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Rock Candy Latest
I am interested in essay material. Reyno, anything you can share on that front? As in, who is writing what? Thumbs Up
I did the Legs. I don't know about the others.
Rock Candy list now updated.

Does anyone know who is mastering the Legs Diamond release? If it's Jon Astley it will be biblically loud and brickwalled beyond belief; Andy Pearce releases by and large are good, very good.

Also, I assume all of the bonus tracks included in the three CDs contain the tracks that made up Uncut Diamond release.
These reissues have been worked on with the direct assistance from Michael Prince. The bonus material is from the band's personal archives and, as I understand it, does include previously unavailable material.
These is exactly the (rare) stuff you expect from Rock Candy clap

Both Morningstar albums are a most buy, as is the Legs Diamond triple.
Not so sure about Nutz, but I'll give it a try.

To quote a song by A-Ha: Stay on these roads, Rock Candy!
Sad that they couldn't or wouldn't add to the Shaw Blades reissue the 2 bonus tracks attached to the original japanese edition, namely "How Does It Feel" and "Straight Down The Line"
Japanese bonus tracks are often just that. Only ever able to be released in that specific market in order to boost sales domestically of the Japanese release instead of potentially cheaper or first issued foreign imports.
reyno-roxx wrote:

Japanese bonus tracks are often just that. Only ever able to be released in that specific market in order to boost sales domestically of the Japanese release instead of potentially cheaper or first issued foreign imports.

ok that is normal when new albums are released. but after some 23 odd years would it be a problem for Warner to licence them to other territories too? hmm!

on defense of RC also the Wounded Bird US reissue of Shaw Blades did NOT have those 2 bonus tracks........
Some on Facebook are asking what the Legs Diamond bonus tracks are. It's probably a bit premature, but the fact that there are so many has some punters in a curious state of mind. hmm!
Carl Noonan
Legs Diamond were known for being prolific especially around the end of the 70's so it's going to be interesting to see what songs are going to be on these cd's. The Uncut Diamond album was made up of previously unreleased songs most of which were rumored to going to be on their 4th album. However, they didn't get a deal and didn't reappear until Out On Bail came out so those tracks were shelved until Uncut Diamond was released years later. So the question is are those tracks going to be part of the bonus song selection or will all the songs across the 3 albums be completely new to fans. I can't wait to have them in my collection.
There are various songs you must hear like "Paradise", "Recognition", "Thrillseeker" and "One Way Ticket" (there are three different songs of that name". No, I didn't get them from the band. I hope they are on the CDs. Likewise "Don't Say No" from a 1983 rehearsal and "I've Had It With You" in live shows. From 1975 there is "Alone" (?), "One Way Ticket" (3rd version!) and different versions of "Deadly Dancer" and "High School Queen" - these were with Donovan McKitty before Roger Romeo joined. Don't forget the brilliant "Touch And Go" which didn't make "Town Bad Girl".
All unbelievably exciting for me and I can't wait. The bonus tracks could of course be live and that would be great too if from the 70s / 80s. What I don't want is 30 versions of "Woman" with negligible differences and, because they had "20 or 30" songs left over from "Diamonds Are Forever" (or so I read), I hope the bonus tracks are Rick and not J. Levesque!
There have been bonus tracks on the CDs but I think more exist if they are "not necessarily with current members" eg perhaps the Jim May era couldn't be used previously? I don't know so I'll shut up and wait!
Edited by johnwatson on 12-02-2018 13:30
Carl Noonan
The Legs Diamond track listings are on Amazon UK. I won't spoil the surprise but interested parties should have a lookGrin
Hey Carl as long as they sound better than the Zoom Club versions I'll be me that's the most important reason to buy them again.
Carl Noonan
I have no doubt in my mind that these are going to be the best versions ever. I'll be gutted if they're not.
Goodie, I'll have a look on Amazon. As Carl mentions (above), for other GDM'ers, please don't spoil the surprise by posting the details of those bonus tracks on this thread.

Carl Noonan wrote:

I have no doubt in my mind that these are going to be the best versions ever. I'll be gutted if they're not.

Me to...really love those albums...and they deserve to sound great.
Now if both Rock Candy and BGO reissues are legit, can someone give me a logical explanation how it is possible that Warner UK gives a licence for the very same Gary Wright titles "Dream Weaver" and "The light of smiles" at such a super close distance (few months)???! at BGO they don't know those were reissued 5 minutes ago?! totally useless market strategy...and then they talk about a "saturated" reissue market.......sic......thumbs down real sad

What's up with BGO lately...need more rock stuff...have you seen the latest batches of people really buy some of those artist.
To be honest, Gary Wright fits way way more in the BGO range. It's absolutely not the stuff, anyone would except (or want) from Rock Candy, simple as that. Just another example of "going down the wrong path' imho.

Btw, BGO did a fantastic reissue of three 80's Firefall albums long OOP: https://www.amazo...amp;sr=1-2
Great remaster, too!
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