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Lemon Latest
New reissues of interest:

June 3rd:
Little River Band:
After Hours/Diamantina Cocktail (2 on 1)
Sleeper Catcher/First Under The Wire (2 on 1)

June 17th:
James Gang: Newborn

July 1st:
Aldo Nova: Blood On The Bricks

July 15th:
Rick Medlocke and Blackfoot: s/t
Rob got those Little River band 2 on 1's and they really sound great...and it's a good deal...wish they'd do some of the other albums this way.

I'll probably check out the James Gang release also I have the Wounded Bird 2 on 1 version that features it but I like that album a lot better than Jesse Come Home...I like the album cover and the Wounded artwork isn't anything great on that one.
Hey rk, thanks for your info regarding the LRB reissues! As for Lemon in general, the sound of their releases sometimes is hit and miss. So with your praise I'll get these cds for sure shop

I really like the Walsh era-James Gang, but they got a bit spotty after that. Newborn is widely regarded as their last good album. Merry-go-round is a real gem!!! If I buy it, I'll let you know what the sound's like.
Did you ever pick up the Uriah Heep Equator on Lemon some say it sounds a lot better than the Sony 1999 version...I'd be interested in knowing if it does have better sound I'd pick it up.

I'm listening to one of the LRB 2 on 1's now and it sounds great...I too have bought some patchy releases from Lemon but they seem to be turning things around.

Since they seem to get Universal stuff it would be really cool if they would do the classic Mercury era City Boy albums again if the masters exist...surely Mutt Lange has copies since he produced them...the Renaissance version could be vastly improved on for sure.
Yes, I have Lemon's Equator reissue. I haven't heard the 1999 Sony version, but the so called 25th Anniversary Edition does indeed sound great and includes some bonus tracks. Well worth buying if you ask me!

The City Boy albums were remastered und reissued in 2011. Not exactly cheap, but the sound is vastly improved compared to the Renaissance version. You can find a complete list here:
Och!!!! Rob I like them but I hate paper sleeves and at $25 a disc that would be over $100 for the 4 I I'll wait and hope some other label gets the rights...thanks for the tip though Amazon doesn't even list those versions except for one of them they list as being on Airmail label for $40.
I'll back Rob on the Equator album RK. Lemon did a good job on that and the bonus track is decent too.
I have the Sony doesn't have great fact it's not to good at all...maybe I'll go for the Lemon's priced right.
I've got both Steve and think the Lemon one is the best of the two by a distance.
Cool Steve I'll be pickin' it have a good ear and you know me and sound quality...Lemon seems to be getting better all the time and it's always good to have as many reissue labels as possible.
Couldn't agree more Steve and cool to see Lemon picking up titles that other labels wouldn't think about.
Agree on the Lemon version of Equator, I had both versions and offloaded the 1999 copy straight away. Plus the bonus track Back Stage Girl is killer AOR and a more detailed booklet, easily the better release
Out on July 24th

City Boy: City Boy / Dinner At The Ritz (2 on 2)
City Boy with Bonus Tracks: TELEULAH (B-SIDE), BBC IN CONCERT:

City Boy: Young Men Gone West / Book Early (2 on 2)
Book Early with Bonus Tracks 'Medicine' and 'Turn On To Jesus'

Both remastered from original tapes.
Interesting reissue on Cherry Red's Hear No Evil imprint was released yesterday. An August Redmoon collection titled 'Heavy Metal USA'. It's basically a reissue of the High Vaultage CD issue of 'Fools Are Never Alone' that contains the seven bonus tracks that were on that release plus four live tracks from 1983. What is also included is the track 'One In A Million' that was featured on the original vinyl issue of 'Fools' before it had to be removed from subsequent pressings following legal action by Kevin Dubrow. Curious that it had resurfaced now....
That sounds very interesting Reyno. I think I'll have to check that one out.

Nick C
August Redmoon - that's a name from the past!
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