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The Byrds - Why (remaster stereo)
OK. The Byrds with The Association were my earliest exposures to rock and I had no idea what I was hearing or why I liked it?? 'Windy'- those vocals, that hook...omg. I remember riding my bike in and around Des Plaines, Illinois- my hometown and singing to myself 'Turn, Turn, Turn'.... These songs were huge for me and more than likely with Styx 'Lady', Raspberries - 'Go all the Way' and 'Killer Queen' why I write for GD and still care....
Nick C
Great song I love the the Association. Similar to Eric the song Windy stuck in my head when I was a kid too and always swore one day I'd grab a proper copy myself - I eventually ended up getting the original albums series box just for that song. I reckoned why not get five of their albums for the price of one.

Same with the Byrds, who had so many songs that left an impression when I was discovering what music did for me like Turn, Turn, Turn, Mr. Tambourine Man and Eight Miles High. Again like the Association I never got around to grabbing any of their stuff, even though they (The Byrds) had connections with CSN(Y), another band I really liked when younger but at least I bought some of theirs on vinyl, until that big old box set of Byrds albums came out. Much as I kind of ignored them...well had more important music to buy (or so it seemed at the time) during the late 70's to early 90's these songs were always at the back of my mind and if you've had a similar experience then you'll know you can never forget them and they will catch up with you...there's so many songs like that for me, some I bought...some I'm still meaning to. Off the top of my head Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks absolutely love it but don't have a copy!
There has always been a debate on which version of 'Why' is the best. The Stereo or the Mono. I like the tighter sound of the stereo version. But other people like the loud , punchy sound of the mono version. The lyrics are indicative of the times. The daughter vs the Parents -- Parents always say NO to her not even maybe, Parents tell her not to push because they have a limit, and for her to accept things because it's been that way for years. Daughter tells them your not living and life is just beginning. It really was a beginning of a new era.

The Byrds albums 'The Notorious Byrd Brothers' and ' Younger Than Yesterday' are great albums! Right up there with 'Sgt. Peppers', 'Pet Sounds' and 'Odessey and Oracle'. They influenced a lot of bands, especially the British ones.

The song 'Let's Live For Today' by the Grass Roots was a song like 'Wendy' to me. I heard that song when I was really young and never forgot it.
Edited by jefflynnefan on 06-05-2017 10:02
Since we're talking about some older bands, I always wondered if Queen's video was influenced by this video by the early Moody Blues featuring Denny Laine:

Nick C
There's a lot to be said of keeping the mono mixes as it's how most people who were around at the time remember them , I certainly as a kid only listened to the mono versions as my sister only had a mono player so even stereo records came over as mono. Some re-mixed or remastered stereo versions of older songs have the effect of having say the voice in the left hand channel and the instrumentation in the other channel which can be off-putting to some, it can with me and I'd rather have the mono versions in these cases. My version of the Hollies Evolution album has both mono and stereo versions and I much prefer the mono mixes because of this....although strangely the stereo version of Signs That Will Never Change avoids the problem and sounds great, so when the stereo is nicely balanced I like it, if not I go for the mono. Same with The John Fred Playboy Band - The versions of Judy In Disguise and When the Lights Go Out are stereo but sound brill even though I was used to hearing them in mono. Yet another Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, my sister had the single Kites/Like the Sun Like the Fire and hearing them in stereo for the first time on the CD collection blew me away, especially Sun which I always preferred over the well know Kites. Again The Herd CD collection I have with I don't Want Our Loving to Die has both mono and stereo versions on I like the mono version but the stereo version is ace - none of that vocals in one speaker. I suppose many of these stereo mixes use only mono sources so it results in the imbalance or it was recorded onto 4 tracks and down to two for the master tape...I dunno I'm not a studio whizz. Whereas others were recorded in proper stereo so have better sonic imaging. Maybe many of my sisters records were stereo and I never knew Grin .

Again this Moody Blues - Go Now is another I used to spin regularly...I still remember the blue Decca label with it's silver writing.
Strangely she only had one album as far as I can remember 'With the Beatles' with Mono in big letters on the right hand corner...although Motown Chartbusters Vol 3 was alongside it I think it was her then boyfriends (now hubby).

A bit long winded...and maybe a little off subject - soz.
Nick C
As an add on 'The Notorious Byrd Brothers' is a great album somewhat overlooked in the Byrds canon. The band Space Opera used it as an influence to an extent on the sound that they were trying to achieve according to an article I read somewhere, I thought it was my Space Opera CDs but I can't find the reference there. But yeah top album....I also like the Sweetheart of the Rodeo release, at first I just didn't get along with it but now it's one of my go to albums by them - even though it is very country orientated.
I don't really have anything to add, other than to say I've really enjoyed reading this thread.

The love for the music really comes through and is rather inspiring!
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