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Operation Mindcrime - 2015 The Key
Fortunately, Operation: Mindcrime won't be getting anywhere my top 10 list. Probably not even my top 100 for 2015. Pass.

Queensr˙che - 1983 Queensr˙che [EP]
The band are now considered has-beens in the current day and age, but there was a time where Queensr˙che commanded much respect and kudos, especially with their 1983 debut EP..

Queensr˙che - 1986 Rage For Order
There is some classic melodic metal onboard this album, much of it atmospheric, emotion soaked stuff - that still sounds great today as it did then.

Queensr˙che - 1990 Empire
It's been described as their contribution to the melodic rock scene. That's some call, considering their last two albums were absolute behemoths in the heavy metal genre. Nonetheless, an intriguing and deep album, that will keep you on your toes.

Queensr˙che - 1999 Q2K
The tracks on this album now offer a stronger sound, still fronted by Geoff Tate's leading vocals, and with Kelly Gray involved with the mixing as well as the axe work there is a rougher edge to the music. Queensr˙che is sounding much more like a mainstream guitar band these days rather than a genre in their own right.

Queensr˙che - 2003 Tribe
'Tribe' is so far removed from my fond thoughts of Queensr˙che that I'm numb.

Queensr˙che - 2013 Queensr˙che
There isn't too much to fault here and given the mass acceptance this album has already received it's safe to say Geoff Tate is fighting a losing battle. Just by simply playing non-complicated metal QR have succeeded, even if the album is shorter than you'd expect.

Queensr˙che - 2015 Condition Human
'Condition Human' has been getting superb reviews online, and GDM will add its plaudits to the pile. A great full-blown return by the 'Ryche, and it's worthy of an investigation for sure. If I can do it, you can too. Welcome back lads!

Queensr˙che with Geoff Tate - 2013 Frequency Unknown
This is the kind of album I'll listen to once or twice and never bother with again. It's simply not dynamic or exciting and I'm not saying that because it's fashionable to bash Tate. It just happens this album is generally a bore. Yes it's hard rock, but not even that is a saving grace.