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Soundtracks - 1986 The Wraith
It's long been considered a cult classic movie from the 80's. However, it's the music which gives it a cult-classic feel, thanks to Scotti Bros and their array of rostered artists, plus a smattering of big name stars added to the list.

Various Artists - 1980 Brute Force (NWOBHM Compilation)
NWOBHM compilation from MCA Records (UK) issued at the tail-end of 1980.

Various Artists - 1979 The Warriors (Soundtrack)
This will always be one of my favourite movies and soundtracks, bringing back a host of memories associated with the movie and the times and places I've seen it. It should appeal to a wide cross section of melodic rock lovers, with one foot in every avenue of the late 70's various genres that were ruling the airwaves.

Various Artists - 1980 Xanadu Soundtrack
Featuring the Electric Light Orchestra, Olivia Newton John, Cliff Richard and The Tubes among others, here's a review of the 1980 soundtrack 'Xanadu'.

Various Artists - 1981 US Metal 1
This was the first in a series of four releases from Shrapnel Records. In all honesty, though the concept was admirable, and the talent undeniable, the quality of the material was pretty scratchy.

Various Artists - 1982 US Metal II
1982 saw the release of the second installment of the Shrapnel US Metal series. New talent had been unearthed since 1981, and many of these acts went onto bigger things later on as a result of appearing here.

Various Artists - 1983 Staying Alive [Soundtrack]
Of all the AOR dominated soundtracks of the decade this is undoubtedly one of the best, with a good mixture of melodic rock and West Coast, the latter - compliments of Frank Stallone.

Various Artists - 1983 US Metal III
This time it's Year Three of the Shrapnel US Metal series. By now, the rot had truly set in. Without doubt, this is the weakest of the series.

Various Artists - 1984 US Metal IV
Gotta say, I liked this compilation far better than the 'US Metal III', but as it turned out, this was the last of the series. The US Metal series had finally run its course, what a relief!

Various Artists - 1985 American Flyers [Soundtrack]
Seemingly eradicated from the history of time is this soundtrack from an equally forgotten cycling film starring a then fledgling Kevin Costner. With two significant names like Lee Ritenour and Greg Mathieson at the helm and the year being 1985, this lives up to the billing as a melodic rock gem.

Various Artists - 1985 Fire In Harmony
At the height of the NWOBPR or the New Wave of British Progressive Rock movement there were two stellar compilations pressed to vinyl that represented the cream of the crop of what was happening in the UK. One of these was 'Fire In Harmony', released in 1985.

Various Artists - 1985 Rocky IV Soundtrack
The soundtrack was a blockbuster, selling over four million copies, proving the 80's publics greater taste!

Various Artists - 1998 Velvet Goldmine
This soundtrack is a compelling mixture of originals as well as songs from the era covered by the cast members and assorted rock luminaries.

Various Artists - 2002 The Music Remains The Same: The Metal Zeppelin
What we have here is a selection of Led Zeppelin classics as performed by (mostly) European metal acts..

Various Artists - 2002 Tribute To Boston
Well it's timely isn't? Topical too. What with the new Boston album out around about the same time. In all honesty, if you wanna listen to how Boston used to sound like, then this excellent compilation is the way to go. Forget 'Corporate America' folks..

Various Artists - 2003 Tribute To Uli Jon Roth
The last tribute album we reviewed was the excellent Boston package put out by Escape Music late last year. This time around, the good people at Lion Music, in association with Lars Eric Mattson have seen fit to toast one of the premier rock guitarists from the seventies/eighties: German maestro Ulrich Jon Roth.

Various Artists - 2003 Van Halen Tribute: Best Of Both Worlds
If I have my facts straight I'm sure that this is MTM's first venture into Tribute territory. Why on earth did they bother? So many others are doing it. It's been done to death and a reputable label like MTM should steer clear of these types of albums. Give it a rest.. please.

Various Artists - 2004 Influences & Connections Vol 1 - Mr. Big
Gathered here, we have a whole host of classic melodic rock luminaries paying tribute to Mr Big, covering their classic and (in some cases) not so classic songs.

Various Artists - 2008 Cosmarama: Blow Your Cool Vol. 2
A compilation of mainly 70's bands, that have been assembled under the banner '20 top prog/psych behemoths from the UK & Europe'..

Various Artists - 2009 Killed By Glam
Believe it or not that's 80's popster Kim Wilde's dad - Marty Wilde on the front cover dressed to the nines as 'Zappo' - his brief glam rock alias. Embarrassing - maybe, cool music most definitely and welcome to the weird and wild world of 'junk shop glam'.

Various Artists - 2009 Titan: It's All Pop!
The quality of this Compilation CD of mid-west power pop is outstanding. Two digi-packs housed in a slipcase with a huge booklet chock full of rare photos and info, you couldn't ask for better presentation.

Various Artists - 2012 Songs Of The Century: An All-Star Tribute To Supertramp
This Billy Sherwood produced salute to Supertramp rises to the occasion as one of the better I've heard in recent memory.

Various Artists - 2012 Who Are You: An All Star Tribute To The Who
Just a few months ago Eric reviewed a tribute album to Supertramp that was also released by the Cleopatra label. This powerhouse record company has made a living out of producing this kind of fare and with their latest tribute to The Who they've gone all out in securing some fairly big names.

Various Artists - 2016 Aloha Got Soul - Soul, AOR And Disco In Hawaii 1979-1985
Strut Records and Roger Bong have done an excellent job here despite a couple clunkers but such is the case with most compilations, not everything is going to appeal to everyone. That said this is an attractive package..

Various Artists: Jason Becker Tribute - 2001 Warmth In The Wilderness
Due to the many amazing guitar players out there, the term 'guitar hero' gets used quite often. In respect to Jason Becker the term doesn't even come close to describing the respect and admiration that many have for this young man as both a musician and human being. For those not in the know, due to the debilitating disease ALS, Jason has been robbed of his ability to play the guitar. However, as you can read at his home page, that has not stopped Jason from living life to the full and even creating new music.

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