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Tubes, The - 1975 The Tubes
The Tubes were a bizarro mixture of street theater, European art rock and glam unlike anything I had heard before and I was sucked in, like a moth to a flame.

Tubes, The - 1979 Remote Control
'Remote Control' was the start of The Tubes gradual descent into AOR territory, but was perhaps their heaviest album also.

Tubes, The - 1981 The Completion Backward Principle
A change of scenery and a change of corporate wardrobe for Frisco's wackiest rockers The Tubes.

Tubes, The - 1983 Outside Inside
Having gone AOR with 1979's 'Remote Control' and tasted success with 1981's 'The Completion Backward Principle', they clearly wanted some more because what we have here is AOR central!

Tubes, The - 1985 Love Bomb
Without doubt, 'Love Bomb' is an album of two halves. A handful of excellent commercial tracks coupled with short musical interludes that are strange but interesting.

Tubes, The - 1996 Genius Of America
Effectively a comeback album for Fee Waybill and the Tubes troops. Pretty hard to stem the tide of a San Francisco legacy, and obviously a demand from the public to see this wacky mob back in action again.

Tubes, The - 2000 World Tour 2001
The live CD performance is hilarious, which is as per normal from this outrageous band. Containing all their classic hits, in a show that best resembles a cross between The Rocky Horror Picture Show and a Theater Musical.

Waybill, Fee - 1984 Read My Lips
Fee takes his music one step beyond the melodic playground of The Tubes, and adds a dash of West Coast flavoring to the mix. For long time Tubes fans this would seem like the ultimate departure for the 'wacky one' - perhaps even 'sellout'. However, AOR and West Coast fans can rub their hands with glee.

Waybill, Fee - 1996 Don't Be Scared Of These Hands
Don't be put off by any negative reviews that you might see on the Net. GLORY-DAZE gives it a worthy recommendation, and anytime you see an album with the names Gaitsch, Lukather and Marx on it, know that you are dealing with quality.