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Airrace - 1984 Shaft Of Light
Back in 1984 this Airrace album was considered a breakthrough AOR album in British music circles, as finally good 'ol Blighty' had something to compete against the likes of Foreigner, Journey etc. However, in retrospect the band probably ended up sounding more like an imitation of their heroes rather than something earth shatteringly new or original.

Aldo Nova - 1983 Subject
It's quite the classic in truth, maybe Nova's best work. Taken at face value its spotless AOR.

Aldo Nova - 1985 Twitch
'Twitch' is more in keeping with the debut, and contains more than an ample share of keyboards, guitar power, and chant-a-minute choruses from the vocal section. To be fair though, It is poppier and lighter, perhaps with more commercial appeal contained within it's grooves.

Alessi - 1982 Long Time Friends
Originally titled 'Roughing It', 'Long Time Friends' may be the best produced Christopher Cross album - but the innocence and naivety of the twins previous platters is gone. For fans of West Coast/AOR this may not be a bad thing.

Ambrosia - 1982 Road Island
Ambrosia took a bold step on their final album however, pursuing a lumbering hard rock sound totally opposed to the gentle strains of the previous two albums.

Axe - 1982 Offering
It was at this point that American rockers Axe decided to try a few new things. Firstly, a harder-edged direction, a slight contrast from their two MCA recordings from 19729 and 1980. And secondly, a new label to help them through this transition. Though the music is still melodic rock primed for 80's AOR format radio, there's a bit more sting in the tail. 'Less pomp and more guitar' as an old review of 'Offering' mentioned back in 1982.

Axe - 1983 Nemesis
'Nemesis' sound continued the likeable combination of vague boogie mixed with wholesome AOR.

Bad Company - 1986 Fame And Fortune
Quite strange this hasn't received any accolades or recognition from AOR pundits in the last 22 years. There's not a bad track included and it must have been the culture shock of Bad Co evolving into an AOR act that saw this gain such a lukewarm reaction.

Bad Company - 1990 Holy Water
1990 was a big year for Bad Company, 'Holy Water' one of the biggest sellers of the year.

Badfinger - 1979 Airwaves
AOR fans might find more to like in the later version of this classic band.

Barth, Bobby - 1986 Two Hearts One Beat
The sound here is similar to mid 80's Starship mainly. As a result, 'Two Hearts One Beat' is very commercial lightweight AOR, quite a bit different from Barth's years with Axe.

Baton Rouge - 1990 Shake Your Soul
Here's a band from the late 80's and early 90's that came from the same battleground as Blue Tears, but eventually cut their teeth on the proving grounds of the Los Angeles Sunset Strip.

Blackfoot - 1983 Siogo
'Siogo' shifted course into broad hard rock range, with slight hints of their previous sound. In the US sales were paltry. Hardcore fans weren't buying the new image and direction.

Blackfoot - 1984 Vertical Smiles
Despite moving into a full-on AOR style on 'Vertical Smiles', critics, long time fans and the general public weren't buying.. Especially sad considering the album provides the kind of crystal clear AOR that was succeeding all over the place.

Boulder - 1979 Boulder
This LP contains some good material. It is a listenable album of radio rock, in the mould of Couchois and Buckeye.

Brown, Danny Joe (Band) - 1981 Danny Joe Brown Band
While Hatchet continued with Jimmy Farrar and recorded a worthy pair of records in 'Beatin' The Odds' and 'Take No Prisoners', Brown one upped them with his lone solo album, a classy pure Southern rock effort on a par with his Hatchet albums.

Buck Dharma (Roeser) - 1982 Flat Out
Unusual and diverse, you won't be getting straight down the middle rock n roll from this guy, who of course is one of the principal members of Blue Oyster Cult.

Buck Dharma (Roeser) - 1982 Flat Out
Unusual and diverse, you won't be getting straight down the middle rock n roll from this guy, who of course is one of the principal members of Blue Oyster Cult.

