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Degreed - 2010 Life Love Loss
One of the new arrivals to the new Melodicrock Records roster is Swedish band Degreed. At first appearance, their name, image and album title might have you thinking this is dark and dirgy stuff - and wondering what the heck is Andrew McNeice thinking? Fear not my melodic friends, Andrew has selected wisely and surely, Degreed being a class melodic act that has taken ownership of the year 2010 as a breath of fresh air from the Nordic North!

Degreed - 2013 We Don't Belong
There's been a lot mentioned about Degreed recently, and the attention is warranted. 'We Don't Belong' as I said earlier is an intense listen. It's not an immediate album and won't grab you on the first listen. I know this was the case for me. Repeated listening sessions are required to get to the bottom of the Degreed audio experience.