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ASAP - 1989 Silver And Gold
What happens when you combine three of London's prime movers in the hard rock scene? namely Iron Maiden, Bad Company and FM? You get A.S.A.P. that's what!

Iron Maiden - 1981 Killers
To this day there's still a legion of fans who claim 'Killers' to be Maiden's definitive heavy metal statement. It certainly was a different band than the later Dickinson years, with more destructive intent and not quite as polished.

Iron Maiden - 1982 Number Of The Beast
'Number Of The Beast' is forever destined to be one of the most famous metal recordings of all time.

Iron Maiden - 1983 Piece Of Mind
Could this possibly be Maiden's finest moment?

Iron Maiden - 1984 Powerslave
This was in a way the end of the first era of Maiden and somehow I don't know if they were ever the same again. The whole package of the Egyptian artwork, the huge stage show, the metal itself and the resulting tour represented Maiden at their apex.

Iron Maiden - 1986 Somewhere In Time
That aside, 'Somewhere In Time' is the perfect example of heaviness and melody being merged, without losing musical identity. Maiden were still a metal band, even if there were murmurs of discontent from some fans.

Iron Maiden - 1988 Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
This is an album which still divides many. Some were in favour of the melodic direction while others shunned it. I've never considered this a classic Maiden album despite its strengths. This is a collection of songs, even with the concept connotations, and in all honesty Maiden were already past their best.

Iron Maiden - 1990 No Prayer For The Dying
Back to basics metal provided by the Irons'..

Iron Maiden - 1992 Fear Of The Dark
Not one of Iron Maiden's best efforts.. unfortunately..

Iron Maiden - 1995 The X Factor
This was the first Maiden album to feature former Wolfsbane singer Blaze Bayley. Not one of Maiden's best efforts, 1995 was a virtual black hole for metal acts and most of the mainstream media of the day sacked them unmercifully..

Iron Maiden - 1998 Virtual XI
It's not all football on this 1998 set from Maiden, but considering the album title and artwork, you'd be hard pressefd to think otherwise. This is part-two of the Blaze Bayley era of the band, and it's not as bad as Kerrrang idio-journos would have you think!

Iron Maiden - 2000 Brave New World
Iron Maiden makes it into the new millennium but only just. Maybe not offering quite enough. But still what they do offer is quality heavy metal complete with a worthy pedigree from the metal daze of the eighties.

Iron Maiden - 2003 Dance Of Death
It's hard to blame Maiden fans for being skeptical of anything new put out by the band. After all, it's been thirteen years since they last sounded vital and energetic, like they had something to say ..

Iron Maiden - 2006 A Matter Of Life And Death
Proving they are indeed a breed apart, Iron Maiden have topped themselves with what is undoubtedly their finest effort of recent years.

Iron Maiden - 2010 The Final Frontier
Aptly named 'The Final Frontier' may spell the end. If this is it for Maiden then I won't be complaining. A staggering flop.

Iron Maiden - 2012 En Vivo! (Live in Chile)
Does the world really need a 'new' live album from the Irons in 2012? Is this a case of consumer overload?

Iron Maiden - 2015 The Book Of Souls
I find this album a revolting display of excess from a band I used to consider the greatest metal band ever. There's a part of me that wants to like what Maiden produce, but it's not possible.

The Essential Series - 2017 NWOBHM (Volume 1) by Gdazegod
This was the movement which effectively kickstarted the heavy metal industry as we know it today. Here is our first Volume looking at this part of the HM scene, out of Britain.

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