 'comfort zone',and what with the catholic (little c) tastes of our membership this review is a testament to our open mindedness.
#73 | englandashes |  ? 
at February 03 2018 20:56:50
Thank you Malcolm and Nick, you totally made my day, even Year, just wanted someone to actually listen too this album, I am the same, didn’t appreciate this guys until it was over, wonder what they are up to, again many thanks guys, much appreciated.
#74 | Nick C |  ? 
at February 03 2018 20:39:18
Oh my hooked again.
You know there's so much fantastic music that passes us by - maybe because it's not in our immediate sphere of interest, so it's super great that people here pick up on stuff. It doesn't take much just to reach outside that sphere and catch something special, just reach out your finger tips and it will come, it's dying to be found. There's so much that WILL pass us by that you should grab hold when someone introduces you to something like this so thanks Englandashes.

All the songs I listened to I thought were pretty ace, quirky very English but the song This is Where has blown me away.
I snagged the 3 CDs for pennies over £5 – how did great music become so cheap ? (but not worthless!) But at the same time it's tinged with sadness that the band is over, sad really that stuff like this never got what it deserved while fake superficial lifestyle music fills the radio waves and makes our children dumber and less adventurous by the minute .......and you're 3-4 years too late to save these guys.
#75 | Explorer |  ? 
at February 03 2018 19:02:23
Not quite sure why I didn't pick up on this review at the time. I`m off to investigate.
I`ve had that Bread box set for a few years myself...nothing to feel guilty about Nick!
#77 | george_the_jack |  ? 
at February 03 2018 10:52:15
In the year 2525.. Have always loved that song Smile
The Edison Lighthouse song was a big fave of mine when I was little, as was the Zager and Evans...I liked it's SciFi leanings. I also bought the Bread box set a few months back as a guilty pleasure.
#79 | englandashes |  ? 
at February 02 2018 23:42:06
Still one of my favourite albums, totally underrated.
Agree with Zager and Evans, although it was the Visage version I first heard and the excellent Jim Croce, my real first influence was the two film soundtracks from That Be The Day and Stardust, great selection of songs.....especially Jimi Hendrix, All Along The Watchtower.....Great idea George.....
#81 | george_the_jack |  ? 
at February 02 2018 12:37:09
I've been listening to this the last couple of days consantly. Seriously, what a cracker of an album - smooth organic production, mesmerizing melodies, flowing vocals. What else could you ask for? To me, this is better than most albums that came out around this time-frame (like SPYS). Why these guys never made it big? EDIT: I also got the Rock Candy re-issue quite some time now and sounds amazing.
You've inspired me George, I must do one of these. So many songs that were around when I was growing up in the early 60's that are still favourites even today.
Yes, the very man.
This was great, George! Heck, I like watching old clips just for the old guitars and other old instruments. My parents had all the Fifth Dimension and Tommy James albums. So I know them quite well. This John Farrar went on to write all of Olivia Newton-John songs?
#85 | jefflynnefan |  ? 
at February 02 2018 03:47:25
Originally released by Warner Brothers in the UK , it sold an embarrassing 28,000 copies. Melody Maker wrote a bad review of the album which made former ELO member Roy Wood furious. He wrote a letter to Melody Maker (which was published) which he told them they didn't have a clue and that Eldorado was a masterpiece. Later in the year Eldorado was released in the USA and it was a big hit , giving ELO their first of many gold RIAA awards. This was when a single could carry the sales of a album. And "Can't Get It Out Of My Head" was a top 10 hit. I have two ELO gold RIAA awards. And also I have a real rarity in a UK WB Test Pressing of Eldorado with slighty different run times. This is one of my all-favorites! Steve Hoffman who did the DCC version said it was one of the most challenging ones he did.
No ava#86 | opbrekke |  ? 
at February 01 2018 23:06:12
Thanks Nick. New one to me. Always on the lookout for 70 s hard rock bands I missed. Checked a video, found it cheap on eBay and it’s on the way. This is why I’m a member here to discover stuff like this. Now if someone would be so kind and release Rabbits Too much rock n roll on cd I’d be a happy man.
There will definitely be a Volume 2 coming up very shortly. Thankfully these song volumes are easier to construct as articles as there is no cover-art to add, nor links to existing GDM reviews. A great time-saver at my end.. Yay.
#88 | gdazegod |  ? 
at February 01 2018 22:51:15
I've always enjoyed this album. A few songs here are killers.. 'I'm Down', 'Arc' and 'On The Beach' in particular. Thumbs Up
When I was probably around 7/8 years old I remember I loved all those Seekers hits, and I believe Judith Durham is still singing.
This is funny Grin. Yesterday I was listening to The Marbles 'Only One Woman', and my Stevie Wonder song would be 'Isn't She Lovely'. There's so many oldies to revisit. Great selection!
Yeah, none from Roger Whittaker either. Loved some of his stuff.
No barrage from me, some fine tunes there. Nothing from The Seekers though..shame on you!music
#93 | gdazegod |  ? 
at February 01 2018 22:41:15
Good call Alun. I actually really like this album. Should be easy enough to find on Streaming Services. The one on Deezer is the 2006 Wounded Bird reissue. And I agree on 'Walk On By'. So cool to hear a completely different take on a 60's classic.
Waiting for the barrage .. LOL stress
#95 | Emda |  ? 
at February 01 2018 16:29:19
Thank you George Thumbs Up
#96 | Nick C |  ? 
at February 01 2018 00:57:03
I have to agree about Backtalk, I like the song, I like the kind of venom and angst within. I actually prefer it when Journey "rock out", to the ballads. To that extent I'd have to say Raised on Radio for all it's AOR smoothness is one of my least favourite albums by the band ... I do like the album, especially the title track and the uplifting / anthemic "Be Good to Yourself"...but it's certainly the one I play the least out of all their Steve Perry fronted albums.
#97 | Nick C |  ? 
at February 01 2018 00:42:39
David - Have you heard Shotgun - Dallasian Rock, it's a pretty cool album full of 70's styled hard rock....well considering it was recorded in the mid 70's that might be why, but I picked it up on CD last year and it's pretty cool, some killer guitar licks and great songs ...think sort of a Grand Funk Railroad feel.
No ava#98 | opbrekke |  ? 
at January 31 2018 02:24:55
Moxy and Teaze ? Maybe a whiff of Moxy, but Teaze I don’t hear at all. Why no mention of early Rush though I don’t get. Sent a song to a friend and he got the Rush influence right away. One of the many 70 s albums I found last year. Some thanks to this site,like Murasaki. Others were Taste Australia. Avalon, Alkana to mention the better ones on the top off my head.
#99 | gdazegod |  ? 
at January 30 2018 23:09:47
I like Side Two because of it's heavier and darker sound/tone. Chain Reaction, Troubled Child, Edge Of The Blade, and Rubicon. Same with some of the stuff off Escape, like Lay It Down and the title-track. Supreme stuff.
#100 | dangerzone |  ? 
at January 30 2018 22:47:03
I made a comment about the disdain for 'Back Talk' six years ago and I still don't know why it's disliked. Describing 'Chain Reaction' as mediocre is a head scratcher too. I know it's simply an opinion, but come on ...
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