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Rock Candy Latest
RC have definitely dropped off the map in recent times.
Yeah they have to have a little more promotion...that last couple of batches have been kinda depressing...need some unreleased gems not reissues of stuff that sounds good already. The Riot will be cool if indeed it sounds a lot better than the Metal Blade ones...if not what's the point.

No updates since October 13???????
Edited by rkbluez on 24-01-2018 02:17
Just saw that Ron Keel was saying on Sleez Roxx that Rock Candy is doing Keel "The Final Frontier" and "Keel".
I bought my first issue of Rock Candy magazine # 5. I have to say I was rather disappointed. It came as no surprise that they are using the magazine to a certain degree to promote their releases, but reading about well known bands that were a Kerrang staple back in the day does nothing for me personally. I understand why they can’t fill the pages with unknown outfits, but surely there is room for digging up someone not familiar to us all. That’s what I was hoping for with the magazine. As it is now it’s just an extension of their cd releases. It’s well written and glossy which is sadly the most positive thing I can say about the issue I read. Not sure about their sales figures, but the Barnes & Noble where I bought it had enough copies left over to make you sad about the waste of trees. To me it’s basically a hard rock version of Classic Rock. As far as suggestions for future releases. I’d love to see the two Rabbit albums released. Wouldn’t Dave Evans, the singer that was replaced by Bon Scott and sang on The Rabbit albums be a selling point? Sonically updated Moxy another group due for an upgrade. Brownsville’s 77 album that Glorydazemusic found out who held the rights to still isn’t on cd. Much to chose from, but we are getting Keel. I can barely contain my excitement. And yes, that was indeed sarcasm.
Edited by opbrekke on 03-02-2018 01:00
Nick C
I have to agree about the Rock Candy magazine.....the writing itself is is great/well researched but having looked through a few issues it appears the content as a whole is practically a re-write of articles about bands or album critiques that I read about years ago and I'm talking some of my fave ever bands here. I understand that history hasn't changed since and as so facts/histories can't be changed but there's only so many times I can read the same thing over again so I've passed on each issue. Maybe the new devotee to the style of music might get something from it though.
I agree Nick. I mean, what's the point?
You could argue what the point is on most magazines now, because no one appears that interested in the ones that do write more on the obscurer acts either.
Nick C
I dunno I like to read about bands/scenes I know little about, to that extent magazines like Long Live Vinyl and the oldie but goodie Record Collector have had me picking up stuff I wouldn't usually be interested in (Sun Ra!!!!!....definitely not my usual bag). If it's just a rehash of old article then I'll go and dig my Kerrangs/Frontiers/Voltz e.t.c. mags from the loft.
I suppose getting the balance right is the art in producing a magazine that appeals across the broadest spectrum.
Carl Noonan
I'd prefer them to get their website sorted, be more receptive and willing to act on customer feedback to get their releases out on schedule. On a much larger scale Marks and Spencer screwed themselves over big time some years ago when they became complacent. Hope Rock Candy don't go the same way because it's hard to get back on the perch.
As mentioned in a previous post I've got a very large number of their releases and for the most part the quality is brilliant. I've supported them from the start as have a lot of us on here but they seem to be totally ignorant of the fact that it's the customers that allow them to exist. I have no problem at all with them putting out some big name titles that will improve on original sonics and get albums to those who missed original releases. I understand they have to pay the bills.
I also understand there are issues with getting the rights to release stuff.
What I don't understand is why they just can't be arsed to communicate with their audience.
Their Facebook page is not helpful at all, just ass kissing and the standard "it's on our to do list " response to requests for additions to the catalogue' and the website is very poorly maintained.
I am being honest and if anyone from Rock Candy (Dave Reynolds this isn't aimed at you mate) see this post I have written it because you are the best reissue company out there and I want you to carry on but I am sure I speak for many when I ask you to think about getting your fingers out.
I agree with Carl...they are one of the best if not the best reissues labels...looking at my stuff I have bought like close to 200 of their releases so I'd consider myself a very good customer but am a little annoyed with their lack of website updates also...come on no updates since October last year...they seem too interested in this Rock Candy Magazine at the moment which I'm not interested in as much as their CD releases.

They need to let their customers know more about what they are working on and what to expect from them in the future...instead of all this mystique they surround themselves with about what's up next.

Glad to see 20th Century Music jumping on the reissue train as they've done a couple of gems in Lion & Black Bambi stuff a lot of people really wanted and they seem to at least try and let customers know what they have in the works.
I wonder if anyone at Rock Candy reads what us fans post here, because I would be interested in their reasoning for what they release. Their silence seems a bit arrogant towards those of us who buy their products. I’m sure there are a method to their madness. I just want to know what it is. There seems to be a lot of speculation in regards to what gets put out, but as long as Rock Candy can’t be bothered to inform their customers why they release this, but not that,we remain at their mercy. It’s almost like we are supposed to sit quietly and hope something interesting finally appear. It might be time for them to appoint a spokesperson to inform us what’s in the pipeline. Are they too busy to bother with those of us that buy their products? There’s no communication between them and us. No one argues the quality of their products. Personally though I do have a problem with them assuming we all want to buy readily available releases. All I can think of is their assumption is that we will dip into our wallets is to buy it for superior sound quality no matter how many versions exist of any particular album. From reading comments it seems to me most of us wants releases that was only found on vinyl. I’m tired of being ignored. It’s about time someone from Rock Candy started explaining what the hell they are doing. Get me something great that is not on cd and I will purchase it and so will others I’m sure, and while you are at it. Put out a magazine that is more exciting than stale leftovers from the past.
Well they don't read what is written here, that much I'm certain. The release of CD's on that label seems like an after-thought now, I'm getting to the point that I'm losing interest. How about we put this topic to sleep, and revisit their website in 12 months time to see what's changed.

I think their magazine has taken away too much time, energy and resource. I wonder how soon it will be before they suffer the same fate as Classic Rock Presents AOR, in that, they will run out of interesting stories to tell.
Opbrekke, absolutely what I'm thinking. And I second George, too. They should concentrate on their core business - releasing hard to find vintage (70s & 80s, not 90s!!!) AOR/West Coast/Hard Rock.

According to the huge delays of their output, I'm pretty sure the magazine business is already backfiring at them. As are the very strange reissue decisions.

I'm wondering if Dave, who's a regular vistor here, is giving any feedback to the Rock Candy people. I mean customers opinions are pretty important, even if they are very critical.
Carl Noonan
Next batch is up on their website but I won't tell you what it is suffice to say I take all my moaning back. 7 albums, 7 must buys.clap
Now you know.
Carl Noonan
I'll forgive them the long delays as I've waited for years to get remastered versions of the "Gangster named" band's albums.
The other US band's albums will be picked up upon release as I stupidly sold my Japanese copies.
The UK band's albums also a must have. Probably the best batch ever and they need to keep this up.
Agreed. The Rock Candy Catalog page will be updated later today.
3 reissues by an irrelevant band, i know where my pay check going this month.
Wow!!!! Great batch of stuff there...I have the Legs Diamond albums on Zoom Club and the Jap versions of the Morningstar's but really think this is a great batch of stuff.

Obviously need the Nutz CD's and will definitely be replacing the Zoom Club versions of the Legs Diamond that sound OK at best...gonna be an expensive March...but money well spent.

Down the road I'll probably get the Morningstar CD's also as I'm sure they improved on the Jap versions that were released in the late 90's early 00's.
Nick C
Morningstar CDs top of my list. Not too fussed about the Nutz, The Legs I may get at some point to replace the zoom clubs. But yay!
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