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Baio, Scott - 1982 Scott Baio
One of those 'child stars' that just won't grow up and go away, Scott Baio was compelled to release an albums worth of music back in 1982. The final result was not bad. In fact, Baio's debut is a charming little pop record. This album received some pretty good press at the time, surprising many who expected the worst..

Cain, Tane - 1982 Tane Cain
Tane's music is not far removed from Pat Benatar or Laura Brannigan, though this album has more 'beef' behind it than most.

Cassidy, David - 1990 David Cassidy
The whole effort of this album operates in the same territory as the Bob Halligan Jnr effort 'Window In The Wall'.

Cassidy, Shaun - 1978 Under Wraps
Left to his own devices Shaun Cassidy could have turned out a power pop classic but the powers that be were pulling him in a dozen different directions and 'Under Wraps' suffers for this.

Cassidy, Shaun - 1979 Room Service
As described in excellent detail in an earlier review by Eric, Shaun Cassidy's fleeting moment of pop stardom in the late 70's was punctuated by some excellent recordings, which veered from pop to a more sophisticated blend of melodic rock. The latter dominating this particular album..

Cassidy, Shaun - 1980 Wasp
A stroke of genius if you think about it, a former teen idol teaming up with a pop music visionary and one of the most musically adept bands of the time, the results had to be good and 'Wasp' holds up as one of the more interesting albums of the 80's.

Cher - 1991 Love Hurts
1991 saw then rock diva Cher release her final 'rock oriented' album for the masses, following a pair of excellent albums: 1987's self titled release, plus 1989's 'Heart Of Stone'.

Cher - 2002 Living Proof
Cher brings new meaning to the word 'longevity', and like a chameleon through the ages, has bounced back to surprise us yet again. If her massive dance-oriented hit single from 1998 'Believe' was an indicator of things to come, then 'Living Proof' her brand new album is exactly that.

Conaway, Jeff - 1979 Jeff Conaway
Recognize this guy? For better and more often for worse Jeff Conaway has appeared on TV and movie screens for over 30 years. We go back to 1979, when Conaway was something of a sex symbol and had a lot going for him with this album under the direction of Bruce Springsteen producer Mike Appel; a first step to a music career that never was.

Daltrey, Roger - 1980 McVicar: Original Soundtrack
Roger Daltrey's finest hour as an actor was backed up by this impressive soundtrack full of melodic rock gems that served as the backdrop for Daltrey's gritty portrayal of famed English criminal John McVicar.

Daltrey, Roger - 1985 Under A Raging Moon
Although much featured here at Glory Daze in the past, it would be a huge disservice to Roger Daltrey if mention was not made of what was his most popular solo album of the 80's and indeed one of the finest of his entire career.

Daltrey, Roger - 1987 Can't Wait To See The Movie
Many might be unaware of this album, but it displays how versatile Daltrey is vocal wise - the guy could (and still can) turn his hand to anything. This was his last real stab at AOR.

Daltrey, Roger - 1992 Rocks In The Head
Gerard McMahon might have been the brainchild behind much of this, but Daltrey makes it happen. His unmistakable presence gives the songs an edge that many solo artists never could, save for Michael Bolton perhaps.

Des Barres, Michael (Band) - 2012 Carnaby Street
Keeping things in perspective, this is a pretty convincing effort from a guy that's seen it all within the rock industry covering 40 years and then some. It's basic, simple and to the point. No pretences here.

Easton, Sheena - 1981 You Could Have Been With Me
Between 1980 and 1981, Sheena Easton was indeed the Queen of Scots with three major hit singles in both the UK and US. Easton brings out the best in each cut making this record a well rounded listen overall and certainly worth owning.

English, Jon - 1981 Inroads
I was stunned by this albums quality, having no clue to its existence beforehand. I think many others might be taken aback at the quality also. I can honestly recommend this as an AOR fanatics dream come true.

Essex, David - 1976 Out On The Street
Actor, singer and all around nice guy; David Essex reached his commercial zenith prior to 'Out On The Street', his fourth studio album.

Gibb, Andy - 1978 Shadow Dancing
With his sophomore album 'Shadow Dancing', Andy Gibb's career had become a pop music supernova spiraling to the top, while his personal life was slowly starting to implode..

Grieco, Richard - 1995 Waiting For The Sky To Fall
Who remembers actor Richard Grieco? No? Yes? You'd have to wind the clock back nearly 30 years to tickle the memory bank. After bumping into GDM hero Mark Spiro and roping in his sister's hubby John Dunmore, Grieco assembled a decent set of players for his debut album.

Hartman, Lisa - 1982 Letterock
My goodness, do you think the record company was trying to sell Lisa Hartman or sex? As if we already don't know the answer to that!

Hasselhoff, David - 1985 Night Rocker
Just from the album cover alone here you know you're in for a treat - Hasselhoff posing on top of a Pontiac Firebird ala Knight Rider, clad in leather and slinging a six string!

Hatton, Susie - 1991 Body And Soul
Susie Hatton's one-off album 'Body And Soul' was due in no small part to then boyfriend and Poison singer Bret Michaels.

Holden, Mark - 1983 Mark Holden
If there was ever an album tailor made for this website then it's this offering from Australian musician and actor Mark Holden.

Knight, Tuesday - 1987 Tuesday Knight
A mere munchkin on the timeline when this was released, Tuesday Knight was only 18. This is a hybrid of hi-tech, dance-oriented AOR, with the very able Bob Marlette featuring throughout.