Cain, Jonathan (Band) - 1977 Windy City Breakdown
No need for introduction as Jonathan Cain's contribution to melodic rock has been enormous as a member of The Babys, Journey and Bad English, but here's his auspicious debut which drew hardly any attention in 1977.

Capaldi, Jim - 1983 Fierce Heart
After a raft of UK only releases, 'Fierce Heart' got a wider audience, and most pundits back in the day thought it was a pretty reasonable album for its time.

Carillo - 1979 Street Of Dreams
My biggest complaint on 'Street of Dreams' is rather poor production. It just sounds dull and lifeless of course the material is no help.

Cetera, Peter - 1981 Peter Cetera
I remember this LP getting big raps back in the day. Reading the first edition of the Enyclopedia of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, the debut album of Peter Cetera's solo career certainly got him off to a fine start.

Cheap Trick - 1986 The Doctor
Suffice to say that the resulting album is dismissed to this day as Cheap Trick's worst effort ever. My point of view may prove controversial but I think summation is rubbish. Yes the hi-tech overload did hurt the production but plenty of fine mid 80's AOR remains.

Combonation - 1984 Combonation
A couple of years back, Eric wrote a brief backgrounder on the band The Dig. This band entered the GDM Archives based on their 1987 s/t album. The forerunner to this band were Combonation, a Los Angeles outfit, caught between commercial new wave and a stylish brand of AOR.

Couchois - 1979 Couchois
Couchois (pronunced Ku-Shwa) are a band blessed with excellent multi-part harmonies, whilst plying a style that sees them cross swords with Pablo Cruise, Ambrosia and Firefall on their quieter moments, and perhaps Santana on their rockier parts.

Crawler - 1977 Crawler
This UK outfit Crawler were formed from the ashes of Backstreet Crawler, the band originally put together with ex Free guitarist Paul Kossoff.

Daltrey, Roger - 1987 Can't Wait To See The Movie
Many might be unaware of this album, but it displays how versatile Daltrey is vocal wise - the guy could (and still can) turn his hand to anything. This was his last real stab at AOR.

Daltrey, Roger - 1992 Rocks In The Head
Gerard McMahon might have been the brainchild behind much of this, but Daltrey makes it happen. His unmistakable presence gives the songs an edge that many solo artists never could, save for Michael Bolton perhaps.

Davis, Paul - 1980 Paul Davis
Davis was making inroads into a genre that he wasn't entirely at home with, but at least, he was earning a living. By 1980, Paul had released a new album, simply a self titled affair, which was more 'middle-of-the-road', bordering on West Coast.

DFK Band - 1980 Dudek Finnigan Krueger Band
As a one-off this is unbeatable and it begs the thought of what might have transpired in later years.

Dukes, The - 1979 The Dukes
Not to be confused with the 1982 Bugatti & Musker west coast classic 'The Dukes', this album featured a 'who's who' of classic rock of the day.

Dupree, Robbie - 1980 Robbie Dupree
A staple in the West Coast scene is singer/songwriter Robbie Dupree (real surname Dupuis), an artist who's history goes way back into time.

Envy - 1987 Ain't It A Sin
Here's a female fronted outift revolving around the sister duo of Rhonni and Gina Stile. The overall impression is an edgier version of Heart, but without the glossy production.

Europe - 1984 Wings Of Tomorrow
'Wings of Tomorrow' is an accomplished set of bruising melodic metal. It displays such potential in the metal area, that it's almost painful to imagine what Europe could have done with it if they had continued in a heavier vein. They could have gone on to achieve credibilty like Iron Maiden, heavy yet always with a melodic edge.

Fandango - 1980 Cadillac
This album is great hard edged radio rock, though not AOR in the purest sense. Their sound has more to do with bands from the mid seventies like fellow New Yorkers Blue Oyster Cult, combining funky elements in that quaint style associated with bands from that era.

Farrenheit - 1987 Farrenheit
Essentially, this is the duo of Charlie Farren and David Hull (marketed as David 'Heit'.. what the ?) Regardless, this is a collection of fantastic, often beautiful and sometimes witty radio rock songs.

