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Brock, Terry - 2001 Back To Eden
Let's shift camp to Mr Brock, and all of his cohorts who have helped create a solo album for Terry which stands right alongside the best solo moments of Steve Perry, Hugo and Michael Bolton, integrated with the commercial style of a band like Survivor.

Stewart, Ian James - 2013 Junk DNA
Simply a lush and (I say that word again unapolegetically) 'ambient' affair, 'Junk DNA' is the sort of album to become best friends with.. as I have..

Strangeways - 1985 Strangeways
'Strangeways' the album is still a favorite among many today. As we all know, the strength of this album would be eclipsed by the next pair 'Native Sons' and 'Walk In The Fire' - both of these taking on a pristine quality.

Strangeways - 1987 Native Sons
Those who know me well also know I rave about this album. Superlatives run off the tongue like a years supply of saliva! This one is so good, it is perhaps one of the best ever AOR releases to spring forth from the UK.

Strangeways - 1989 Walk In The Fire
I can't say it any clearer than this: 'Walk In The Fire' is immense AOR of the finest sort. If there are two albums you need in your CD collection (that is: if you're more than a half serious follower of melodic rock), then it's their 1987 predecessor 'Native Sons' and this one 'Walk In The Fire'.

Strangeways - 1994 And The Horse
With a massive reputation for quality AOR, Strangeways digress with this album. Reflecting the many years of frustration and problems with record contracts wrangles, and copyright arguments, this album presents a deep and meaningful insight to a band disillusioned with the music industry's bureaucracy.

Strangeways - 1997 Any Day Now
Following on from their 1994 effort 'And The Horse', Strangeways continue their sabbatical away from quality AOR. But where that prior album was a great emotional conception, 'Any Day Now' is sadly an emotionally mixed inconsistency.

Strangeways - 2010 Perfect World
As mentioned, this isn't 80's era Strangeways, but I'm approaching 'Perfect World' in a fresh context. If you line this up against material from other acts who have delivered mid-west oriented material particularly during the 70's decade, plus also the aforementioned Hunter Greer then you have a great reference point to work from.

Strangeways - 2011 Age Of Reason
This is still not 'Native Sons Part 2' or 'Walk In The Fire Part 2', but still very melodic and still very listenable in the context of modern AOR, but unfortunately, there is only a handful of good tracks, plus it is seriously lacking balls, energy and interesting guitar solos.

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