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11-12-2017 19:24
Articles coming up: Phil Lanzon, JSS, Sons of Apollo, Burn (UK), Wildness, Dante Fox, Michael Stanley.

GDM Tester
11-12-2017 09:38
Shoutbox test to the Public.

11-12-2017 07:59
Not a lot of movement in the Rock Candy reissue world. However, our Catalog page for them has been updated. Refer Menu: Other> Catalogs > Rock Candy Records.

11-12-2017 07:16
I read somewhere that Donald Trump watches 8 hours of television every day. How is that possible? Is he scanning for fake news?

10-12-2017 17:06
lol @ George!

10-12-2017 10:07
Just started watching them all again, while halfway through the books......Winter is here in snowbound Castle Rushden.....

10-12-2017 02:32
We may have nuked ourselves out of existence by then.. Shock

10-12-2017 00:19
Sophie Turner (Sansa) says GOT Season 8 final won't air until 2019! That's a long wait!

09-12-2017 22:10
Good results for both Burnley and West Ham overnight. But who can stop the runaway train Man City?

Nick C
09-12-2017 05:28
Haha! They get paid to try and intellectualise a sport that has no characteristics of being an intellectual pastime, like many sports...just play the game and cut the waffle.

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W.A.S.P - 1984 W.A.S.P
W.A.S.P.'s debut very much epitomises the state of heavy metal in the US in the early to mid 80's, extremely traditional with large helpings of theatrics and the inclusion of material that could be construed as mildy commercial, yet always heavy.

W.A.S.P - 1985 The Last Command
Charting at number 47 and going gold, this was easily the commercial peak for W.A.S.P. after just two albums. 'The Last Command,' still a regular on my playlists all these years later.

W.A.S.P - 1986 Inside The Electric Circus
'Inside The Electric Circus' is the third album from U.S shock rockers W.A.S.P.

W.A.S.P - 1992 Crimson Idol
'Crimson Idol' is more of a Blackie Lawless solo album. Something fitting of his personal epitaph. This is an autobiographical concept album, with Blackie taking on the lead, rhythm and bass guitars as well as keyboards and production.

W.A.S.P - 2009 Babylon
The trademark W.A.S.P. sound is so firmly in place even I was shocked. Nothings toned down either, rampant heavy metal and Blackie, on this form - has another 20 years left in him easily.

W.A.S.P - 2015 Golgotha
Who would've thought.. Blackie Lawless found God and religion. Not to say 'Golgotha' is a white metal transformation.. No way, the music is still firmly rooted in the sound of old, if not quite as heavy.