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Negus - 2007 Dare To Dream
Longtime Saga fans will require no introduction as to who Steve Negus is. The Canadian drummer, who has been in the industry for years has just recently inked a deal with Brad Trew's excellent Cyclone Records label to release his first solo album 'Dare To Dream'.

Saga - 1978 Saga
Long considered a fan fave here at G-DAZE, we wind the clock back to their origins to discover the secret that has endeared this band for so long.

Saga - 1979 Images At Twilight
Here is Saga's seond LP from 1979.. 'Images At Twilight'..

Saga - 1980 Silent Knight
The end result is a wonderful album, very much ahead of its time and sounding as good today as it did back in 1980.

Saga - 1981 Worlds Apart
Canadian band Saga struck a beautiful chime-like nerve with me upon the release of their 1980 critically acclaimed album 'Silent Knight'. They went close to equalling that with this beauty 'Worlds Apart'..

Saga - 1982 In Transit (Live)
The first four albums by this group are quite timeless, and for newbies who have never heard the band (shame on you.. but I digress..) then you could no worse than procuring their 1982 live album 'In Transit' which represents cherry-picked tracks from those 4 mentioned albums.

Saga - 1983 Heads Or Tales
Completely overlooked in our GD wrap-up of Saga's discography is their 1983 record 'Heads Or Tales'. The band, hoping to cash in and go one better than their previous studio album 'Worlds Apart' look to the same recipe with producer Rupert Hine at the dials.

Saga - 1985 Behaviour
The word in 1985 was that the record label wanted 'the big one' and Saga responded with the much discussed and maligned 'Behaviour' album. Was all the criticism warranted?

Saga - 1987 Wildest Dreams
Of all the albums within Saga's vast discography, I feel that their 1987 effort 'Wildest Dreams' is much maligned. For whatever reason, it has become a millstone among fans, who after a solid nine-ten years of superb records, decided to penny pinch the band for making changes.

Saga - 1989 The Beginners Guide To Throwing Shapes
Considered the forgotten album of the Saga back-catalogue, this one, though a lesser ranked album among their discography, still contains worthy moments of mention.

Saga - 1993 The Security Of Illusion
By 1993 Saga's classic early 80's lineup had reunited. Saga set about creating a comeback masterpiece of sorts, flying in the face of current trends and sounding like the 80's had simply continued.

Saga - 2006 Trust
Canadian band Saga go back to the future with their 2006 effort 'Trust'.

Saga - 2007 10,000 Days
Saga continue their run on InsideOut/SPV with a new album in 2007 '10,000 Days'. It follows on the heels of last years effort 'Trust'. A good album, but from my ears '10,000 Days' is much much better.

Saga - 2009 The Human Condition
Saga: with Rob Moratti. Is there life after Michael Sadler? Of course there is!!

Saga - 2012 20/20
I quite enjoyed '20/20' but realise also that it's a continuation of their more recent albums and is not breaking new stylistic ground for the band.

The Essential Series - 2017 Pomp Rock (Volume 1) by Gdazegod
This is our first volume in this series, you can be assured there will be volumes to follow as there are many Pomp related albums to cover off.

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