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Catley, Bob - 2001 Middle Earth
The legendary Magnum frontman returns with his third, and arguably best solo album. The musical feel is classic Magnum, circa 'On A Storyteller's Night' and 'Wings Of Heaven'.

Magnum - 1978 Kingdom Of Madness
'Kingdom of Madness', as an album, may be 'of its time', but it's still a good album in my view. A more than creditable debut from a band which would go on to forge themselves a long and successful career.

Magnum - 1982 Chase The Dragon
Interestingly, 'Chase The Dragon' was actually recorded in 1980, but it took two years for their record label Jet to release it. The other interesting fact about this album was the use of Kansas producer Jeff Glixman to produce the record. It was also the first album to showcase the art work of Rodney Matthews. So, it seems that there were a lot of firsts with this album.

Magnum - 1983 The Eleventh Hour
'The Eleventh Hour' was (in hindsight) not the strongest album from their back-catalog, and one can't help feel the band were jaded by their Jet experience, and only too glad to leave Don Arden and his troupe behind.

Magnum - 1985 On A Storytellers Night
By the time 1985 rolled around, Magnum were on the brink of something special - history will show that the album 'On A Storytellers Night' proved to be that special catalyst..

Magnum - 1986 Vigilante
Next to 'On A Storytellers Night', 'Vigilante' is my favorite Magnum album. In its simplicity is carried a message that good songs borne of solid songwriting and carried by a superb singer in Bob Catley will always stand the test of time.

Magnum - 1988 Wings Of Heaven
The late 80's was a period when Birmingham's favourite sons Magnum were flying high. This was the period where I personally enjoyed the band's creativity, kicking off with the fantastic 'On A Storytellers Night' and segueing into 1986's 'Vigilante'. The third part of the Polydor Triple Crown was this 1988 affair 'Wings Of Heaven'.

Magnum - 1990 Goodnight LA
It would be fair to say this album is the least played CD in my collection, but don't write it off completely.

Magnum - 1991 The Spirit (Live)
This is a surprisingly good set of songs delivered by Magnum during a crossroads period of their career.

Magnum - 1992 Sleepwalking
Sadly this is a rehash of previous albums, where the rich keyboards, great lyrics, and quality music only sparkle on a few tracks.

Magnum - 2004 Brand New Morning
This is the second release from the Mark II version of Birmingham's finest - Magnum.

Magnum - 2007 Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow
or those of you who were disappointed with 2001's 'Breath Of Life', or even 2004's 'Brand New Morning', then the third strike with 'Princess Alice And The Broken Arrow' might be the aural elixir to cure all your previous Magnum woes.

Magnum - 2009 Into The Valley Of The Moonking
It pains me to say it, but I won't beat around the bush. This, for me, is probably the least popular Magnum I've heard thus far.

Magnum - 2011 The Visitation
Back in 2009 I gave a less than glittering opinion on Magnum's 'Into The Valley Of The Moonking' album. In fact, I recall saying the band were now on the 'please explain' list, with a right of reserve to get it right for their next album. Well, 'The Visitation' is that next album..

Magnum - 2012 On The Thirteenth Day
Braced with trepidation for 2012's 'On The Thirteenth Day', I wasn't quite sure what I'd find, but I did come away far happier than I had on their recent previous efforts, but only just.

Magnum - 2014 Escape From The Shadow Garden
Let me be honest. The last three albums from Magnum were drawn out and uninteresting affairs. Too much tiptoeing through the tulips for mine. The best thing they did was to go back to the drawing board, and get rowdy again, and on 'Escape From The Shadow Garden' they did just that.

Magnum - 2016 Sacred Blood, Divine Lies
It's a return to form for Magnum, whose most recent output hasn't been that thrilling.

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