Felder, Don - 1983 Airborne
Felder waited for two years to record 'Airborne' in the hope that The Eagles might resolved their differences, but when this failed to materialise he reluctantly engineered his own project at the insistence of manager Irving Azoff, and primarily because Felder missed recording.

Fiona - 1985 Fiona
Probably the pick of all of Fiona's albums is her 1985 debut. If you like female-fronted AOR, this is a good one to get.

Fire Town - 1989 The Good Life
They were originally described as an alt rock band, but really Fire Town were a country rock band with a hint of melody and strong songwriting and production skills.

Firefall - 1982 Break Of Dawn
By this stage of their history, Colorado band Firefall were on the cusp of being a completely different band; certainly beyond recognition at the time of their inception.

Firefall - 1983 Mirror Of The World
At the end of their rope Firefall moved with the times, easily capturing the AOR spirit of 1983 with a vintage performance. Whether it was real Firefall or not was debatable, but the results were thoroughly acceptable.

Foghat - 1979 Boogie Motel
Boogie Motel' arrived between the death of disco and the coming new wave and sounded like a lot like The Eagles. Well, that was my first impression, but was definitely a big change for Foghat with a calculated move towards pop and even more noticeably Southern rock.

Foghat - 1981 Girls To Chat, Boys To Bounce
What went wrong with this lot? After the boogie meltdown of the 70's Foghat inexplicably changed direction after 'Stone Blue' and cornered themselves into a pop direction, losing all traces of their previous identity.

Force 10 - 1981 Force 10
Force 10 then, is as wacky for humor as The Tubes and J Geils Band were, though not exactly duplicating their musical style, this time around they're following a band like Air Raid instead.

Fortress - 1981 Hands In The Till
Another period AOR classic from 1981, with hints of southern fried rock and good old arena rock thrown in to boot.

Fortress - 1981 Hands In The Till
Another period AOR classic from 1981, with hints of southern fried rock and good old arena rock thrown in to boot.

Fotomaker - 1978 Fotomaker
Fotomaker had all the ingredients necessary to make a good pop record and more, but despite heavy air play on FM radio, the band's singles never charted significantly, and without a hit single, well you know the rest...

Fotomaker - 1978 Vis-A-Vis
All ten tracks on the album were as solid as they can be and Fotomaker were poised for great things, yet the public at large were apathetic..

Frehley, Ace - 1989 Trouble Walkin'
Here's the third album from Ace Frehley during his Megaforce/Atlantic tenure. Now under his solo name, rather than the band name Frehley's Comet, 'Trouble Walkin' may have flown low over the hard rock landscape during 1989, and it's a pity the radar was off-kilter for this effort during that year.

Gamma - 1979 Gamma 1
The melodic rock project of Ronnie Montrose, with a few modern influences and a powerhouse vocalist in Scotsman Davey Pattison.

Gamma - 1979 Gamma 1
The melodic rock project of Ronnie Montrose, with a few modern influences and a powerhouse vocalist in Scotsman Davey Pattison.

Gamma - 1980 Gamma 2
Dont'cha just love the cover? The sharkfin in the backyard cutting through the garden hose zeroing in on the sunbathing lady.. Classic stuff. As is the band and the music.

Gamma - 1980 Gamma 2
Dont'cha just love the cover? The sharkfin in the backyard cutting through the garden hose zeroing in on the sunbathing lady.. Classic stuff. As is the band and the music.

Gamma - 1982 Gamma 3
An abundance of keyboards and synthesizers are employed by Ronnie Montrose for this third and highly entertaining Gamma LP.

Gamma - 1982 Gamma 3
An abundance of keyboards and synthesizers are employed by Ronnie Montrose for this third and highly entertaining Gamma LP.

Gamma - 2000 Gamma 4
Despite the passing of time, the band picked up where they left off - without skipping a beat. Overall, 'Gamma 4' is an interesting listen, but don't try and pigeon-hole it alongside the previous Gamma efforts.

Gramm, Lou - 1987 Ready Or Not
All in all, if you are a Foreigner fan, 'Ready Or Not' is just as essential IMO to have in your collection as '4' or any of their classic AOR albums from the 70's.

