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Vixen - Self-titled debut & "Rev It Up"
I've been in a chick-rock place the past several months, and I've bought several CDs based on reviews from this site. One of the bands that I've really come to enjoy is Vixen. The first album was pretty good, but 'Rev It Up' is great. Janet Gardner's vocals aren't quite in the league with some of the most highly-regarded ladies who have been reviewed on this site, but she has a fine voice nonetheless. The musicianship is more solid than spectacular. But, these CDs contain some super-polished gems. 'Rev It Up' is one of those CDs I can leave in the changer for weeks and not tire of. Not too hard, not too wimpy, just good & smooth with just the right amount of edge.
I kind of ignored Vixen, since I had given up on AOR with the 'Hair band' explosion around this time. I still go back to The Runaways as trashy as they were. Joan Jett's first solo was good too and while I disliked Lita Ford for playing the same stuff as Vixen- she was fun to look at wasn't she?yummy
Too right Eric. You never know, a Vixen review might be in the offing one day.
I've been playing 'Rev It Up' today, and I feel compelled to make the comment that it a whole lot more like a lot of the stuff we worship on this site (like Lee Aaron, Witness, etc.) than the typical hair metal of that day. Back in 1989 and 1990, I was listening a fair amount to the first two Richard Marx CDs, and this is fairly comparable to them too. No sleaze with these gals, definitely more AOR than metal - I gotta say 'Rev It Up' has become one of my all-time faves the past year. Their first one is also pretty darn good, just not as consistent. I've listened to a lot of the Joan Jett & Lita Ford material, and this is clearly better IMO.
Traveller in time
Vixen is great.... i'm surching now since years the first demo. Vixen covers the song 'You oughta know by now' from Ray Kennedy. And this
fantastic song is only on this demo tape. In the earlier days they open
their live performance with this song.
Does anybody perhaps have this demo ?

Ask Edwin (aka aorheart). He is a collector of female fronted AOR. He might just have something.
Both done. Thanks Jeff.
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