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AC/DC - 2012 Live At River Plate
This one was first released in 2011 on DVD and what a shocking display it is. Never had the band looked and sounded more tired, truly going through the motions in front of a massive audience. From the pathetic cover art to the music itself, this is a travesty which has no place in music whatsoever.

Accept - 1985 Kaizoku-Ban (Live, Mini LP)
'Kaizoku-Ban' was recorded during September 1985 in Nagoya, Japan. It's technically a Mini-LP, with four tracks from 'Metal Heart' (released in March 1985) and two tracks from 'Balls To The Wall' released in 1983.

Accept - 2017 Restless And Live (Blind Rage - Live In Europe 2015)
There's really no way to recommend this exercise in excess. Surely two disc live affairs went out before the turn of the century.

Acid - 2009 Live In Belgium
It's easy to hear why Acid is so revered among metal aficionados. Often referred to as speed and even black metal; the band was quite melodic and rest assured, nothing here will put you in cardiac arrest or give you the urge to burn down your local church.

Aerosmith - 1978 Live Bootleg
The American public were still on Aerosmith's side during 1978 and into 19729, the album reaching #13 in the Billboard charts. Is it a classic live album in the conventional sense? Probably not. There are far too many imperfections for it to be considered as such.

Angel - 1980 Live Without A Net (Live)
As for Angel's prediction of success for this album in the same vein as fellow Casablanca team-mates Kiss? It ended up being no more than wishful thinking.

April Wine - 1974 Live
There is plenty of material not found on previous albums making 'Live' a good sampler of what the band were capable of in their pre-80's rock days.

Armored Saint - 2016 Carpe Noctum (Live)
You can't keep a good band down, and that's the story that Armored Saint create for us in 2016.

Barnes, Jimmy - 1985 For The Working Class Man
This album was a mixture of the material found on 1984's 'Bodyswerve' and 1985's 'Jimmy Barnes', as Geffen furiously tried to break Barnes into the US market.

Be Bop Deluxe - 1977 Live In The Air Age
'Live! In The Air Age' is a wonderful document of just how electric these guys were in a live setting.

Blackfoot - 1982 Highway Song - Live
This is a bit of a rowdy live set from Jacksonville's loudest, and given they were well on their way, 1982 was a good year for them to release a live album.

Blue Oyster Cult - 1978 Some Enchanted Evening (Live)
Probably not a compulsory addition to your collection, but if you wish to hear a band captured live during their heyday, then 'Some Enchanted Evening' is as good a representation of BOC from their classic rock era from 1976-1978.

Buster - 1977 Buster Live!
Despite their teeny bopper image, Buster played pure power pop in the American tradition of The Raspberries, Pezband, Rubinoos, The Knack and Shoes with a smattering of The Beatles and The Who.

Clarks, The - 2001 Live 2001
Despite an intensely loyal and sizeable local fan base, Pittsburgh based rockers The Clarks remain one of America's best kept musical secrets.

Emerald Rain - 2000 Live 2K
Live album by Canadian band Emerald Rain, heavily influenced by fellow Canucks Harem Scarem.

Firehouse - 1996 Good Acoustics
Hair metallers Firehouse ventured into 1996 with an acoustic/semi-unplugged CD, on the back of three hard rocking albums which preceded it.

Frampton, Peter - 1976 Comes Alive
It's been touted as the most successful live album of the 70's, and I doubt there would be few in disagreement.

Giant - 2003 Live And Acoustic: The Official Bootleg
Being a big Giant fan, I found this to be essential listening.. I think most other long time fans will too. If you've not heard Giant before, where have you been?

Golden Earring - 1977 Live
Originally, the double-album contains some very long renditions of their classic material. Golden Earring have a selection of live material over the years, but this is the best place to start.

Grand Funk Railroad - 1970 Live Album
Recorded just weeks after the release of the 'Closer To Home' album in three Florida cities; my opinion of 'Live Album' I'm not ashamed to say has altered somewhat although it's still one of the worst sounding live records you'll ever hear.

Greenslade - 2002 Live 2001
I'm fairly new to Greenslade and enjoyed most of this CD. With that in mind, there's hope the band could find more converts in the near future. If you're into the pompier end of the scale, check this out.

Hackett, Steve - 2001 Live Archive
Every musician with a long-standing career deserves the box set treatment. Now, the ex-Genesis one-man vibrato-machine releases a four CD set of live material recorded across three decades.