Greenslade - 1975 Time And Tide
One of the great British progressives that is often overlooked in light of the usual heavies; ELP, Yes and Genesis. This isn't exactly my favorite album from the band and I'm not so hot on it for a variety of reasons starting with the move towards a progressive pop sound. This record lacks the songs to put it in the pantheon of great prog pop.

Hall And Oates - 1974 War Babies
Filled to the brim with white boy soul-pop, space-age glam and funky weirdness, their previous and critically acclaimed effort 'Abandoned Luncheonette' was in an alternate universe comparatively and 'War Babies' was sadly disowned by the band and baulked at by record buyers and programmers who just didn't get it.

Hammer - 1979 Hammer
With an album cover more suitable for a band like UFO, than the pop music found herein, Hammer's only album has been described as everything from hard rock, to progressive and jazz rock by people that obviously had never heard the record.

Harem Scarem - 1991 Harem Scarem
These boys stormed onto the scene in 1991, releasing this debut and going out on the road to support Foreigner on their 'Unusual Heat' tour. It was without question then that the rock press sat up and took notice, and gave Harem Scarem the full KKKKK seal of approval.

Hartman, Lisa - 1982 Letterock
My goodness, do you think the record company was trying to sell Lisa Hartman or sex? As if we already don't know the answer to that!

Holland - 1985 Little Monsters
Holland was put together by Chicago based singer Tom Holland who at the time already had a major label record deal with the band The Boyzz, who then became The B'zz.

Hollies, The - 1983 What Goes Around
'What Goes Around' has an AOR sheen which may of turned off some Hollies purists, but will delight many here at GDM.

Icon - 1989 Right Between The Eyes
The resulting album differed greatly from the rampaging metal of the debut and the AOR tinged follow up, the band leaning towards a predictable formularised late 80's hard rock sound that almost left them without an identity. That's not to say this album is a flop, only the real Icon went 'Missing'.

Johnson, Eric - 1988 Tones
'Tones ' is a top notch pop/AOR album peppered with quality instrumentals ranging from a Windham Hill style acoustic number to all out rockers..

Kick Axe - 1984 Vices
This Canadian band are well overdue a mention on this website. They own three albums which were released in the mid 80's, and now thanks to Rock Candy Records, all of them are recently reissued in 2016.

Kick Axe - 1985 Welcome To The Club
After what was deemed a useful start to their musical career, Canadians Kick Axe returned in 1985 for album number two.

King, Carole - 1983 Speeding Time
This woman wrote some serious hits but is she worthy of inclusion here at Glory Daze? Let's take a look.

Kings, The - 1981 Amazon Beach
Circumstances conspired to make this album a disaster long before release date.. Read on..

Kortchmar, Danny - 1980 Innuendo
Kortchmar has only two solo albums to his name, 1973's 'Kooch' and this excellent album, his last solo effort to date. It saw Kortchmar attempting a heavier style of rock, which in his own words was an attempt to distance himself from the soft rock scene he had become identified with.

Ladder, The - 1986 The Ladder
Along with Aviator, another great rocking band from New York which surfaced in 1986 were The Ladder. Classy, and laced with a heavier than usual dose of melodic rock among the predominant AOR grooves this band generates.

Larsen Feiten Band - 1980 Larsen Feiten Band
Given the magnitude of this West Coast classic I'm surprised it hasn't made an appearance at Glory Daze yet, but if Nielsen-Pearson is your cup of tea, then this is nirvana.

Laurie And The Sighs - 1980 Laurie And The Sighs
More appropriately, Laurie Beechman and her band The Sighs. Released in 1980, Laurie had generated a bit of interest among the Atlantic Records executives, who were more than impressed with her vocal skills and looking for a counterfoil to Chrysalis Records big signing Pat Benatar.

LeBlanc & Carr - 1977 Midnight Light
Big Tree Records had the soft rock market corned in the mid-70s with acts like Lobo and the very successful England Dan & John Ford Coley but neither delivered a more consistent and enjoyable album than 'Midnight Light' ..

