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Shy talk.
I see, this album, hasn't been reviewed yet. This is one,i bought at a record fair, sealed, for 50p, around 95/96. I played it a few times, and, filed it away, with other titles i wasn't bothered with. Played it today, and, was quite surprised, how many good tracks are on there. Nothing fantastic, just your 80's guitar/ keyboard sound. Singer, was quite good.
For anyone that's never heard of shy talk, and, i bet theres a few. Here's a taster.

Edited by airborne on 19-09-2012 23:10
Agree- It should be reviewed. A nice album.
Hmm, thanks for posting a song from this band. I haven't heard of them but liked the song.
Yep, picked up a while again, was covered in AOR Classics.
Yeah, Barrie Kirtley reviewed it in AOR Classics. I'd give it a shot for GD, but I've got way too much on my plate at the moment. Anyone else?
It's funny, how your taste changes over the years. At one time, i had no interest at all in this album. 'She was alway's on time', is a good one. I read somewhere, they are british?, and, were once called motivation.
I don't have it, so that discounts me.
I'm shocked george.
This is still a very difficult album to track down. I want it because so many other people want it.. lol

They were British, and set up camp in New York when signed to Elektra Records.
Sounds great,it would be nice a d-link for this album ....
It's impossible to find as a download. I will buy it as a vinyl, most likely.
Carl Noonan
Used to see loads of copies of this in the cut out bins for pennies, bought it and binned it.
This is a really good record if you enjoy the classic high-tech sound. I would draw comparisations to groups like Jakata, The Arrows or The Metros. Really good, and not rare at all. You get probably get it on eBay or Discogs for 5 bucks.

If you guys want, I can provide a download link to my rip of this LP including HQ artwork. Would be nice to see this reviewed on GD.
Found this album for around $3 several years back. No previous knowledge of it. Sometimes when you're sifting through the used vinyl bins you come across albums like this: major label, unknown name, band has the right image... you just know you're supposed to pick it up!
I would draw comparisations to groups like Jakata, The Arrows or The Metros....

Wow! that's what i,m looking for Grin

Who are The metros? i didn't hear about them...
Jose, we have reviewed The Metros previously. They are within our 1986 pages. https://.glorydaz...le_id=5362
Thanks George! i 've read the review and seen the video ,I LOVE IT!! that's great stuff ,it reminds me to The arrows a lot.....
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