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11-12-2017 19:24
Articles coming up: Phil Lanzon, JSS, Sons of Apollo, Burn (UK), Wildness, Dante Fox, Michael Stanley.

GDM Tester
11-12-2017 09:38
Shoutbox test to the Public.

11-12-2017 07:59
Not a lot of movement in the Rock Candy reissue world. However, our Catalog page for them has been updated. Refer Menu: Other> Catalogs > Rock Candy Records.

11-12-2017 07:16
I read somewhere that Donald Trump watches 8 hours of television every day. How is that possible? Is he scanning for fake news?

10-12-2017 17:06
lol @ George!

10-12-2017 10:07
Just started watching them all again, while halfway through the books......Winter is here in snowbound Castle Rushden.....

10-12-2017 02:32
We may have nuked ourselves out of existence by then.. Shock

10-12-2017 00:19
Sophie Turner (Sansa) says GOT Season 8 final won't air until 2019! That's a long wait!

09-12-2017 22:10
Good results for both Burnley and West Ham overnight. But who can stop the runaway train Man City?

Nick C
09-12-2017 05:28
Haha! They get paid to try and intellectualise a sport that has no characteristics of being an intellectual pastime, like many sports...just play the game and cut the waffle.

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Moxy - 1975 Moxy
They are an instituion in Canada. An even bigger one in Texas, believe it or not! It all started here..

Moxy - 1978 Under The Lights
Overall 'Under the Lights' is decent listen although there are a couple negatives. But ignoring the first three classic albums 'Under the Lights' really isn't that bad. I think this is prime time '70s hard rock in line with Starz, Rex and Legs Diamond..

Moxy - 2001 Interview with Earl Johnson
Moxy interview with Earl Johnson, Dec 2001.

Moxy - 2001 V
What a comeback! Moxy.. who would've thought? Man, this is a steaming set of hot heavy rock, and a perfect testament to the late Bill Wade, for whom much of the kudos goes to, in the release and production of 'V'.