Loudness - 1985 Thunder In The East
Loudness signed to Atlantic offshoot Atco in the US, and promptly set about altering their rampant style. Typically they were persuaded to became more commercial to achieve similar success Stateside, but 'Thunder In The East' was hardly a compromise.

Malice - 1985 In The Beginning
Los Angeles based five-piece who developed the knack of being America's answer to UK metal legends Judas Priest.

Mama's Pride - 1975 Mama's Pride
Mamas Pride originate from St Louis, and though these Missouri boys have got the southern rock/boogie thing down hat, they do so with a emphasis on melody, including multi-part harmonies, soaring keyboard parts not unlike Morningstar and The Doobie Brothers that gives them a commercial leaning in their songs.

Mama's Pride - 1977 Uptown Lowdown
Upon first hearing, 'Uptown Lowdown' is a less rockier album than its debut predecessor, but still worthy of a decent listen.

Martin Eric (Band) - 1983 Sucker For A Pretty Face
Another album which has assumed minor legend status in AOR history is this, the only product from the Eric Martin Band, that served as a springboard for the future Mr Big vocalist.

Medlocke, Rick (And Blackfoot) - 1987 Rick Medlocke And Blackfoot
If any hardcore Blackfoot fans had aspirations of a return to the old style of 'Strikes' or 'Marauder', then this must have appalled them, considering members of Mothers Finest, Atlanta's finest (sic) funk band have hooked up with Medlocke this time around. But for fans of AOR and Southern rock it's a perfect combination.

Meisner, Randy - 1982 Randy Meisner
Considering what Meisner achieved in a short span with his solo career, it would be fair to say he left his mark and this is a good representation of where Meisner and music was at in 1982.

Messina, Jim - 1983 One More Mile
There's a lot to like with this album for regular GDM readers. Yes, the style and production is very typical of the 1983 era, with intrusions of synth, sax and punchy arrangements. A great line-up, plus a sound not far removed from Jesse Colin Young's superb 'The Perfect Stranger', but with a bit more west-coast thrown in for good measure.

Montrose - 1975 Warner Bros Presents..
Here is the third installment from this popular San Francisco band from the 1970's.

Montrose - 1976 Jump On It
Containing just eight tracks, 'Jump On It' contains none of the true-blue bluster of their earlier years. Instead, they seem to be aiming for the commercial hard rock market occupied by the likes Aerosmith and Heart during this mid 70's era, and one can't deny this given Jack Douglas' involvement.

More - 1982 Blood And Thunder
One of the most well known NWOBHM acts and one who could have gone on to greater things had it not been for a slew of lineup changes, ill luck with record companies and bad luck in general.

Mothers Finest - 1981 Iron Age
Some A&R men wanted Mother's Finest to be an urban contemporary act and cater to black radio's tastes, but on 'Iron Age', MF was clearly going after the heavy metal/hard rock audience of the early 1980s.

Mott - 1975 Drive On
I'm thinking CBS would have been pleasantly surprised by the two Mott albums, though history will say otherwise, as both 'Drive On' and 'Shouting And Pointing' didn't do very well at the box-office. Don't let that put you off, as both Mott albums are pretty good truth be told.

Mott - 1976 Shouting And Pointing
This album is well worth re-appraising and probably is more influential to many groups not just in the UK, but especially the ones in America that would dominate the rock scene in the 80's.

Nantucket - 1978 Nantucket
Now then, this is the 1978 debut that yielded a hit single and almost earned gold album status. A very promising start, and they were keeping top class company on stage as well - opening for Boston, Cheap Trick and Foreigner during this period.

Nantucket - 1980 Long Way To The Top
'Long Way To The Top' is Nantucket's third album, having released their debut and 'Your Face Or Mine' the prior two years.

New England - 1980 Explorer Suite
Following up their classic debut must have been daunting, but this is a very strong second effort, regarded by some scribes as their finest moment.

