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17-01-2018 21:50
In response to Cyrille Regis, BBC 2 repeat the Adrian Chiles documentary, Whites v Blacks, How Football Changed A Nation, unbelievable true story, worth watching

17-01-2018 18:44
Review of the rather splendid `Hornal` album is in the works too.

17-01-2018 01:57
Dave and Jeff's best of 2017 wrap-up's just around the corner too.. computer work

17-01-2018 01:56
There is a three-part article coming up for E.L.O (Eldorado, A New World Record and Out Of The Blue). Look out for it soon.

16-01-2018 08:52
Stoke fans have my commiserations.Und
er Lambert the Villa played some of the most boring, unimaginative football I`ve ever had the misfortune to witness.Relegation
?,yes I`d say so.

16-01-2018 00:59
Stoke City condemned 2 relegation. Who is the new manager? Paul Lambert.

15-01-2018 22:09
Agreed Reyno about Clyde Best, further back is the story of Walter Tull which is quite heartbreaking, links to Northampton and lived in Rushden.

15-01-2018 22:05
Big loss is Cyrille, only short time at Wolves, but I was at the Peterborough game where he scored the last minute winner, Cyrille and Laurie C, what a team.

15-01-2018 22:05
I think many people forget guys like West Ham's Clyde Best whenever the subject of the impact of black footballers in the English game crops up. He was just as good as the West Brom trio years b4

15-01-2018 19:13
Cyrille was part of the ground breaking so called 'three degrees' who did so much to break down racial barriers in Football back in the late 70's.R.I.P

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Black Sabbath - 1970 Paranoid
This album is woven intricately to the history of rock, it contains the savagery of 'Iron Man', the sweetness of 'Planet Caravan', the instant gratification of 'Paranoid', (when has 3 chords sounded so good!).

Black Sabbath - 1972 Vol 4
Sabbath's 'Vol 4' differed from their first three albums, with the introduction of ballads and acoustic fare, but it still retained the heavy doom nature the band had become renowned for.

Black Sabbath - 1976 Technical Ecstacy
'Technical Ecstacy' marked a turning point for Sabbath as they continued to move away from the heavy doom of the 1970-75 years and turned to a more traditional form of hard rock.

Black Sabbath - 1980 Heaven And Hell
With this celebrated version of Black Sabbath reunited for the second time, albeit under the name Heaven And Hell, what better time to revisit the landmark recording itself that gave Sabbath a new life when they seemed all but a lost cause.

Black Sabbath - 1981 Mob Rules
Ronnie James Dio had restored Sabbath's tag as metal heavyweights via the 1980 'Heaven And Hell' album. Obviously there was immense anticipation as to whether they could repeat this with 'Mob Rules' a year later.. there was no question that they would, the album reaching the same heights musically as its predecessor.

Black Sabbath - 1983 Born Again
Quite a phenomenal effort, and one that most have conceded to over the last twenty years. The scars of Ozzy and Dio were still fresh back then, making this a painful experience for die hards.

Black Sabbath - 1986 Seventh Star
This is of course the album never intended to be a Black Sabbath release. Due to record company pressure, Tony Iommi caved in and it came out under the nonsensical title 'Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi'.

Black Sabbath - 1987 The Eternal Idol
To Tony Iommi's disappointment, the album failed to sell and even he admits the fans were probably confused and disillusioned with all the changes in the band. It didn't stop this from being a solid release in an uncertain time.

Black Sabbath - 1989 Headless Cross
The band, well known for their obsession with things to do with the occult, went for the jugular on this album. The satanic and occultish themes were well covered on just about every song. Despite such leanings, ' Headless Cross' is an incredible slab of melodic metal from The Sabbs, the production huge, the playing from all involved goes beyond the call.

Black Sabbath - 1990 Tyr
'Tyr' was another positive album, furthering the melodic metal driven sound captured on previous discs. Amazingly 'Tyr' hit no 24 in the U.S., while in Britain it failed to chart, met with apathy by an ever dwindling audience.

Black Sabbath - 1992 Dehumanizer
1992 saw the reunion of Black Sabbath and their former vocalist Ronnie James Dio. 'Dehumanizer' is considered to be a 'lost classic' among the Sabbath back-catalogue, and even though it's 16 albums into their discography, long time fans couldn't really disagree, even if 1992 wasn't the best year to release it.

Black Sabbath - 2013 13
The Sabb's first studio CD since 1995, the first with Ozzy since 1978. The comeback that all of Heavy Metal has been waiting for!

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