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Stryper - 1985 Soldiers Under Command
If you can bear with the (to some ears) girlish vocals and Christian-oriented lyrics, there's a lot to discover and enjoy in Stryper, a band on par with the best of 80's LA metal.

Stryper - 1988 In God We Trust
It's hard not to compare 'In God We Trust' to it's predecessor as it closely follows the same tried and true formula. Stryper fans criticized the songs here as being 'too commercial' and 'over-produced'. Maybe true but I find them to be the band's most consistent and at times best overall.

Stryper - 2009 Murder By Pride
Another band on the comeback trail are Christian metallers Stryper. Famous for tossing bibles out into the audience, the band have reinvented themselves in the 21st century.

Stryper - 2013 No More Hell To Pay
It's their first real stab at new music since 2009's 'Murder By Pride', but it seems like only yesterday that our yellow and black dressed friends were blasting out christian heavy metal to the mainstream.. Musically, Stryper are picking up where exactly they left off, which suggests to me this is more akin to old school metal rather than modern.

Stryper - 2013 Second Coming
Not only is this a worthy collection of Stryper favourites, there's also a fair swag of songs too: all 16 of them.

Stryper - 2018 God Damn Evil
This is the first album to feature new bassist Perry Richardson and so begins a new chapter in Stryper's long and illustrious career.

Sweet, Robert (Freakin') - 2000 Love Trash
I'm not really sure what to make of this album to be honest. Robert of course is better known as the blonde bomber drummer with Christian renegade rockers Stryper. Whereby brother Michael Sweet has gone off in a less harder rockin' style than Stryper, Robert has definitely gone in the opposite direction, and turned the amps up big time with this heavier than thou album 'Love Trash'.