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Francis, Chris - 2001 Chris Francis
This self-titled CD is the debut release from Chris Francis, who has since gone on to join british melodic rockers Ten.

Ten - 2000 Babylon
Whether you like them or not, one thing that cannot be denied is Ten's consistency throughout their five studio albums. Not often have Gary and Co. deviated from their own brand of melodic rock. So on 'Babylon' don't expect to hear anything radically different from what you have heard the band do before.

Ten - 2006 The Twilight Chronicles
Beyond 'Return To Evermore', British rockers Ten give us their 2006 episode 'The Twilight Chronicles'..

Ten - 2012 Heresy And Creed
Despite the first pair of Ten albums being essential British melodic rock, the remainder of their output has been a real struggle for me to get into. Therefore, I was quite surprised at how good this CD was. Certainly enough to go back and investigate their back catalog in case I missed anything.

Ten - 2014 Albion
You know there's something not quite right when a band is singing about war, battles, death, sin and hell etc, and it's all played without any venom or intensity.

Ten - 2015 Isla De Muerta
I'll be honest, I couldn't really get into this. Really, this is a load of well-played nonsense. Could I put it any simpler than this? I mean who listens to this stuff anymore ( don't start..). Gary Hughes is a great singer, but his voice is far too kind for hard rock and metal.

Ten - 2017 Gothica
Overall, 'Gothica' is a good album, if a little inoffensive and clean. A bit of dirt and grit would not go amiss.