New England - 1981 Walkin' Wild
An excellent AOR band from Boston, who came out of nowhere during 1979, to release a widely distributed album on the MCA subsidiary Infinity,subsequently releasing a pair of pomp classics over the next two years.

Newton, Juice - 1984 Can't Wait All Night
Juice Newton's 1983 and 1984 albums are well worth checking out, as by this stage of her career, a touch of the AOR's had set in..

Nine Ways To Win - 1983 Nine Ways To Win
Nine Ways To Win is the band of former British art rockers Random Hold member David Ferguson. What we have is a synth pop/new wave album with little if any originality.

Orr, Benjamin - 1986 The Lace
It's a shame we are only graced by the one album, as it is a pretty cruisy set.. just forget the fact that there is no drummer, 'The Lace' is populated by a heap of programming, which does detract slightly.

Outlaws, The - 1986 Soldiers Of Fortune
Much like Doc Holliday's maligned 1983 effort 'Modern Madness', southern rock compadres The Outlaws also opted for an overblown commercial keyboard laced affair for their 1986 album 'Soldier Of Fortune'. Did it work?

Pack, David - 1985 Anywhere You Go
After Ambrosia had run its course, David Pack returned to the scene in a solo capacity, releasing this brilliant West Coast/AOR crossover album 'Anywhere You Go'.

Paul, Henry (Band) - 1979 Grey Ghost
Finally getting a write-up is the debut Henry Paul Band LP 'Grey Ghost'. This was recorded in 1979, a year and a few months after Henry Paul left his lucrative gig with southern rock legends The Outlaws.

Paul, Henry (Band) - 1980 Feel The Heat
A good band to investigate if you like southern fried hard rock mixed with a smattering of AOR.

Paul, Henry (Band) - 1981 Anytime
Perhaps the best known of Henry Paul's four solo album from 1979 to 1982, this was the culmination of Paul's flirtation with AOR which he had been gradually shifting to after he left The Outlaws in 1977.

Paul, Henry (Band) - 1982 Henry Paul
A figure much admired and featured here at Glory Daze is one time perennial AOR figure Henry Paul. It would be amiss to leave this album unmentioned, as it is undoubtedly Paul's most consistent AOR effort of a solo career that began with the Southern sounds of his Outlaws days.

Poco - 1982 Ghost Town
This type of melody might not appeal to every AOR fan, but for those that find favor with the music Firefall were producing in the same period, then this is essential.

Poco - 1984 Inamorata
One thing 'Inamorata' isn't, and that is a bonafide country-rock album. Quite clearly this album was borne of the studio, and the smooth radio-friendly sound veers more toward AOR than most.

Prophet - 1988 Cycle Of The Moon
And what of Prophet's sound? Was it still as pompous as before? The answer, strictly speaking is no. They moved into a harder AOR sound, but still encased with a ton of keyboards and glorious melodies!

Rex - 1976 Rex
Rex Smith never attempted anything this heavy again after 1977's follow up 'Where Do We Go from Here' and was soon gracing the cover of every teen magazine possible. It shouldn't detract from the magnificence of 'Rex' however, an essential part of the 70's hard rock legacy.

Rex - 1977 Where Do We Go From Here?
For long-time Rex fans, it's those 1976 and 1977 albums which really deliver the goods. But we all know that, don't we? Both need to be compulsory additions to your CD collection.

Riff Raff - 1981 Vinyl Futures
If my memory serves me correctly, these boys came out of Ohio but moved to New York to be closer to the action. They have a very heavy drum sound, similar to Billy Squier and also Illusion.

Riggs - 1982 Riggs
This album has all the hallmarks of superb AOR. There are some mighty impressive moments on display here, and they still sound good all these years later.

Rolie, Gregg - 1985 Gregg Rolie
When I first bought this album for a quarter four years ago I had no idea it existed, let alone its pedigree in AOR history. That it has no place in the genres pantheon is a huge disservice to the projects quality, as the man cut a first rate slice of all star AOR.

Rolie, Gregg - 1987 Gringo
For me, any album with Bob Marlette, Dann Huff and Neal Schon onboard is worthy of print, so with that in mind, Rolie's 'Gringo' deserves a mention here.

