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UFO - 1970 UFO 1
Formerly Hocus Pocus from North London, UFO went on to become one of the most influential hard rock groups of our time, but mention the band's first three albums in mixed company and things can get a little testy.

UFO - 1974 Phenomenon
Some good songs here, with the earlier meandering style now mixed with the lead guitar wizardry of Schenker, readying UFO for what was to come in the immediate years ahead.

UFO - 1975 Force It
This is the 1975 album from the great British rockers, described by many as one of their best

UFO - 1976 No Heavy Petting
It was inevitable that UFO would add spit and polish to the chrome and steel provided by the rest of the band. In 1976, I doubt there was a harder and tighter rock band in operation than UFO.

UFO - 1977 Lights Out
'Lights Out' might be considered the crown-jewel of their studio catalogue, but it would be a brave man to put it ahead of 'Strangers In The Night', their defining moment for mine..

UFO - 1978 Obsession
This would be the last of the 70's Schenker era studio albums for UFO, closing a door on a chapter which would reopen 15 years later,

UFO - 1979 Strangers In The Night: Live
Even twenty years or so after it's release, this album is still considered to be one of the definitive live heavy rock experiences ever made.

UFO - 1980 No Place To Run
Of course 'No Place To Run' follows hard on the very successful double live album 'Strangers In The Night', a massive album and the highlight of the band's career over the course of their discography

UFO - 1981 The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent
Only 8 tracks, possibly a little short for 1981 but UFO certainly make each one count. Nothing is wasted here, the combination of fierce hard rock and AOR making a strong impact.

UFO - 1982 Mechanix
Hindered by a host of mediocre tracks, the brief flashes of UFO's reckless abandon give 'Mechanix' enough credibility to warrant a listen.

UFO - 1983 Making Contact
UFO were flying very close to the ground by 1983, they were in a bad way. That said, the music on 'Making Contact' stands up as an amazing achievement in adversity.

UFO - 1985 Misdemeanor
Recorded after a period of uncertainty in the UFO camp, 'Misdemeanor' must have been like a breath of fresh air for Mogg and the boys. Released to good media and critical acclaim, the record put paid to rumours that UFO had shot their bolt.

UFO - 1988 Ain't Misbehavin' [mini LP]
'Ain't Misbehavin' certainly ended UFO's 1980's output on a high note. Suffice to say this little beauty would not disgrace your AOR collection.

UFO - 1995 Walk On Water
A dream made in hard rock heaven perhaps. I'll go on record as saying 'Walk On Water' is a very good record from these timeless classic rockers.

UFO - 2002 Sharks
Released in September of 2002, this now looks for certain to be the last U.F.O. album to feature Schenker on guitar. Having left the band for the umpteenth time earlier this year, Schenker could have gone out worse, this a far more commendable effort than 2000's 'Covenant'.

UFO - 2006 The Monkey Puzzle
So what about the songs on 'The Monkey Puzzle'? Well, I read somewhere on the Net saying this was hardly 'classic'. On the contrary, this is 'classic' in the same context as the terms 'vintage' or 'retro'.

UFO - 2009 The Visitor
There's a swampful of blues to be heard on the latest U.F.O release. What happened to the rock?

UFO - 2012 Seven Deadly
.. to my ears the band has become more boring with each release, having lost their once classic hard rock approach to some kind of mid-paced blues fare with the odd metallic flurry.

UFO - 2015 A Conspiracy Of Stars
UFO provide another unmelodic, less than heavy album with a slew of blues based and plodding tracks which never ignite at all.