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Boston - 1976 Boston
Well, I would hazard a guess and say that the defining moment for the AOR movement and thereafter, lay at the feet of this 1976 recording by the then unknown local area band from Massachusetts; the aptly named Boston.

Boston - 1978 Don't Look Back
Epic Records keen to capitalise on the huge success, wanted a follow-up in a shorter duration of time, something that did not sit comfortably with Tom Scholz. And as we saw with later releases, the two-year wait for 'Don't Look Back' was a mere blip on the time-line by comparison.

Boston - 1986 Third Stage
It took a few years but finally Tom Scholz managed to release a third and very long overdue album. This album was the result of some hard work (some would say painstaking), with a few casualties along the way.

Boston - 1994 Walk On
So here we are in 1994, 18 years down the road and the fourth Boston album 'Walk On' is before us, sans Delp. Luckily one of the replacement vocalists is Fran Cosmo, who provided stunning vocals to the 1984 Orion The Hunter album, regarded by some as the missing Boston record.

Boston - 1994 Walk On Interview with Tom Scholz
'A record is finished either because I don't want to touch it, because I don't want to screw up anything that I like, or else it's as good as I can do, and I'm so burnt on it I don't have anything left. 'In the case of 'Walk On' it was very much the fact that I didn't want to touch it. I was really happy with it'. This is how Boston maestro Tom Scholz, the consummate perfectionist, described Boston's fourth album to me during a rare interview shortly after the record was released.

Boston - 2002 Corporate America
Don't quite know what to make of this album.. At the time of its release 'Corporate America' was absolutely slagged in the press and when listening to this album one can see why. When compared to Boston's glorious past, 'Corporate America' is sadly lacking. Not that it's any good - it's just VERY different that's all.

Boston - 2013 Life, Love, Hope
Considering he is on the downward side of 60, I think it's time for Tom to get out of the basement, and go and live a little. Perhaps a beachside hut in Tahiti might do the trick. Whatever the case, I think it's time to leave the Boston legacy alone now. Enough is enough..

Cosmo - 2006 Alien
Cosmo isn't entirely disappointing but I'm also guessing this album is not what people were expecting either, considering the name association and past history.

Goudreau, Barry - 1980 Barry Goudreau
At the time, the thought of a solo album was a good move for Goudreau to make. Unfortunately, the quality of the songs didn't quite hit the mark. Unlike four years later when Orion The Hunter was released.

Goudreau, Barry (And Engine Room) - 2017 Full Steam Ahead
He's a local legend in the city of Boston, and good to see him back with former RTZ bandmates to effectively become the Engine Room. If I'm honest, I'll say 'Full Steam Ahead' didn't really get my boilers on fire.

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