Rough Cutt - 1986 Wants You!
This is sophomore release from L.A hair metallers Rough Cutt.

Russia - 1980 Russia
Very much an 'off the wall' outfit are these patriotically challenged musicians from the USA.

Seals And Crofts - 1978 Takin' It Easy
One of the most successful pop duo's of the 1970's, Seals & Crofts epitomized the mellow post-hippie mood of the era.1978's 'Takin' It Easy' is usually dismissed by fans as a sell-out and its clear the duo were well aware of the changing musical climate, offering up an album closer to AOR and gasp(!) it even included a disco song.

Sembello, Michael - 1983 Bossa Nova Hotel
Using a heavily synthesised sound Sembello recorded an album very much in the vein of then contemporary artists such as Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross and Michael McDonald, AOR of the easiest sort.

Shadow King - 1991 Shadow King
Shadow King without doubt are an AOR'sters 'dream team'. All of these guys are well known from previous outfits, but I suppose the core of this fruition stemmed from the 'Long Hard Look' sessions of Lou Gramm's second album two years prior.

Simmons, Patrick - 1983 Arcade
This type of album is the reason most of us come to this site and nothing embodies it more than 'Arcade'.

Sinceros, The - 1981 Pet Rock
British band The Sinceros released a minor one hit wonder with their debut 'Sound Of Sunbathing', and were all but forgotten until two years later when they returned with 'Pet Rock' and what I think is one of the best power pop albums of the 1980's.

Small Faces, The - 1978 78 In The Shade
Despite Marriott in fine voice and giving it a go for old times sake, '78 In The Shade' was the wrong album at the wrong time and never had a chance to entice a record buying public already wooed by punk and disco.

Smashed Gladys - 1988 Social Intercourse
A band that set the NY rock scene alight in the late 80's, their reward nearly 25 years later is a flash CD reissue by Rock Candy Records.

Smith, Rex - 1979 Sooner Or Later
'Sooner Or Later' is the made for TV movie of the same starring Rex Smith. Released in the summer 1979, it contains the hit single 'You Take My Breath Away'.. the album now available on CD.

Smith, Rex - 1983 Camouflage
In the world of show business and entertainment, a select few have covered all the bases in terms of variety. Perhaps the most varied of the lot is Rex Smith..

Souther Hillman Furay Band - 1975 Trouble In Paradise
As a country rock supergroup, the Souther Hillman Furay Band looked damn good on paper. Too much talent and not enough give and take, and an underwhelming pair of albums sums up the band's story.

Southern Pacific - 1988 Zuma
Despite the country crossover territory this band traversed, the personnel all have connections to previous GDM articles by the likes of the Doobie Brothers, Credence Clearwater Revival, Pablo Cruise and in the case of Hurt Howell, a solo career.

Stardrive - 1974 Stardrive
It's been described as one of the greatest synthesizer albums of the 70's, and I'd be the last person to disagree, being a keyboard tech-head myself.

Stewart, Sandy - 1984 Cat Dancer
This very hard to find album by Texan singer/songwriter Sandy Stewart has many interesting connections to others in the melodic rock genre. Musically, 'Cat Dancer' compares similarly to Shanghai, Spider, Drama, Idle Tears and Device, though not as hi-tech as any of those acts.

Streets - 1983 1st
The combination of Walsh's symphonic background, mixed with Slamer's melodic pop sensibilities makes for an engaging combination with Streets, and so it proved on '1st'.

Streets - 1985 Crimes In Mind
It's this one 'Crimes In Mind' their second I prefer best. The songs on here are more dynamic and compare similarly to material released around the same time by Foreigner and Airrace.

Tangerine Dream - 1981 Thief
The 'Thief' soundtrack is a must hear for those with a fondness for both Tangerine Dream and 80's synthesizer scores of the highest quality.

Tangier - 1989 Four Winds
Having listened to all three albums, I can say that the direction they pursued on 'Four Winds' was a winning combination. The transition from AOR to a melodic hard rock with a blusey twinge was an inspired move..

