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Dokken - 1981 Breakin' The Chains
One of the original and successful LA metal bands from the start of the eighties!

Dokken - 1984 Tooth And Nail
One of my favorite albums from 1984 is this sophomore set from Los Angeles rockers Dokken. Impressing me no end with their debut Breakin The Chains (the original Carerre release I must say, not the rebadged Elektra version), the band have shedded their skins and matured into a class act for this album.

Dokken - 1985 Under Lock And Key
'Under Lock And Key' is very strong on many counts too. Great production, some killer tracks bordering on 'near-metal', with the bulk of the material being spread between rock ballads and smooth melodic rockers - but with a razor sharp edge.

Dokken - 1987 Back For The Attack
Like the preceding two albums, this too went platinum. It was considered by many to be harder and heavier overall than their previous material. For those who are counting, that's 13 songs and 63 minutes of rock. We expect that much material per album these days, but that was a lot in 1987. And to their credit, there are no songs I consider to be weak.

Dokken - 1997 Shadowlife
There's no escaping an album this monumentally tragic and Dokken as average as they were to begin with, essentially committed suicide by releasing this laughable stain of an album.

Dokken - 2008 Lightning Strikes Again
Surprisingly, after having listen to this in its entirety, it stacks up ok. For what it's worth, 'Lightning Strikes Again' is not the total write-off people have been telling me it is. Sure, a couple of ill-advised additions to the album might drop its rating a couple of half-notches, but considering there are 12 tracks here, it still leaves a good majority in the very good category.

Dokken - 2012 Broken Bones
I didn't expect much from 'Broken Bones' but I'm stunned how genuinely poor this album is.

The Essential Series - 2017 Glam Metal (Volume 1) by Dtabachn
Commonly, public at large as well as critics and writers fail to identify the importance of Glam Metal as a crucial Metal sub-genre. In the sense that it was the driving force behind the fact that Metal was arguably the dominant genre in popular music around the mid to late 80's.