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Dream Theater - 1989 When Dream And Day Unite
Looking back, the 1989 year was a catalyst for change, and a doorway opening to greatness for some.. New York based Dream Theater being one such example, though at the time, they would be the first ones to disagree.

Dream Theater - 1992 Images And Words
A seminal album, and one I can blather on about even more verbosely than I just did. Not without its tiny flaws (pompousness being one), and not for everyone, but it is the ideal introductory album to Dream Theater and progressive metal in general.

Dream Theater - 1994 Awake
As probably the best offering by a legendary band, this album is a must-have.

Dream Theater - 1995 A Change Of Seasons
An essential thing to have in your collection if you're interested in Dream Theater. Well, to be honest, I'd probably say that about some 70% of their unofficially released bootlegs and whatnot, but I'm a bit of a completionist, so suit yourself. One thing's for sure: it's a great listen.

Dream Theater - 1997 Falling Into Infinity
The mid-70's were a bad, bad time for Dream Theater. James LaBrie lost a lot of his singing voice because of an encounter with strong food poisoning, they'd lost their keyboardist prior to that, and were basically held hostage for about two years by the label, which tried to meddle in the recording process and influence them to write catchier songs. While 'Falling Into Infinity' wasn't the album Dream Theater wanted to make at the time, it is nevertheless a good album.

Dream Theater - 1999 Metropolis II: Scenes From A Memory
This is a full-on album: don't listen to this if you want to read a book or chat with friends; if you want background music like latterday Bon Jovi then don't play this. This is a listening album, you need to concentrate on the intensity and the detail.

Dream Theater - 2002 Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
No matter how you slice it - and many have tried to 'slice' Six Degrees in many ways, and approached it from many angles - this is one of Dream Theater's top albums simply because it contains ninety minutes of consistently good music.

Dream Theater - 2003 Train Of Thought
The ten-year anniversary since Dream Theater surprised many and wrote and recorded a straightforward metal album in a matter of weeks is creeping 'round the corner'. For some their 'last great' album, for others the beginning of their path to relevance to modern metal audiences, and for some even 'the beginning of the end', 'Train Of Thought' is a rather polarizing album.

Dream Theater - 2005 Octavarium
'Octavarium' is Dream Theater's eighth studio opus (naturally) and considered by their legions of loyal fans as being their most complex and reference ridden concept album.

Dream Theater - 2006 Score [DVD]
While a few of the songs on the setlist absolutely should have been replaced, 'Score' is probably Dream Theater's seminal DVD release, and that says a lot for a band who tend to issue a DVD every two to four years.

Dream Theater - 2007 Systematic Chaos
After the resounding success of 'Octavarium', Dream Theater seemingly had nothing more to prove, neither artistically or commercially. All that was left was to make albums for the sheer pleasure of it - and sadly, the first album they made without having to meet expectations was a bit iffy.

Dream Theater - 2009 Black Clouds And Sliver Linings
When I finished my first listen, my conclusion was that, unlike albums which are for the heart, or for the ears, 'Black Clouds..' was an album for the brain. And I'm still sticking to that impression.

Dream Theater - 2011 A Dramatic Turn Of Events
'A Dramatic Turn Of Events' came after the worst turbulence in Dream Theater's history - the split with one of the founders of the band, Mike Portnoy. The band moved on quickly to reassure the fans they are still the band prog metal lovers know and appreciate - and maybe did it a little too well?

Dream Theater - 2013 Dream Theater
In interviews promoting their first self-titled album, that came out this September, members of Dream Theater hyped it beyond belief, saying that for the first time in the studio they witnessed 'Mangini unleashed'. The fans believed the hype; was it warranted?

Dream Theater - 2016 The Astonishing
Well, there is one hell of a lot of music on this album; over 130 minutes in fact. My first impressions of this album were not great. I felt that there was just too much to take in, but I've persevered with it and boy has it paid off.

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