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Slade - 1974 Slade In Flame
'Slade In Flame' is widely considered the groups best and I tend to agree. The group had matured considerably since their prior album 'Old New Borrowed And Blue' which itself was a fine effort..

Slade - 1976 Nobody's Fools
In 1975 after a very fickle general public had decided in a very short period of success that Slade were old hat, see the connection to Quiet Riot with what they endured after their couple of successes, Slade chose to relocate to the States and began to write tunes and basically set up home. While any of the tunes do have a certain Americanism around them, the roots are still distinctly British and well really best as described as..Slade.

Slade - 1984 Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply
With this album Slade moved into the eighties with some superb AOR mixed in with more traditional raucous hard rock fare, continuing the form they had begun with 1981's 'When I'm Dancing I Ain't Fighting'.

The Essential Series - 2017 Glam Rock (Volume 1), by Explorer
Glam was seen by many as shallow, superficial and somewhat throwaway, as opposed to the seriousness of the Prog world, but in my universe there was plenty of room for everyone.