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Streetheart - 1978 Meanwhile Back In Paris
The pre-cursor to the band Loverboy, but still a strong melodic rock entity in their own right was Streetheart.

Streetheart - 1979 Under Heaven Over Hell
There are some cool songs here, not as dynamic as what was heard on MBIP but still.. I like them a lot.

Streetheart - 1980 Drugstore Dancer
For this fourth album they decided to toughen up the sound by producing the record themselves, feeling they'd gotten a little too lightweight with 'Quicksand Shoes', their last album for Atlantic before jumping ship and moving to Capitol the same year. The results are mixed but not without reward..

Streetheart - 1982 Streetheart
This was a very successful fifth album for these Canadian AOR legends, and deservedly so.

Streetheart - 1983 Dancing With Danger
The Streetheart sound of 1983 was a crisp and well produced affair, not far away from the material released by Helix and soon to be heroes Honeymoon Suite. But according to the band it could've been so much better.

The Essential Series - 2017 Canadian Classics (Volume 1), by Gdazegod
Call it what you will. Mapleleaf Mayhem, Prairie Rock, North of the Border Metal.. one thing is for certain, the Canadians sure have released a ton of good rock music over the decades, and here's our first volume.