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Adrenalin - 1984 American Heart
The first comparison (and last?) is that the basic sound adheres to is early 80's Survivior. The tone is very much in the vein of 'Eye Of The Tiger', a glut of AOR anthems, with a midwest, American heartland feel.

Adrenalin - 1986 Road Of The Gypsy
In a strange set of circumstances, MCA decided to re-use most of their 'American Heart' songs from the Rocshire days (minus three), and bolt on three new songs for 1986's 'Road Of The Gypsy'.

Adrenalin - 2002 Interview with Brian Pastoria
Interview with Adrenalin's Brian Pastoria - Sep 2002.

Adrenalin - 2002 Twenty Five Years: 1977-2002
For newcomers to Adrenalin and DC Drive, you cannot go wrong with this. For those expecting more of Adrenalin, there may be cause for concern. As a time capsule it's fascinating to hear the bands evolution from a bar room type set of rockers, into smooth melodic rockers, while retaining the homegrown midwest feel.

Automatix, The - 1983 Night Rider
Despite this being the only contribution to AOR history from this Detroit five piece, what a great addition to the genre it is..

Automatix, The - 2002 Interview with Bruce Nazarian
Interview with Bruce Nazarian of The Automatix - November 2002.

Fantacy Hill - 1976 Fantacy Hill
There is very little on this obscure 70's band on the Internet. OK, correction, there is NOTHING on this band on the Internet.. lol!

Look, The - 1984 Everybody's Acting
Not to be confused with the British band of the same name, The Look were a Detroit band formed in the late 70's playing in a radio rock come new wave style. This is their third and final album, and the swansong came with all sorts of issues, which unfortunately became toxic and terminal.

Savage Grace - 1970 Savage Grace
Out of the rusted steel, working class neighborhoods of the motor city, Detroit's Savage Grace came of age in the late 60's rock scene that gave the world Ted Nugent, Bob Seger, MC5, The Frost, Frijid Pink, Rare Earth and a hairy host of musicians and songwriters that made a permanent mark on music history.

Tilt - 1978 Music
Tilt's sound is definitely period seventies hard rock, and bands such as Fortress, Doc Holliday, and on their quieter moments Trillion (without the pomp tendencies) all spring to mind.