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Raven - 1982 Wiped Out
'Wiped Out' is the sound of metal in all its glory, the way it's supposed to be played. It hasn't dated one bit in 32 years and most likely it never will.

Raven - 1985 Stay Hard
The final result was an album despised by original fans and greeted positively by those previously unfamiliar with Raven. It did achieve some level of success US wise, even landing them on MTV.

Raven - 1988 Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
Typically this is one of Raven's most forgotten albums, but one of the few that stands alongside 'Rock Until You Drop' or 'Wiped Out'. It's one of those typical 'back to basics' deals, but one that works so well that it shows the band more aggressive than their earliest recordings, which says something especially if you've heard them.

Raven - 2005 Interview with John Gallagher
Interview with Raven's John Gallagher - Jul 2005.

Raven - 2009 Walk Through Fire
I'm not going to fool anyone into thinking this is anywhere close to the best of Raven's catalogue, despite the decade long break between albums. However, it surpasses their last few albums of the 70's..

Raven - 2015 ExtermiNation
This has been gaining positive reviews and all are fully earned. For a while it seemed like Raven had an identity crisis of some sort, but they've certainly found the cure if that was the case. This is fast, heavy and suitably untamed, which is what any Raven fan could ask for.

The Essential Series - 2017 NWOBHM (Volume 1) by Gdazegod
This was the movement which effectively kickstarted the heavy metal industry as we know it today. Here is our first Volume looking at this part of the HM scene, out of Britain.