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Byron, David - 1975 Take No Prisoners
An album that although dated, improves with each listen, although it goes without saying it will be of interest to Heep fans more than anyone else, but fans of mid seventies hard rock would have the time of their life with this.

Byron, David - 1978 Baby Faced Killer
Wow, what a mixed bag, but you know what? I really enjoyed this, and despite its flaws, 'Baby Faced Killer' has that 70's pop thing down hat!

Lanzon, Phil - 2017 If You Think I'm Crazy
Obviously with a bit of spare time up his sleeve, Uriah Heep keyboardist Phil Lanzon has delivered one of the best indie albums of 2017. The result being 'If You Think I'm Crazy'.


Uriah Heep - 1974 Wonderworld
Despite being fraught with acrimony, the album still sold well, but critics seemed unimpressed of course. but the music was still of a high quality. It might not have the profile of this lineup's three previous albums, but it's still a perfect statement of what Heep represented during their heyday.

Uriah Heep - 1977 Innocent Victim
'Innocent Victim' was Heep's eleventh album, and second to feature vocalist John Lawton..

Uriah Heep - 1978 Fallen Angel
While 'Fallen Angel' saw no chart action either, the band started to shift towards the AOR style they would perfect in the early 80's..

Uriah Heep - 1980 Conquest
'Conquest' may lay a justifiable claim to being the most passed over album of their discography, coming at a time when the band was in disarray personnel wise and even worse commercially. Still, it comes highly recommended.

Uriah Heep - 1982 Abominog
The reviews for the album at the time in early 1982 were nothing short of staggering. 5 Star reviews throughout the UK saw the Heep return to the top of the rock pile among the rock papparazzi.

Uriah Heep - 1983 Head First
Due to bad promotion 'Head First' failed when it was equal to, if slightly better than 'Abominog'.

Uriah Heep - 1985 Equator
'Equator' was the third and last of the Pete Goalby era fronted Uriah Heep years, and effectively ended the second phase of Heep's career. It shared much in common with the heavily AOR tinged 'Abominog' and 'Head First' albums of 82 and 83, with the synthesizers more glaring than ever.

Uriah Heep - 1989 Raging Silence
It took until 1989 for recorded output from this lineup of Uriah Heep, and while it was still in the melodic vein of the Pete Goalby years, it wasn't quite as AOR tinged, more of a regular hard rock album.

Uriah Heep - 1995 Sea Of Light
1995 saw a return to glory for eternal rock dinosaurs Uriah Heep. Talk about a topsy turvy career, littered with successes and failures. However, through all of this has been the resolve to keep releasing music, something they have no problem doing.

Uriah Heep - 2008 Wake The Sleeper
2008 sees the unlikely return of British dinosaurs Uriah Heep, and their latest 'Wake The Sleeper'. The band has been in hibernation since 1998, and upon their return, it seems the recipe book hasn't changed a great deal for the Heepsters despite the ten year break.

Uriah Heep - 2009 Celebration (40 Years Of Rock)
Few bands have endured longer than Uriah Heep and to honor their 40th anniversary they've seen fit to pay homage to their history with an album of re-recordings of their classic hits with the obligatory two new tracks.

Uriah Heep - 2011 Into The Wild
This recording doesn't seem to have gained much of a profile since it's release earlier this year and it's a shame as it's easily the bands most consistent effort in 16 years..

Uriah Heep - 2014 Outsider
So far this year I've only listened to a handful of new releases, but this is easily the best rock album of the year so far and chances are still will be at the year's end.

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