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A La Carte. Brilliant Band Releases Debut Album
Carl Noonan
A La Carte were a very popular band who trod the boards with the likes of Van Halen in the latter half of the 70's. They sold out the clubs, had a massive following and should have been huge but sadly despite a great image and superb musical chops they never got a deal. However, 40 years on the band have recorded 10 of their live favorites and just released their debut album "A La Carte Est. 1976".
Probably the longest time it's taken anyone to release their debut album but I am glad they did because it's brilliant. The 3 piece band play fantastic hard rock that sounds like Roth era Van Halen meeting ZZ Top with a bit of Van Wilks mixed in but with their own sound. It's hard to pin their sound but it's great. Please check them out.

Here's what Gene Hoglan said about them a few months ago

Gene Hoglan - International Drum Superstar - Testament , Dethklok, Galaktikon, Meldrum, Strapping Young Lad, Death, Dark Angel:

"A La Carte helped mold my teenage rock sensibilities, as they were the most entertaining, explosive three-piece in LA. Their powerhouse boogie & blues was an absolute influence on the entire LA scene, and lemme tell ya, in my opinion, there'd be no Van Halen without the mightiness of A La Carte: A La Carte's blatant stamp is ALL over VH I and VH II.... make no mistake about it, their influence upon the soon-to-be superstars is obvious. And I've made no bones about their obscenely-talented drummer Brian O'Brian's complete influence on my entire life. From ZZ Top's swagger, to the Isley Brothers' strut, like Rolling a Stone down a Mountain, A La Carte has all bases of boogie covered, and their rock is timeless and ageless. Bow and thank the rock gods for A La Carte. I know I do."

Gene Hoglan
October 2017

The cd can be purchased from their website

Digital copies are available at Amazon and Itunes

There is some great footage on Youtube too, here's one:
Great band, which I first learned about courtesy of Legs Diamond super-fan John Watson, way back in 1981. He sent me a cassette which had about 4 or 5 songs onboard.. I memorised those religiously. I have that tape somewhere.

I put a SleazeRoxx article up on John's page a few weeks back, so am glad this is finally seeing the light decades later.
You know, I`ve got that cassette lurking around somewhere too!, John sent me a copy as well when I was working at Bullet Records. John`s influence and tapes were legendary.
Carl Noonan
Yep, me too John is a legend. I wrote to him after seeing his name mentioned in a "Sounds" feature about American bands, Legs D standing out. He sent me some stuff and pretty much turned me onto many bands I'd never heard of.
Carl, I think that was the Geoff Barton review of Firepower, that mentioned John. If my memory is correct it was 2 page spread with four or five other bands. Seb Kozak will know, as I am sure he posted the article on his fb page.
What was the song where they sung about a bottle of whiskey? Can't remember the title..
Carl Noonan
It's called "Old #7"
The 2 page Sounds spread you talk about David does indeed mention John as well as myself. I sent Mr Barton a free copy of Firepower in return for a mention of Bullet Records, which he did, and yes Sebastian Kozak has posted that spread on his Facebook page.
The article in question is titled `Working for the Yankee Dollar` and is actually a 3 page feature dated December 1st 1979...the Glorydaze eh?, and features reviews of not just the Legs Diamond, but also the likes of Storm, Zon, 1994, David Werner and many, many more.If I knew how to I`d post it up on here, it's a great read.
This sounds very interesting indeed!
Great retro stuff Carl gonna have to pick up the CD...thanks for the tip.
Carl Noonan
Glad you like it Steve, I think it's one of the best albums I've heard for a while.
Just wish more people would check it out as I'm sure some would like it too.
What are the shipping costs to the UK? Doesn't appear to specify that on the website.
Carl Noonan
I ordered through their site initially when it first went up and Paypal added a charge of $4 automatically but then I got a refund and apology as the pricing for international orders was wrong. I had to do it manually and it cost $13.50 for the shipping.
It is expensive but worth it. It appears only the bigger companies like Amazon and CD Baby can offer lower shipping costs these days due to bulk discounts they get off the postal services.
It can be of putting to international buyers and I have cancelled a number of purchases at check out stage when the shipping has been too high. However, I look at it like "how much would I waste on sweets and chocolate etc" during a week? Comes to a lot more than $13 and I've got something that I can keep forever and get repeated enjoyment from.
I know this has been talked about before, but the shipping costs involved from the US and Japan are getting ridiculous. I`m looking at getting this too, so thanks for the update Carl.
Yep, thanks Carl. I too look at whether the cost of shipping is worth it for the product I want to obtain. I used to buy quite a lot from Secondspin, but had to stop that due to the number of packages that began getting stopped at customs. I have no objection to paying the customs charge, but the Post Office 'admin' fee I DO object to.
I was impressed with CD Japan when I used them for the first time last year.
What I have noticed with Amazon UK of late is that some companies that I used to get great deals on (Round3Uk) are now charging what they want on postage (now £3.99). Still relatively cheap, but it looks like you're getting a real bargain on some titles before you take the new shipping charges into consideration.
Edited by reyno-roxx on 21-01-2018 09:49
I too have cancelled CDs at the check out due to high postage costs, i now get them sent to a mate in the states and he posts them on to me. I reimburse him the postage which is a fraction of the cost.
Just got the CD in sounds huge booklet but it's the music that matters and if you like 70's power trio hard rock this ones for you...thanks Carl for the tip.
Carl Noonan
Glad you like it Steve, it's a gem, love the instrumental track that really shows off their chops.
Am I the only one that think this sounds quite a bit like Pat Travers from the 70 s? As well as the obvious ZZ Top.
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