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Lynn Allen - 2007 The Horse You Rode In On
It seems like a helluva long time since you read anything anywhere about Iowa's favorite sons Lynn Allen. Fun filled party styled anthems in the vein of Danger Danger is what Lynn Allen is all about.

Lynn Allen - 2008 Interview with Bill Peiffer
Kelv Hellrazer manages to rouse Bill Peiffer in for a few words.. on the latest happenings in the Lynn Allen camp. Bill's band have recently had their latest album 'The Horse You Rode In On' released on the British label Escape Music, after being available as an independent US distributed release earlier in the year.

Lynn Allen - 2009 Nine
It was only two years ago that we talked to Billy Peiffer about the 2007 album 'The Horse You Rode In On'. Now at the tail end of 2009, Lynn Allen return with another worthy contender, simply titled 'Nine', which means.. You can probably guess..

Lynn Allen - 2015 Streetlight
You'll appreciate how tight and compressed this album is, most songs operating at the two and a half minute mark. No big epics to be found anywhere. Billy still seems to be having fun with Lynn Allen, and no doubt the band will be presenting themselves in a Midwest bar near you.

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