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Motorhead - 1979 Bomber
'Bomber' was still early Motorhead, their third album, which saw the band still finding their feet musically, and perfecting the trademark Motorhead sound along the way, which exists right up until now.

Motorhead - 1980 Ace Of Spades
Over the years, many artists have cited this album as a significant influence. The hybrid proto-punk and heavy metal impacting on many across several sub-genre's of hard rock. Certainly this is an essential part of the Motorhead discography.

Motorhead - 1983 Another Perfect Day
This is the most consistent album of the bands career. Many point to 'Ace Of Spades', but that doesn't touch the class displayed here. In fact I'd go as far to say this is the definitive Motorhead album and one which would turn out to be Brian Robertson's only effort with the legendary rockers.

Motorhead - 1995 Sacrifice
1995's 'Sacrifice' is their best of the 90's. Whatever had inspired Lemmy must have been lethal, because the raw, muddy wall of noise here hasn't dated one bit in the last 20 years. It was great then and still is now, if somewhat forgotten.

Motorhead - 2004 Inferno
Since 1993's 'Bastards' there arguably hasn't been a more consistent band in any genre than Motorhead.

Motorhead - 2006 Kiss Of Death
Believe it or not, this is Motorhead's twenty third album. And to confirm that the band are still riding the razors edge after their fantastic 2004 album 'Inferno', they blitz us yet again two years on with 'Kiss Of Death'.

Motorhead - 2008 Motorizer
This is the sound of a band that has truly run out of ideas. It doesn't give me any pleasure to write these words, but having heard every album put out by this band I think I can safely make that assumption. If you elect to pass this album by do not worry; you haven't missed anything.

Motorhead - 2010 The World Is Yours
There is nothing to suggest this is better than 2008's 'Motorizer' and in fact it could be worse. Therefore to be consistent I'll have to rate this as a '2' also. I said it two years ago and I'll say it again - it truly is over. This is the most tired recording the band have ever conjured.

Motorhead - 2013 Aftershock
Motorhead are back! Purely and simply..

Motorhead - 2015 Bad Magic
Although there's nothing that leaps out here which gives it a must-hear status, it's still a solid album which indicates the band is far from done..