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Kingdom Come - 1988 Kingdom Come
Do we all remember the slagging this band got when they released this debut back in 1988? Talk about overkill. Even Robert Plant was known to jump into the debate, giving his opinion on Lenny Wolf's near doppleganger vocal delivery. Do you think Lenny cared? Heck no, he was laughing all the way to the bank!

Kingdom Come - 2002 Independent
I've always had time for Lenny Wolf. If I'm in the mood for old metal, Lenny Wolf's 'Germany' is never too far away from my CD player, plus the first three Kingdom Come albums ('Kingdom Come', 'In Your Face' and 'Hands Of Time') are definitely not without their high points.

Kingdom Come - 2004 Perpetual
One must applaud Lenny Wolf's perseverance at continuing the Kingdom Come name, given the trials and tribulations of his career, which of course began in earnest back in 1988 when the band's debut was pilloried by the rock world for its Led Zeppelin similarities.