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Alexa - 1989 Alexa
Sensational slab of AOR/melodic rock from LA rock vixen Alexa, who vocally could be considered a Paul Sabu clone. Nonetheless, it's a fairly heavy affair, with raucous vocals very much to the fore.

Coda - 2016 Coda
Well 2016 has delivered its first super-group of 2016, and it had to include Paul Sabu. How cool is that? Unfortunately, what isn't cool are the contents of the new self-titled album from Coda. Poor..

Kidd Glove - 1984 Kidd Glove
The second stage of the career of L.A guitar hero Paul Sabu kicks off with his Kidd Glove project. Already held in high regard as a melodic rock demi-god, Sabu straddles the fence between disco/pop and melodic guitar based rock. A confusing mixture for sure, but when it's played the Sabu way, it sounds pretty convincing to me.

Sabu - 1979 Sabu (#1)
No stranger to these hollowed pages but when doing some research for this review it was a big surprise to find Paul Sabu's cult status in the classic disco community.

Sabu - 1980 Sabu
To most fans of the AOR/melodic hard rock genre, the name Paul Sabu surely requires no introduction.

Sabu - 1985 Heartbreak
Paul Sabu's 'Heartbreak' gets a rehearing and re-release 21 years after the event. My how time flies.

Sabu, Paul - 2012 Bangkok Rules
Musically Sabu hasn't changed, this is still the same brand of hard rock he's been playing for decades and for most of those who read this site that's definitely a plus.