Tangier - 1991 Stranded
Not quite as good as 'Four Winds', and with a handful of personnel changes, the band pay tribute to the commercialised era of Aerosmith.

Thin Lizzy - 1983 Thunder And Lightning
It was announced in 1983 that 'Thunder And Lightning' would be Lizzy's final album and tour, Lynott not wanting to flog a dead horse. He went out on a positive note, the album going top five and Lizzy playing some of the best gigs of their career.

Thomas, Ian - 1978 Still Here
This album is quite atmospheric in places, and when they crank it up a bit, they sound similar to the UK band Pilot in their more AOR-ish moments.

Thunder - 1980 Thunder
Even in digital I still think Thunder were fairly average, kind of a cross between The Doobie Brothers, Atlanta Rhythm Section and Jeff Pollard era Le Roux without the material.

Thunder (USA) - 1981 Headphones For Cows
I sort of had a feeling this album was good, judging by the spartan review given it in the Encyclopedia of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal. We're not talking about the popular UK band from the early 70's. This is an obscure and little known outfit from the US with the same name.

Turner, Joe Lynn - 1985 Rescue You
Joe went solo when Rainbow hit the wall, and this first effort is an unsung closet AOR classic that diehard fans swear by.

Vandenberg - 1982 Vandenberg
Despite the success of this album, it proved to be the only real success for the band, because the following two albums 'Heading For A Storm' and 'Alibi' aren't a patch on this debut, though they will probably appeal to AORsters..

Vandenberg - 1983 Heading For A Storm
1983 saw the follow-up to the debut Vandenberg album from the previous year. Where that album was a bonafide metal album with emphasis on guitars, 'Heading For A Storm' sees the band moving into the AOR/ melodic hard rock camp.

Vandenberg - 1985 Alibi
'Alibi' was the final of the three albums by Vandenberg. At a drop, I would say this release is the patchiest of the three. There are some good ideas expressed here, but the production is not the best. Either that, or the CD mastering is crap.

Vicious Rumors - 1990 Vicious Rumors
Just out on reissue thanks to Rock Candy - is the self titled CD from northern San Francisco metallers Vicious Rumors. Their output during the late 80's through to the early 90's comes recommended.

Wally - 1974 Wally
Simply put, this is one of the more beautiful and sublime prog rock albums I have come across. Produced by both Harris and the venerable Rick Wakeman, the music of Wally is never bombastic. Like Starcastle, Wally borrowed from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young for an interesting mixture of both English and American styles.

Walsh, Steve - 1980 Schemer Dreamer
This is the first solo album from Kansas keyboardist Steve Walsh, recently reissued by Rock Candy Records.

Wildlife - 1983 Wildlife
Highly melodic in nature, the band's style of polished but typically British melodic rock saw them swing a deal with the Chrysalis label.

Wilk, Scott (And The Walls) - 1980 Scott Wilk And The Walls
With Elvis Costello at his peak of popularity in 1980 and the critical intelligentsia falling over themselves in praise of the former pub rocker turned new wave icon, it was only a matter of time before the imitators started throwing their many hats in the proverbial ring. Enter Scott Wilk + the Walls and a self-titled album that combined Costello's vocal style and quirky eccentricity with American power pop.

Winger - 1993 Pull
With 'Pull' it was a total revamp for Winger, with a serioudly good producer in Mike Shipley on the desk. 6 months in the studio and reduced to a trio with the departure of Paul Taylor, 'Pull' was all about heavy rock, committed lyrics and a pristine sound.

Wright, Gary - 1978 Touch And Gone
The intrepid 'Dream Weaver', Gary Wright has had a storied career with his band Spooky Tooth and as a solo artist. Like most of Wright's solo work 'Touch and Gone' is heavily electronic, using Moog, Oberheim and organ.

Wright, Gary - 1981 The Right Place
If you like outrageous keyboard oriented pop/rock from the late 70's and early 80's, then 'The Right Place' should be on your list.

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