Landers, Audrey - 1988 Secrets
For musical comparisons, this would sit nicely as ABBA doing AOR. Audrey's voice is delicious, and carries itself well in this genre. Her phrasing is similar to Robin Beck and Japanese heroine Mari Hamada, who were both pursuing AOR interests during this same timeframe.

McLachlan, Craig - 1992 Hands Free
Craig McLachlan is better known as an Australian actor, appearing on shows such as Neighbours and BUGS. His love of music is quite well known too, he is a huge KISS fan, and it shouldn't be surprising that his solo album 'Hands Free' is a damn good effort. Not the wishy-washy sort of music we'd expect from a TV personality come rock wannabe. This is glorious radio rock mostly.

Parton, Dolly - 1980 Dolly, Dolly, Dolly
Given the fact that almost every mainstream artist in the 80's attempted AOR at some point of their career, it shouldn't come as any surprise that country legend Dolly Parton got on board too, her most viable attempt coming as early as 1980.

Quatro, Suzi - 1973 Can The Can
The debut album from Detroit tough girl Suzi Quatro..

Rex - 1976 Rex
Rex Smith never attempted anything this heavy again after 1977's follow up 'Where Do We Go from Here' and was soon gracing the cover of every teen magazine possible. It shouldn't detract from the magnificence of 'Rex' however, an essential part of the 70's hard rock legacy.

Rex - 1977 Where Do We Go From Here?
For long-time Rex fans, it's those 1976 and 1977 albums which really deliver the goods. But we all know that, don't we? Both need to be compulsory additions to your CD collection.

Smith, Rex - 1979 Sooner Or Later
'Sooner Or Later' is the made for TV movie of the same starring Rex Smith. Released in the summer 1979, it contains the hit single 'You Take My Breath Away'.. the album now available on CD.

Smith, Rex - 1983 Camouflage
In the world of show business and entertainment, a select few have covered all the bases in terms of variety. Perhaps the most varied of the lot is Rex Smith..

Springfield, Rick - 1974 Mission: Magic!
As a typical kid in the early 70's, I was a big fan of Saturday morning cartoons and vaguely remember 'Mission: Magic!' a show that lasted just one season on American television. Something about a talking Owl and a Witch and well, I can't recall much else, but imagine my surprise many years later when I found the cartoon included the voice and music of AOR/power pop god Rick Springfield in the lead role!

Springfield, Rick - 1981 Working Class Dog
Where were you in February 1981 when ex-pat Australian Rick Springfield released this album upon middle America? The album and three cuts from it went high into the Billboard charts, including 'Jessie's Girl' which was a No. 1 smash.

Springfield, Rick - 1982 Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet
The music is AOR of the finest sort with the pop sensibilities that led to countless chart hits, but with some staggering interplay that probably went over most peoples heads. To this day this comes as his most recommended work, if only by myself!

Springfield, Rick - 1983 Living In Oz
Springfield never made a poor album in the 80's, they are all deserving of a note, but 'Living In Oz' is the quintessential AOR choice of his career.

Springfield, Rick - 1984 Beautiful Feelings
What to make of this one? Springfield recorded the vocals in 1978 for an album that was never completed. In 1984 to cash in on the Springfield craze, music was recorded to fit the vocals. A dodgy cash in? Maybe. But half the songs are outstanding and it's a shame Rick never finished them himself.

Springfield, Rick - 1985 Tao
Looking back through the myriad albums during the 80's, one that has a consistent reputation throughout is Rick Springfield's 'Tao' album from 1985. If you have a look through 'Best Of' lists during the decade, and read trusted AOR publications from that era, 'Tao' is right up there.

Springfield, Rick - 1999 Karma
'Karma' marked Rick Springfield's comeback following a ten year absence from solo recording, although he did feature on 1997's Sahara Snow to some acclaim, that being a group effort rather than Springfield alone.

Springfield, Rick - 2008 Venus In Overdrive
For a man on the verge of 60 years old, Springfield belies his age with this convincing set of modern rock, displaying the creativity he did some quarter of a century ago and more, tailoring his trademark melodies to the current age.

Springfield, Rick - 2012 Songs For The End Of The World
This is another successful outing from a certified legend. It's by far the best album from Springfield since he returned in 1999 with 'Karma' and in its own way sits up there with his 80's work.

Springfield, Rick - 2016 Rocket Science
Springfield continues to experiment with different styles and sounds, this time flirting with country on 'Rocket Science'. If anyone can make it work, then surely it's Springfield, being the ageless musical genius he is.

Warwick, Dionne - 1982 Friends In Love
Anyone familiar with Graydon knows when he gets involved-especially with the usual cast of a Westcoast/AOR elite, jaw dropping AOR results can erupt even out of the MOST unlikely of suspects. Dionne Warwick's 'Friends In Love' is no exception.

Waterman, Dennis - 1980 So Good For You
I could see this being a curiosity to some, but it's certainly more than commendable, with at least three true AOR classics on board. Those make it worth hearing alone, as good as you'll hear from 1980.

Weaver, Patty - 1982 Patty Weaver
For those of us who have a never ending appetite for AOR of this variety we should be thankful for this offering, another notch in the 1982 cannon that will never be topped.

Willis, Bruce - 1987 The Return Of Bruno
Following on the heels of fellow superstar actor-turned musician Don Johnson, was Bruce Willis. He sang on a commercial for wine cooler Seagram, which along with his new found celebrity, was enough to convince Motown records that Willis should be offered his own record..

Zmed, Adrian - 1984 Adrian Zmed
Another of the many 80's actors and actresses that decided to front up to a microphone, Adrian Zmed released this one-off mini LP back in 1984.