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Springfield, Rick - 1974 Mission: Magic!
As a typical kid in the early 70's, I was a big fan of Saturday morning cartoons and vaguely remember 'Mission: Magic!' a show that lasted just one season on American television. Something about a talking Owl and a Witch and well, I can't recall much else, but imagine my surprise many years later when I found the cartoon included the voice and music of AOR/power pop god Rick Springfield in the lead role!

Springfield, Rick - 1981 Working Class Dog
Where were you in February 1981 when ex-pat Australian Rick Springfield released this album upon middle America? The album and three cuts from it went high into the Billboard charts, including 'Jessie's Girl' which was a No. 1 smash.

Springfield, Rick - 1982 Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet
The music is AOR of the finest sort with the pop sensibilities that led to countless chart hits, but with some staggering interplay that probably went over most peoples heads. To this day this comes as his most recommended work, if only by myself!

Springfield, Rick - 1983 Living In Oz
Springfield never made a poor album in the 80's, they are all deserving of a note, but 'Living In Oz' is the quintessential AOR choice of his career.

Springfield, Rick - 1984 Beautiful Feelings
What to make of this one? Springfield recorded the vocals in 1978 for an album that was never completed. In 1984 to cash in on the Springfield craze, music was recorded to fit the vocals. A dodgy cash in? Maybe. But half the songs are outstanding and it's a shame Rick never finished them himself.

Springfield, Rick - 1985 Tao
Looking back through the myriad albums during the 80's, one that has a consistent reputation throughout is Rick Springfield's 'Tao' album from 1985. If you have a look through 'Best Of' lists during the decade, and read trusted AOR publications from that era, 'Tao' is right up there.

Springfield, Rick - 1988 Rock Of Life
Style wise, there's not too much difference between 'Rock Of Life' versus 'Tao' from three years earlier. All hi-tech with an emphasis on busy vocals and top-end musicianship.

Springfield, Rick - 1999 Karma
'Karma' marked Rick Springfield's comeback following a ten year absence from solo recording, although he did feature on 1997's Sahara Snow to some acclaim, that being a group effort rather than Springfield alone.

Springfield, Rick - 2008 Venus In Overdrive
For a man on the verge of 60 years old, Springfield belies his age with this convincing set of modern rock, displaying the creativity he did some quarter of a century ago and more, tailoring his trademark melodies to the current age.

Springfield, Rick - 2012 Songs For The End Of The World
This is another successful outing from a certified legend. It's by far the best album from Springfield since he returned in 1999 with 'Karma' and in its own way sits up there with his 80's work.

Springfield, Rick - 2016 Rocket Science
Springfield continues to experiment with different styles and sounds, this time flirting with country on 'Rocket Science'. If anyone can make it work, then surely it's Springfield, being the ageless musical genius he is.