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Triumph - 1979 Just A Game
'Just A Game' would go down as one of the least interesting albums of the Triumph back catalogue..

Triumph - 1980 Progressions Of Power
Of their earlier albums, 'Progressions Of Power' is probably their most balanced, and despite this album reaching #32 on the charts, it wouldn't be until their next album that things took off for Triumph.

Triumph - 1981 Allied Forces
If anything though, comparisons with Led Zeppelin were more appropriate, and for a couple of tracks on 'Aliied Forces', this view is reinforced.

Triumph - 1983 Never Surrender
1983's 'Never Surrender' was this Canadian trio's follow-up LP to the excellent 'Allied Forces'. I think it would be easy to say that following up with a new album after 'Allied Forces' was a hard ask, such was the bar being set very high with that album. Did 'Never Surrender' equal or surpass its predecessor? In my humble judgement, I would say no.

Triumph - 1984 Thunder Seven
'Thunder Seven' ranks in my top 5 Triumph albums of all time, and though not as successful as their other albums up until then, sonically this had a great production, all thanks to Eddie Kramer no doubt. If you've ignored this album in the past, get re-acquainted with it once more.

Triumph - 1986 The Sport Of Kings
Sonically, 'The Sport Of Kings' is a great sounding album, though lacks a bit of the fire and brimstone heard on earlier albums.

Triumph - 1987 Surveillance
By this stage of Triumph's career, the band had arrived at the crossroads of dysfunctionality. Though 'Surveillance' is my favorite album, it's certainly one that the band themselves don't rate, for the reason that it wasn't a cohesive or 'band' album.

Triumph - 1992 Edge Of Excess
This was the first and last Triumph album that did not feature original guitarist and vocalist Rik Emmett.

Triumph - 2004 A Night Of Triumph [DVD]
Live At The Metro Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia (1987) during 'The Sport of Kings' Tour. Rick Santers as 4th member of Triumph.