Hillage, Steve - 1979 Live Herald
I think the pinnacle of Steve Hillage's discography was his live 1979 set 'Live Herald' which showcased many of his best songs up to that point on a two-sided LP. The songs were recorded across several dates between 1977 and 1978, and featured several different live line-ups.

Iconic Eye - 2015 Live at the Sun Inn Stafford
The chance to see one of the best up and coming AOR/melodic rock bands to appear this year would be a treat anywhere, but to see them pretty much in your own backyard is just too good an opportunity to pass up.

Iron Maiden - 2012 En Vivo! (Live in Chile)
Does the world really need a 'new' live album from the Irons in 2012? Is this a case of consumer overload?

Jefferson Starship - 2013 Live In Central Park NYC May 12, 1975
As crazy as it sounds in their heyday Jefferson Starship never put out a live record. However, this resulting long overdue two-disc release is spectacular.

Journey - 1981 Captured
.. though overshadowed by their many studio LP's, as a live recording, it stands head and shoulders alongside the great live albums of the 70's and early 80's. Rediscover this classic 70 minutes of high energy arena rock n roll!

Judas Priest - 1979 Unleashed In The East
Along with U.F.O's magnificent 'Strangers In The Night' live album from 1979, you can also add this wee beauty from Britain's premier metallers Judas Priest, as being one of the best live metal albums ever released.

Judas Priest - 2016 Battle Cry (Live)
No stranger to the world of redundant live albums are Judas Priest and in another stopgap move they've unveiled a live set from their August 2015 gig at the Wacken Festival.

Kansas - 1978 Two For The Show (Live)
Kudos then to Kansas, who released the late 1978 two-LP set 'Two For The Show' with next to no tweaking and after-dubs in the studio.

Kiss - 1975 Alive!
'Alive!' paved the way for live releases like 'Frampton Comes Alive!', 'Foghat Live', 'Double Live Gonzo!', 'Live At Budokan' and many more. It's a landmark for live albums and Kiss' most indisputable musical legacy.

Kiss - 1977 Alive II
Like its predecessor 'Alive!', this record served the purpose of translating the Kiss live experience to vinyl and leaving a huge impression on teenagers across the globe.

Krokus - 2014 Long Stick Goes Boom: Live From da House of Rust
After seeing Krokus live for the first time a few weeks back on their recent U.S. jaunt, it inspired me to revisit this live album from last year, one which I'm sure most people barely know exists besides Krokus enthusiasts.

Legs Diamond - 1992 Captured Live
Does anyone else in the world know Legs Diamond once played Wembley Stadium to 72,000 people? Well the venue this was actually recorded at was La Semana Alegre Outdoor Festival in Texas, but based on the volume of the crowd and the rapture given to Legs you'd swear there were a few hundred thousand on hand.

MacAlpine, Tony - 2002 Live Insanity
Of all the guitarists out there in neo-classical land, Tony MacAlpine is my favourite. I've followed his career since 1986's debut album 'Edge Of Insanity', and in between all the widdly diddly fluff are some moments of supreme inspiration. In a live context MacAlpine excels, so it's nice to finally see a live recording out in the public domain.

Molly Hatchet - 1985 Double Trouble Live
The performances on this 2LP set were lifted from shows in Dallas and Jacksonville, and if I was a time traveller going back to the 80's, I would've loved to have been in the front-row of a Molly gig.

New England - 2016 Live At The Regent Theater
This album is a stunning display from a band that arguably helped write the rule book when it comes to melodic hard rock. Quite, quite brilliant.

Night Ranger - 2012 24 Strings And A Drummer - Live And Acoustic
A 30th anniversary performance from the legendary Night Ranger sees them operating in the unplugged and acoustic environs for this dual CD/DVD set.

Nugent, Ted - 1978 Double Live Gonzo
These days I'm not really a Nugent fan, but there's no doubting his material during the late 70's an early 80's was pretty good, including this double live effort from 1978.

Our Lady Peace - 2003 Live
Our Lady Peace are veritable superstars in their native Canada and the release of this, their sixth album, will cement their popularity still further in their homeland, recorded as it was on the cross-Canadian 'Fear Of The Trailer Park' tour earlier this year.

Planet X - 2002 Live From Oz
I have to be honest with you folks, despite my earlier misgivings about Planet X (solely based upon 'MoonBabies' I might add), this live CD is good stuff. It was recorded on the Australian leg of their first tour, so being recorded pre 'MoonBabies', the material featured is predominantly from the 'Universe' album.

