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What's everyone doing for Christmas?
Depending where you are in the world, you'll be enjoying the sunny summer weather, or stuck inside with the snow bucketing down outside.

It's been a much better year for me personally, better than last year, and I'm predicting 2018 is going to be even better.

I'll be going away for a few days out into the Australian bush, just to get away from it all, hopefully it won't be too hot, and not bushfire prone, as it usually is this time of year.

Hope to chat to a few of you here before Christmas.

Cheers and Hohoho.

Santa Ho Ho Ho have a beer
Well I`ve now got 11 days off from the madness we call the NHS over here, and I aim to do as little as possible over the festive period apart from a:celebrating my 59th birthday in a few days b:eating plenty and having the (very)occasional tipple...I rarely drink, c:listening to some good music, and finally d: spending time with my family. That's about it really.
Cheers and best wishes to all my fellow GloryDaze members!!
We gather up at my Mom's house, the whole family. Usually play a game of touch football or soccer after we eat. Some Christmas's the town has a little festival with horse rides , games, prizes , carnival rides and such that we attend. Then we'll go to the theater later. This year is going to be different though as my youngest Daughter and her family are going to Florida this Christmas. The bigger the family gets the more it's hard to gather everybody up. I"m thankful for all the years we've been able to do that and more thankful that all of our family gets along well with each other. Interestingly , this year I didn't have any cd's on my Christmas list. Just some dvd's and some things non-music related. Happy Holidays to everybody here! And Explorer -- Happy Birthday to you! Thumbs Up
Carl Noonan
Explorer how did you manage to get 11 days off at Xmas working for the NHS? My wife works for the NHS fulltime Mon to Friday and can't get any time off. Her whole dept has been told they can't take hols over Xmas and they even changed her usual daily hours from 9 to 5 to 1pm to 9pm on Xmas day and Boxing day Suffice to say she's fed up about it.
Carl, that is a very raw deal for your wife. Obviously, the NHS was not on Santa's rounds this Christmas,!
I fly back to homeland for a few days to catch up with relatives. It's always nice to see the neighborhood I was raised during this time of the year.
i work for the Nhs.too This year I'm working Xmas day and boxing day then I'm off for a week. I have managed to secure tickets for my wife,son and i ,for a late showing of the new Bladerunner film something I have been trying to achieve since its day of release! And I'm gonna read sci-fi short stories until my last name changes to Asminov!Grin
Carl, the only way I`ve got 11 days off is that I`ve got to take the time owing to me and I negotiated a deal with my line manager for all the extra hours I've put in over the past few months. Suffice to say cover is in place as to not put patients at risk which is of course the first priority. I think it`s awful that NHS staff are put under pressure like this, and at this time of year.Oh, and Swingkingandy, the Bladerunner film is so worth it, quite brilliant...No Spoilers!!
Carl Noonan
Yeah, I think the NHS staff deserve a lot more reward and recognition for what they do. It's a tough job and my missus and lots of other NHS staff have to put up with a lot of crap for what they get back. My wife does it because she cares about people and she'd have quit long ago if it wasn't for that.
Edited by Carl Noonan on 18-12-2017 15:00
If it wasn't for the good will of the staff the NHS would have failed long ago.I and others (and I`m sure your wife too) have worked many extra hours without any extra pay. I stood my ground this year with regards time off, but I wouldnt be surprised in the slightest if I get a phone call saying can I come in!!
Nick C
I'm off at the moment but back on Christmas Day - I'm logging in to work for 4 hours just keeping an eye on various systems and servers, same on Boxing Day for 6 hours.
But I'm looking forward to it. It's building up now event wise.
Yesterday day the missus dressed up as "Mother Christmas" and spent a few hours in a pub near where she works - they had arranged a special event and she was reading stories to young infant school aged kids and younger, while they met Father Christmas and had games and selection boxes. A break for their parents and the kids loved it - it was so popular they are already been asked by the pub if they can do it again next year. Then last night we went to our local, The Ship Inn .. Slattocks, look it up there's no pics of me face down on the floor though... and the local church had a night of carol singing there which was great - it had a real nice vibe especially with neighbours and friends in. On Wednesday I'm out on a bit of a pub crawl with some mates, not sure where we are going just yet. Thursday is our wedding Anniv. so having a quiet drink/celebration at home I think. Jeez this sounds like it's one big beer fest but I assure you it's not (there's wine too hahaha!). Not sure what else is happening on the run up but there's a few Christmas Markets about that we might visit.

Christmas Day we are spending at home just the 3 of us, we're having dinner a little earlier than usual due to me dialling in, but I expect people will be dropping in throughout the day and Boxing Day too like usual.
Edited by Nick C on 18-12-2017 14:00
Nick, I did see those pictures of your good lady as 'Mother Christmas' yesterday and it looked great fun. Enjoy the festivites and congratulations on your Wedding anniversary for Thursday.
Nick C
Cheers Malc Smile Have a great Christmas...will be in touch soon when everything calms down a bit.
Thanks Nick, I'll be looking to make a trip up to your neck of the woods in the New year.
We'll be having Christmas at our house with my kids grand kids and my wifes mom and sister's family...Christmas eve we'll be spending at my uncles so we can see some of my cousins and their kids.
Im a pagan Norse man, so i will be celebrating JUL.
We're at home for Christmas this year with our three daughters (two back form Uni) and my Mum, which will be good fun. Like JLfan I've no music on Christmas list this year. A few audio books/plays such as The Prisoner and a few DVDs and the like, but no actual music.

My other half is off Christmas and Boxing Day this year for the first time in over 20 years (she's a charge nurse in the private sector), so that's a real bonus for us all this time.

The build up for me has/will be quite music based though, with gigs by The Wildhearts acoustic last Thursday, Five Finger Death Punch/In Flames/Of Mice & Men last night and Fish this Thursday.
I'm just staying at home (the Dallas, TX area) with the wife and sons. Both boys are in college, and far enough away that we go many weeks without them coming home. Their schedules are such that they're both at home together for only two weeks, so that makes it impractical to drive to east Tennessee to see family (about 950 miles away). The wife and I are both off the whole week of Christmas, plus the Friday before, so it'll be a nice break. We'll do some fun stuff around town and go to some good restaurants. And go to the gym to burn off all the calories from those restaurants. I'll get my best of 2017 list done too.
The wife is off for 6 weeks and i am off for 3 weeks. As all our family are over in the UK, we are having a quiet xmas, then spending some of it at bach in Ohope Bay.
I'll be spending Xmas with my old mother, gonna try to write some new songs, practice guitar and go for long walks.
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