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Alias - 1990 Alias
Alias are the merger of personnel from two of Canada's best melodic rock bands, namely Sheriff and Heart - two parts Sheriff meets three parts Heart.

Heart - 1976 Dreamboat Annie
Two very attractive sisters into heavy rock and folk music form a band in Seattle, move to Canada and become 'Superstars'. Well it wasn't that easy of course, but that's essentially what happened with Heart..

Heart - 1978 Magazine
Cobbled together, 'Magazine' is by no means Heart's strongest effort although it's not bad either. Full disclosure, aside from a few clips on You Tube I've never owned or heard the original version..

Heart - 1980 Bebe Le Strange
Somewhere in between the classic early years and the big self-titled 'comeback' album from 1985, Heart were overlooked by many. A great shame, as during those 'wilderness' years, the band released some fine albums. The best of the bunch is undoubtedly 'Bebe Le Strange'.

Heart - 1983 Passionworks
'Passionworks' most obvious 'transition' is it's significant shift in sound-moving away from the organic style of rock represented in Heart's earlier works into synth driven AOR territory( Nancy's acoustic guitar is noticeably absent) that would be perfected on the 1985 comeback 'Heart' album.

Heart - 1985 Heart
Was it a sellout? Was it (as has been described elsewhere) a rebirth? Was it canoodling to all the trappings of success that was going on around them, including fashion sense and MTV? Probably all of them actually..

Heart - 1987 Bad Animals
What was the strategy to follow up the 1985 blockbuster album by Heart? 'Bad Animals' was the resulting output, but judging by the slickness and polish, they've gone even deeper into melodic territory - blunting their razor sharp delivery for thick layers of keyboards..

Heart - 1990 Brigade
Not content with leaving us two pearler albums prior to this one (1985's 'Heart', and 1987's 'Bad Animals', staples in your collection if you are fan of melodic rock), the sister siblings and musical cohorts turn up again early 1990 to release this underrated gem.

Heart - 2016 Beautiful Broken
'Beautiful Broken' contains six songs found on prior albums between 1980 and 1983, plus three new songs and a reworking of the title track whch was a 2012 bonus track.