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14-12-2017 01:20
Chris, is there such an album? Maybe we should get Alun onto the case. He loves those oddball albums.

13-12-2017 23:49
Performance enhancing aspect....never did much for me.

13-12-2017 23:49
Like Froome, my 5k and 10k times are now in doubt, as it seems I took too many puffs of my inhaler before the races.In all seriousness it sounds pretty odd that an inhaler used by millions has such an

13-12-2017 23:43
Canít believe Pope Francis 2015 release, Wake Up, has not been reviewed yet here at GDM?

13-12-2017 17:40
Man, I really thought Froome was above any doubt, but this will always hang like a shadow now. Damn! Unlikely to win Sports Personality of the Year on the Beeb now too.

13-12-2017 17:38
Look what happened when the Pope signed to Infinity? Brought the company down and certainly ruined TKO's career. Brad Sinsel probably not a fan.

13-12-2017 11:37
Oh dear, Chris Froome in a doping scandal. This looks bad.

13-12-2017 11:34
A couple of new fileshares going up in the download members forum in the next day or so. Keep an eye out for those.

13-12-2017 10:36
My next Blog will be about the year of 2017, and the unveiling of the sexual deviants. From Harvey Weinstein to Dustin Hoffman.. and more..

Nick C
13-12-2017 01:02
Aren't those songs of the Days of Wine and Wafers album?

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Goble, Graham - 1995 Stop
The style is pretty much the same as the predecessor album 'Nautilus', well crafted melodic rock with strong hi-tech influences and a hint of accoustic guitar coming through as well.

Goble, Graham (Encounter) - 1993 Nautilus
The songs on 'Nautilus' have been given the superlative production 'treatment'. Airy, full of atmosphere, and musical drama. 'Exquisite' is a good choice of word I think, with the whole thing produced in Graham's own studios in Melbourne.

Little River Band (LRB) - 1978 Sleepercatcher
'Sleeper Catcher' in my opinion was LRB's strongest release since their 1975 debut. It was also their first to go platinum album.

Little River Band (LRB) - 1981 Time Exposure
'Time Exposure' is a very good LP with loads of good songs onboard.

Little River Band (LRB) - 1983 The Net
So what of 'The Net'? It's a buoyant mix of songs, which is mostly upbeat, and holds true to LRB's intent to keep things bouncing along.

Little River Band (LRB) - 1984 Playing To Win
This is the definitive AOR album from LRB, or Little River Band as most people know them. After a string of popular MOR contemporary albums, which saw them get gradually better and rockier, it culminated in a series of great albums released on the US Capitol/Pasha label during the mid eighties.

Little River Band (LRB) - 1986 No Reins
No Reins' is the third and last installment of the Farnham era of LRB. For this album, the singing is shared between Farnham and Nelson, an extremely good singer in his own right!

Little River Band (LRB) - 1988 Monsoon
At the end of the John Farnham era, Glenn Shorrock returns for the Mk III era of LRB..

Little River Band (LRB) - 1990 Get Lucky
The beginning of the 90's saw Aussies Little River Band return with purpose thanks to their 'Get Lucky' album. It would be their last major label release for some time, as the 90's decline in rock took its toll on many acts, LRB included.

Little River Band (LRB) - 2001 Where We Started From
The extensive career of the Little River Band continues into the 21st Century. Australia's favorite sons return with an album keeping true to their roots: mellow, melodic, and full of multi-part vocal harmonies, and a trademark sound which few other bands have attempted to emulate.

Little River Band (LRB) - 2004 Test Of Time
Here is a band that has indeed stood the test of time. Aussie wonders Little River Band (aka LRB) have travelled the world over, and released countless albums over the years. By 2004, the band had reduced to a handful of recognisable names - primarily singer/bassist Wayne Nelson and guitarist Steve Housden, who have been with the band on/off since the early 80's.

Little River Band (LRB) - 2013 Cuts Like A Diamond
'Cuts Like A Diamond' is not a return to pompous territory from the mid 80's. Instead, the band retain an air of dignity and keep the legacy of their extensive discography intact.