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Ellis, Kerry - 2010 Anthems
A singer better known for West End Theater productions, teams up with Queen's Brian May, who described this as 'an anthemic-orchestral-rock-musical-theatre- fusion'.

Queen - 1973 Queen
This album saw the beginning of one of the most iconic rock bands in history. This debut album is one that ranks alongside all of the other great debut albums (Boston, Guns N Roses etc) but without selling millions.

Queen - 1974 Queen II
Released against the backdrop of the 3 day week, power shortages and political unrest in the UK, 'Queen II' was (for this reviewer at least) a shining beacon on an otherwise bleak landscape. I make no apologies for the hyperbole regarding this album. From the Iconic Mick Rock artwork to the OTT production of Roy Thomas Baker this album for me has never been bettered.

Queen - 1974 Sheer Heart Attack
Queen in 1974 were a thrilling, visceral experience and stood head and shoulders above pretty much everyone else. Essential.

Queen - 1975 A Night At The Opera
Back in 1975 this album was astonishing and is still today, the sheer scope and diversity literally takes your breath away. Quite, quite brilliant.

Queen - 1976 A Day At The Races
A landmark recording on nearly every level, 'A Night At The Opera' can now be viewed as a direct descendent of The Beatles 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band', but how to follow-up on such a masterful work? 'A Day At The Races' is the result..

Queen - 1977 News Of The World
1977 was a year of change for many. The musical world was changing and Queen had to change with it. 'News Of The World' was their answer.

Queen - 1978 Jazz
This was a platter that initially didn't go over well. Reviews were mixed, a few were downright ugly and while I was totally immersed in Queen in 1978, even I found the album rough going on initial plays. However, 34 years later 'Jazz' is one of my most frequently played albums from their now heralded catalog.

Queen - 1980 The Game
'The Game' showcased a new Queen. A more stripped down sound and bass-driven funky grooves, a far cry from their epic bombast period of the 70's.

Queen - 1982 Hot Space
For many fans, especially in the U.S. 'Hot Space' was the final straw, believing Queen had truly lost their minds and yet the album shouldn't have come as a big surprise, considering the blueprint was set on their previous album 'The Game'.

Queen - 1984 The Works
Queen returned to their rock roots with 'The Works' and the results to say the least were quite impressive.

Queen - 1986 A Kind Of Magic
'A Kind Of Magic' was a significant success despite the goofy animated cover art. Paired with the movie 'The Highlander' during 1986, this definitely has AOR appeal.

Queen - 1989 The Miracle
Although Queen had ceased to be a major draw in the States earlier in the 80's, 'The Miracle' was a resounding success in the UK and Europe, at least five of the tracks were major hits.

Queen + Paul Rodgers - 2008 The Cosmos Rocks
Despite its ups and downs 'The Cosmos Rocks' is a good effort from these seasoned veterans. To be honest part of me expected the worst so it was a relief to hear Queen trying new things while not reinventing the wheel. While I doubt I'll play it as often as my other Queen albums, it is a keeper and a worthy addition to one of the most impressive catalogs in rock.

Smile - 1997 Ghost Of A Smile
For those unfamiliar with the history of Queen, Smile was the late '60s band formed by guitarist Brian May following the break-up of his previous group 1984. Released on the Dutch Pseudonym label, this is second time Smile material has been issued.

Taylor, Roger - 1981 Fun In Space
Much of this record sounds like Roger's previous work and that's not a bad thing as 'Fun In Space' is often ranked by Queen fanatics as the best of the bands solos.

The Essential Series - 2017 Glam Rock (Volume 1), by Explorer
Glam was seen by many as shallow, superficial and somewhat throwaway, as opposed to the seriousness of the Prog world, but in my universe there was plenty of room for everyone.