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Hagar, Sammy - 1977 Sammy Hagar (The Red Album)
It's been a while since we've reviewed any Sammy Hagar and up to this point coverage has been relegated for the most part to his 80's work, so it's time we go further back in the man's history and pull out his second album from it's dusty shelf. This is the LP that fans affectionately call 'The Red Album'.

Hagar, Sammy - 1979 Street Machine
At this stage of his career, Sammy Hagar hadn't hit paydirt yet, this would occur a few years later. 'Street Machine' was his fifth solo LP up to this point, and contains a couple of useful songs, but isn't (IMO) a standout performer as his 1977 'Red' album was, for instance.

Hagar, Sammy - 1980 Danger Zone
Probably not the pick of the bunch from Sammy's solo career, but it showed he was on an upward slide during his run into the 80's decade.

Hagar, Sammy - 1981 Standing Hampton
By 1981, Sammy Hagar was at a major career crossroads. He had released five solo albums, but he was still searching for that big break to launch him to the next level of stardom. Dissatisfied with Capitol Records, he signed a deal with fledgling Geffen Records. This was the catalyst he needed.

Hagar, Sammy - 1982 3 Lock Box
Hagar had perfected the art of mixing metal, hard rock and AOR but the AOR aspect was more pronounced on 'Three Lock Box..

Hagar, Sammy - 1984 VOA
This is not a lengthy album, with eight songs and coming in under 37 minutes. Some might call that short, but I prefer to call this a lean and muscular album.

Hagar, Sammy - 1987 I Never Said Goodbye
One year after debuting with Van Halen and '5150', Hagar concluded his solo contract for Geffen with one final album. Aided by Eddie Van Halen on bass, Hagar pounded out a mixed effort that ranged from Van Halen caliber hard rock to brutally anonymous filler.

Hagar, Sammy - 2008 Cosmic Universal Fashion
'Cosmic Universal Fashion' is a massive flop and another notch in Hagar's increasingly tainted solo career.

Hagar, Sammy - 2013 Sammy Hagar And Friends
There's nothing intrinsically fascinating or crucial about this album, but that was never the intention most likely. Instead it's more of the same from Hagar, with nods to all eras of his career, but not with any real conviction.