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Gene Simmons, maybe his solo album was aptly named
With all the sexual misconduct accusations flowing through Hollywood like a raging torrent, let's not forget the rock n roll industry. Of course, this website is well-heeled in the history of the excessive 70's and 80's. Perhaps the 80's more so than most. If you've ever read the website http://metalsludg..., then you'll come to realise just how much sexual antics played a part in the lives of rock n roll musicians, and the groupies that followed them. I doubt you'll be reading about the thousands of gorgeous girls who chased after the hair metal heroes of the day.

Which leads me to KISS. Perhaps the band most noted for their antics and escapades during their heyday. Who hasn't heard of the stories, rumours, innuendo and recounting of events in relation to the masked ones? Gene Simmons has been written on record to have slept with hundreds (some say thousands) of women. Yet, he has been a constant companion to actress and former model Shannon Tweed for years; with two children as well. The TV Show he appeared in seems to make him out to be less than a megalomaniac and more of a typical dad and husband. But that could be all for show.

Yet still, there is a certain persona that he and Paul Stanley give off when they get out on the road. As this particular journalist recounts.

Reading that article reminds me just what a prat he can be. Do they all seem to lose inhibition when the band goes out on the road? It's like little boys getting ready to do naughty things. Simmons has been the subject of misconduct just recently, it will be interesting to see what comes of that. Maybe that album title 'Asshole' was an apt one?

There are more people willing to come forward and share their dirty laundry about the antics of rock stars. So if 2017 saw the Hollywood brigade come under fire, then maybe 2018 will see rock stars attract the spotlight in their eyes. No doubt there are a plenty of wicked tales to be told. As they say - sex drugs and rock n roll!
Nick C
I guess the difference may well be that Hollywood likes to project this holier than thou clean as clean can be image - the rock industry has never alluded to that - probably the opposite, you hang around rockers I guess you know what to expect. Having said that there is the practically jailbait issue of groupies (especially in the U.S. where many were almost famous) back around the 70's.
Jailbait underage groupies (and especially those who got pregnant) may come back to haunt some of those identities, if and when the truth comes out. Wait for the flood of revelations next year. I'm counting on it. Shock
The sex and drugs part of the rock n roll story has always turned me off, some journalists glorifying stupid, selfish, arrogant behaviour like it was some ideal to be lived up to.

I'm a massive KISS fan with a stupidly large collection of their stuff in all manner of formats but gave up on the 'personality' side of the band a long time ago. Simmons has long lost any sense of reality while Stanley is slightly more grounded - if still holding some questionable opinions. Ironically the later members of the band such as Carr, Kulick, Singer and Thayer seem(ed) to appreciate the world they inherited much more than the four who created it in the first place.

Simmons touting his stupidly ridiculous Vault set proves he's no interest in the real fans unless they are willing to pay thousands of dollars to kiss his ass. He's not even bothering to disguise it these days.

I learnt to separate the person from the music a long time ago. Although that theory may be tested in the months and years ahead...
I think wanker is a more appropriate name don't you think?
Karen & I saw Kiss at Wembley in the early 90s. Standing in the row directly in front of us were 2 women that spent the whole show flaunting themselves to the band on stage, bearing in mind we were at least 100-150 meters from the stage. Paul and Gene where like dogs on heat. They spent the whole show gesturing, pointing and rubbing their crutch at these ladies. Never have i felt so repulsed at a band in my life. Also the ladies behavior was nothing to be proud off. That night Paul and Gene showed themselves to be the biggest bunch of sleazebags ever.
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