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Adrenalin - 1986 Road Of The Gypsy
In a strange set of circumstances, MCA decided to re-use most of their 'American Heart' songs from the Rocshire days (minus three), and bolt on three new songs for 1986's 'Road Of The Gypsy'.

Alyson Avenue - 2000 Presence Of Mind
Let me paint you a picture. Imagine if you will, a female vocalist who is cross between Tone Norum and Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), fronting a melodic rock band who sound like 220 Volt (circa 'Eye To Eye'). If you can visualise that, then you have Alyson Avenue.

Alyson Avenue - 2004 Omega
Back in 2000, Swedish AORsters Alyson Avenue released a superb female fronted effort called 'Presence Of Mind'. 2004 effort 'Omega' struggles to maintain the good work.

BLVD - 1988 BLVD
The well loved AOR band BLVD are perhaps the most unluckiest Canadian band never to strike it big. They had the talent, skills and the material to go all the way.

Bonfire - 1987 Fireworks
With such a cool looking album cover, it was hard not to miss this one in the LP racks of my local record store back in 1987. Some of these songs were razor sharp for their time, and they left an indelible mark on my consciousness..

Boulevard (Sweden) - 1987 Whats Up
Just quite why Yesterrock felt compelled to reissue 'What's Up' is beyond comprehension. Along with the Midnight Blue reissue, it would have to rate as one of the years stranger reissue decisions. Give a wide berth if you know what's good for you.

Carl, Max - 1985 Circle
'Circle' is not an album that will win you over first time. The songs are punchy, energetic and up till that point, quite different to what Max had been involved with previously.

Craaft - 1986 Craaft
Though German, the band is very American sounding, not unlike fellow Teutonic wonders Roko. They come complete with clean lines, silky keyboards and crunching melodic guitar.

DeLuca, Tom - 1986 Down To The Wire
Nashville songwriter Tom DeLuca graced us with his own solo LP back in 1986, after writing tunes for others.

Foster, Jim - 1986 Power Lines
Canadian musician Jim Foster is perhaps better known through his association with the Alberta based outfit Fosterchild (hence the band name). This outfit had been in existence since the mid 70's. By 1986, Jim had landed a solo deal with RCA, with 'Power Lines' being the resulting output, with Rick Springfield and Stan Meissner used as reference points.

From The Fire - 1992 Thirty Days And Dirty Nights
Overall though, the mix is probably too much on the light side, even with the Lafferty, Beauvoir and Regan contribution, especially when compared to their prior projects. Though I've never been a fan of Lafferty's guitar work for some reason, he sounds pretty reasonable on this one.

Gilder, Nick - 1985 Nick Gilder
An album of zero ballads but with a sound majority of AOR inspired tracks. Reissued in 2013, it's time to give this album some long overdue love.

Heartland - 1991 Heartland
This is an excellent piece of melodic rock, in my humble opinion not too far away from the likes of Dare, Strangeways and FM, as being one of the best UK product to be produced in this genre/style.

Idle Tears - 1986 Idle Tears
Idle Tears are occupying the same sort of territory as Face To Face, Scandal, Wild Blue and Delta. They are stuck in that mid 80's mind-set of AOR where things tended to be over-produced and overblown, and in Idle Tears case, they bought four producers to the mixing desk. Overkill perhaps?

Jojo - 1988 Jojo
This album was produced by Eddy Offord and it's a pretty smart affair, taking the best bits of Craaft and Balanx and commercialised even more.

Kidd Glove - 1984 Kidd Glove
The second stage of the career of L.A guitar hero Paul Sabu kicks off with his Kidd Glove project. Already held in high regard as a melodic rock demi-god, Sabu straddles the fence between disco/pop and melodic guitar based rock. A confusing mixture for sure, but when it's played the Sabu way, it sounds pretty convincing to me.

Lamont Joe - 1985 Secrets You Keep
Joe Lamont; we first heard of this guy with the band Steeplechase and then the wonderful AOR outfit Shelter.

Le Mans - 1986 Le Mans
Le Mans did release one album on the Shrapnel label in 1983, 'Out On The Streets', which was very heavy metal. It wasn't a bad effort, but somewhere in between the boys have done serious listening time to Journey and Def Leppard and lightened up big time with this effort three years later.

McDonald, Brian (Group) - 1987 Desperate Business
Personally I think this is a great album, perhaps lost in the shuffle of 1987's MTV brigade and the overwhelming hype of Lep's 'Hysteria'.

Mydra - 1988 Mydra
In hindsight, I can see how the excellent production and some of the songs have led to this album's cult status - fans of Scandinavian style AOR and melodic hard rock with big arrangements will find much to like here.

Price, Lisa - 1983 Priceless
Though she may look like Lee Aaron on the back cover, it's musically a mix of many female contemporaries.. Aaron being one, Patty Smyth and Scandal, Marilyn Martin and Martee Lebow being some others.. but really, take your pick among the leading ladies of the day. They'll be there or thereabouts..

Producers, The - 1985 Run For Your Life
Very much an underrated band, probably classed in the same bracket as The Tubes, The Cars (both circa their early eighties style) and other quirky AOR acts of that era.

Refugee - 1987 Burning From The Inside Out
A prime contender for this page are the near legendary Toronto band Refugee. I've heard so many stories about these guys over the years. Bassist Martyn Jones eluded to in some earlier dialogue with me, Refugee as a band, were 'scary'.. talent wise. He was certain there was nothing these guys couldn't do..

Roberts, Kane - 1987 Kane Roberts
Kane Roberts' was reissued by the Yesterrock label earlier this year and deservedly so; it's one of 1987's best, no question.

Skagarack - 1986 Skagarack
Skagarack were capable of the kind of sound and attention that was tailor made for 1986... While their native tundra and Far East embraced Skagarack with the likes of Madison and Treat, the US was far more smitten with the likes of Bon Jovi and another band from Europe to take any interest.. 'Skagarack' should been the kind of album that put Scandinavia on the mainstream map and catapulted these delightful Danes to the top! Unfortunately it didn't... But their lack of fortune was made up in superior melodic rock.

Tepper, Robert - 1986 No Easy Way Out
As far as I'm concerned, this site wouldn't be complete without a mention of Robert Tepper who earns the right to reverential 'AOR demi-god' status courtesy of this album.

Tokyo (Germany) - 1981 Tokyo
Recently reissued by Yesterock, German AOR/pompsters Tokyo have their debut as the first cab off the rank, Tokyo's next two albums will follow shortly..

Tokyo (Germany) - 1983 San
1983's 'San' is the third and final instalment of the Tokyo story.

Walk The Wire - 1994 Walk The Wire
Out of the UK, Frozen Heart released a few promising demo's back in the early nineties, but nothing to indicate how good this product was going to be. This is storming stuff, and no surprise then that Swedish label Megarock picked them up.

West Of Sunset - 1992 West Of Sunset
An unlikely Swedish duo who manage to release a credible set of tunes on their debut album. Originally coming together a few years earlier under the monicker Fingerprintz, the pair put on a strong showing of earthy melodic rock, drawing upon influences such as Michael Learns To Rock. The sound is very mid-west oriented, with a few modern pop drawstrings in there for good measure.

Witness - 1988 Witness
Primarily a project to showcase the talents of gorgeous singer Debbie Davis, and by crikey this girl can rock! She has the power of Alexa, mixed in with a bit of Sharon O'Neill on the softer stuff.

Worrall - 1991 Worrall
Perhaps one of the most underrated AOR albums I can think of. Well worthy of a place in your collection, and it should have been right up there in the popularity stakes as Harem Scarem's debut the same year.

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