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Electric Light Orchestra - 1974 Eldorado (A Symphony)
Let's wind back the clock to 1974, and dig into ELO's 'Eldorado', which was apparently, a concept album.


Electric Light Orchestra - 1976 A New World Record
Unlike their previous release 'Eldorado', 'A New World Record' changed course markedly, as radio appeal and their requirement for shorter songs meant that ELO had to adapt, which they did successfully.


Electric Light Orchestra - 1977 Out Of The Blue
Who can forget the big spaceship design on the album cover? It really was a stand-out back in 1977 upon release, and was sure-fire way to sell a record.


Electric Light Orchestra - 1979 Discovery
While nowhere in the league of 'Eldorado' or 'A New World Record'; 'Discovery' holds up nicely as one of ELO's more accessible albums

Electric Light Orchestra - 1981 Time
ELO's last several albums had smashed the charts, none more so than 1979's 'Discovery'. Jeff Lynne decided to embark on a futuristic time travel concept album for their next release, fusing the trademark 'Beatles gone AOR' sound with lyrics from 100 years into the future. The results were as startling as they were successful.

Electric Light Orchestra - 1986 Balance Of Power
With the string section and Kelly Groucutt long gone, ELO were now down to three piece. Experimenting with new technologies, Lynne drowns the album in waves of synthpop and over the top '80s excess..

Electric Light Orchestra Part II - 1990 E.L.O
For purists who may pass this line-up off as nothing more than a cheap copy, the emphasis on the lush sound displayed on ELO's last studio opus (of the 20th Century at least), 'Balance Of Power' makes this a pleasant experience.

Groucutt, Kelly - 1982 Kelly
There are shades of the Electric Light Orchestra all over this 1982 solo album by its former bass player Kelly Groucutt.