Prism (USA) - 1997 Live 75-77
No, no, no- not the Canadian pomp band we all know and love, but progressive rock from Texas.

Raspberries, The - 2007 Live On Sunset Strip
With four exemplary studio albums that set the bar and defined American power pop for generations to come, the Raspberries return thirty years later with the original line-up and a live album recorded in 2005 at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

REO Speedwagon - 1977 You Get What You Play For (Live)
'You Get What You Play For' primarily consists of material from the first two albums, 'R.E.O.', better known as the 'cow' album, and more noticeably just two tracks from 'Ridin' The Storm Out'.

Roadmaster - 1989 Live + 5
With a history that goes way back into time, this album is an epitaph of 7 live favourites plus 5 additional tracks recorded live in a studio in 1989, some years after the band retired.

Saga - 1982 In Transit (Live)
The first four albums by this group are quite timeless, and for newbies who have never heard the band (shame on you.. but I digress..) then you could no worse than procuring their 1982 live album 'In Transit' which represents cherry-picked tracks from those 4 mentioned albums.

Scorpions, The - 1978 Tokyo Tapes
I'm of the opinion and I know many agree, this is one of the greatest hard rock live albums of all time..

Scorpions, The - 1985 World Wide Live
1985 was a great year for live recordings, with this one and ,b>Iron Maiden's 'Live After Death' topping my list.

Scorpions, The - 2014 MTV Unplugged In Athens
The novelty value of these albums expired back in 1995 and to be honest there was no novelty to start with. With the whole retirement angle now null and void it seems there's nowhere to go for the Scorpions except further into parody and redundancy. After all when was their last real classic? 1984?

Soto, Jeff Scott - 2003 Live At The Gods 2002 (CD + DVD)
I'd already heard lots of great reports about Jeff's set at The Gods 2002 and the more good reports I heard, the more I was kicking myself for not being there. This release comes as a consolation prize for me, and for so many others who didn't get to witness the performance first-hand.

Sugarcreek - 1981 Live At The Roxy
This is probably the first proper recorded effort of AOR/pomp legends Sugarcreek. It goes back to 1981 and is a live album in fact!

Sweet, The - 1999 Live At The Rainbow: 1973 (The Complete Concert)
As cliched as it might sound - this CD kicks serious ass and proves once and for all Sweet were the best band to come out of the glam rock era. Thanks to BMG for piecing all the recordings of this lost gig, and putting it onto a single conclusive disc.

Teaze - 1978 Tour Of Japan
In my opinion one of Canada's premier melodic rock bands of the seventies. Still up there as one of the better live albums of the genre.

Thin Lizzy - 1978 Live And Dangerous
No two ways about it, 'Live And Dangerous' is a one of a kind live album, and no doubt it sits pretty in the collection of many of the regulars here.

Threshold - 1995 Livedelica (EP)
'Livedelica' captures the band on the European leg of their tour promoting the new material from 'Psychedelicatessen'.

Trower, Robin - 1976 Robin Trower Live
The early albums from British blues rock guitarist Robin Trower are probably some of the best of that genre. In this review, we'll look at the sole live album he released during this period: 1976's 'Robin Trower Live!'.

Twelfth Night - 1981 Live At The Target
1981 can be seen as a high point in the band's early years. It yielded the release of this live album recorded at The Target pub, in Reading, England.

UFO - 1979 Strangers In The Night: Live
Even twenty years or so after it's release, this album is still considered to be one of the definitive live heavy rock experiences ever made.

Utopia (Todd Rundgren's) - 2012 Live At Hammersmith Odeon '75
Although incomplete, this is a welcome early Utopia live recording from October 29, 1975 at London's Hammersmith Odeon. The original BBC broadcast was three hours long and whittled down to fifty-five minutes on the notorious bootleg LP 'Nimbus Thitherward' a year later.

Whitesnake - 2011 Live At Donington 1990
As a time capsule this is probably of some interest to those who were present at the show. Maybe the DVD does this more justice, but as a live recording it's best avoided unless you are a fanatic of the band.

Whitesnake - 2013 Made In Japan
if any more proof is needed about how much of a money grab this is, another two CD live album is being released in June, 'Made in Britain/The World Record' all with the same songs as here. What can you say? Words fail me in this instance. This truly is the pits of the record industry.