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Hall And Oates - 1974 War Babies
Filled to the brim with white boy soul-pop, space-age glam and funky weirdness, their previous and critically acclaimed effort 'Abandoned Luncheonette' was in an alternate universe comparatively and 'War Babies' was sadly disowned by the band and baulked at by record buyers and programmers who just didn't get it.

Hall And Oates - 1977 Beauty On A Back Street
It's a shame this album did so poorly, but perhaps it was the dark tone of the album cover. Whatever the case, this is one of Hall And Oates better albums and of their entire catalog.

Hall And Oates - 1979 X-Static
One of the more experimental Hall and Oates albums from a period where they were still refining the melodic direction they would undertake in the forthcoming decade.

Hall And Oates - 1982 H20
By 1982 Hall & Oates were among the biggest selling artists in the USA, rivaling the likes of Michael Jackson for pop supremacy. 1980's 'Voices' and 81's 'Private Eyes' had put them over the top, the endless supply of hooks and melodies leading to a truckload of top ten singles.

Hall And Oates - 1997 Marigold Sky
As with all their prior releases, there is an element of 'white mans soul' permeating the music, with the overall sound taking a laid back and smooth approach.

Hall, Daryl - 1980 Sacred Songs
'Sacred Songs' was the experimental solo album from Hall & Oates member Daryl Hall, featuring King Crimson mainman Robert Fripp..