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19-11-2017 09:44
Burn (UK) will have their new album 'Ice Age' released in Japan via Marquee/Avalon on Nov 22. The album is then released worldwide on Jan 19th 2018 via Melodicrock Records.

19-11-2017 09:40
I was a bit cranky last week, waiting for various things to happen with the website transition. God it's good to be back. Didn't Gary Glitter sing a song like that? dogrun

19-11-2017 07:06
Note to all Members. Please review your Message inboxes. Some of these are getting rather large. Thanks.

19-11-2017 03:05
OK, all the YouTube videos are working again. Just use the YT link, and then encase in tags [ youtube] at the start, [/ youtube] at the end. Cool. Thumbs Up

12-11-2017 02:39
Starting to crank out some reviews now. Woah!

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Bad English - 1989 Bad English
This album holds a very special place in my CD collection. It was, in fact, the very first CD I ever bought, back in the year 1989 when I made the transition from vinyl to CD.

Bad English - 1991 Backlash
For those that know their melodic rock trivia, reports of ego clashes between Waite and Schon in particular, were deemed to be the reason behind the collapse of the band during 1991. Because the band folded not long after the release of 'Backlash', the album flopped.

Journey - 1975 Journey
In my opinion Journey never made a heavier album. The double guitar attack of Schon and George Tickner is something to behold and with Rolie's grinding organ and keyboard work, 'Journey' is nothing short of a progressive rock monster.

Journey - 1976 Look Into The Future
With an album cover that reminds one of the old TV comedy show 'Get Smart', perhaps 'Look Into The Future' was more about the past rather than crystal ball gazing into the next 3-5 years. Certainly I don't think that Schon, Rolie and co had any concept of what looking into the future would entail on their respective timelines looking ahead.

Journey - 1977 Next
It's the last Journey album that gets reviewed here at GDM, to complete their full discography.

Journey - 1978 Infinity
This is the album which turned the band Journey from a semi-progressive rock band, into a fully fledged commercial success, with a change of recipe and ingredients to make it all happen.

Journey - 1979 Evolution
I feel 'Evolution' is a much forgotten part of the band's discography, and deserves kudos alongside their other much more popular albums.

Journey - 1980 Departure
Still salivating over the two prior Perry albums, 'Departure' came as a huge (excuse the pun) 'departure' because of the raw/live sound it conveyed.

Journey - 1980 Dream After Dream
An unusual release in Journey's discography is the rare 1980 Japanese soundtrack 'Dream After Dream'.

Journey - 1981 Captured
.. though overshadowed by their many studio LP's, as a live recording, it stands head and shoulders alongside the great live albums of the 70's and early 80's. Rediscover this classic 70 minutes of high energy arena rock n roll!

Journey - 1981 Escape
'Escape'.. where does one start when reviewing an album like this on a site like this?

Journey - 1983 Frontiers
There are an abundance of perfect AOR albums but few as well known as 'Frontiers'. It's AOR taken to heights few could match and even into the 21st century probably never will.

Journey - 1986 Raised On Radio
'Raised On Radio' is a fine record in retrospect, but it was severely hurt by the long delay before it's release.

Journey - 1996 Trial By Fire
I recall vividly the hyperbole surrounding the release of Journey's first and only studio album release for the 70's decade. It was seen as a repairing of relationships, a release of musical energy that only this group of kindred souls could deliver.

Journey - 2001 Arrival
In a nutshell, 'Arrival' is a solid mature release, with something there for all melodic rock fans. Their songs drift effortlessly upon Jonathan Cain's predominant keyboard/piano based motifs while Schon's guitar as always provides the perfect foil, with ease, grace and taste.

Journey - 2002 Red 13 EP
An overlooked part of Journey's discography is the four-track EP from 2002 called 'Red 13'. It was released during the brief time that they were without a label.

Journey - 2005 Generations
The album all of AORdom was waiting to hear in 2005.

Journey - 2008 Revelation
This article is a bit different. We are gonna let members cast their own thoughts on this album, rather than the GDAZE staff.

Journey - 2011 Eclipse
Despite a handful of tunes achieving a pass mark, for the first time, I can say unequivocally that this is perhaps the most disappointing Journey album I've listened to.

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